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Can a man be accepted as a girls high school cheerleading coach?

Many believe that male cheer leading coaches are not acceptable to lead a girls squad. should men coaches high school girls activities?

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Best Answer Tom Ware (Tusitala Tom) says

14 months ago
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    10.ABDUL 14 months ago

    True but cheerleaders are being handled a little too much so as long as it's hands off. The coach would be susceptible for many attacks it just seems inevitable for a man to be in a vulnerable position. He must be very careful.

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Stacie L says

14 months ago
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    stella vadakin (ladyguitarpicker) 14 months ago

    I think today it would not hurt his career. It may have years ago, but not now. One of the best things about today is people do what they want to.

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stella vadakin (ladyguitarpicker) says

14 months ago
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10.ABDUL says

14 months ago
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