Hike Arizona: Siphon Draw to the Flat Iron in the Superstition Mountains

View of Flat Iron from Siphon Draw trail
View of Flat Iron from Siphon Draw trail | Source

Hike Arizona!!

Like hiking? New to the Arizona scene? One of the best and most iconic hikes of the Superstition Mountains in Arizona is the Flatiron or Siphon Draw Trail. It offers a challenging 5 mile total (2.5 mi. one way) day hike for those up to it set in the mysterious and intriguing beauty of the Sonoran Desert.

The Approach

Lost Dutchman State Park is where it all goes down. Take the historic Apache Trail Road northeast from Apache Junction. After about 10 minutes of driving you’ll come to the park situated on the right of the road. There is a small entry fee. Locate the Siphon Draw trailhead on the map. This is the entry trail used to get to the top of the Flat Iron and the approach is an easy and gentle slope up to a canyon. Look out for deer, javelinas, bobcats, and jackrabbits and other wildlife.

The Climb

The canyon has sheer walls on both sides for the most part and a number of interesting rock formations on the floor and carved out of the walls to keep things interesting. This eventually leads into a slick rock area or ravine complete with a mini waterfall and carved completely out of beautiful red brown rock. This is one of the best and most beautiful parts of the hike but can be slippery, especially when wet, and begins the steep part of the trail. Once you make it up this the trail tops out and then dips down into another small canyon where you follow the paint dots on rocks marking the trail, which lead you up the side of the mountain. At this point you will begin to see the flatiron which is the very flat part jutting out at the top of the mountain to the right. Avoid veering off trail or you will very likely end up in unstable scree and talus rock fields on steep slopes. This section comprises the bulk of the hike and increases in elevation fairly quickly (about 2400 foot total elevation change from bottom to top with this part containing the steepest sections) providing a steep hike up.

The Flat Iron

Once there take a short little 2 minute winding trail until the mountain flattens out like a sprawling Mexican blanket of small rocks and bushes that leads to the edge and a beautiful view. From here you will get an excellent look at the Phoenix valley from just above 4000 feet! You can take in the 360 degree view with the valley at the edge and the North Peak opposite that, take a break for lunch or a quick snack, or just hang out with the ravens and hawks soaring around.

Slick rock area marking start of climb
Slick rock area marking start of climb | Source
A marker6109 N. Apache Trail Apache Junction, AZ 85119 -
6109 N Apache Trail, Apache Junction, AZ 85119, USA
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Lost Dutchman State Park

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