How to become a wrestler

The different types of wrestling

When someone mentions wrestling to you, what do you think of? Do you instantly picture a ring and big burly men, a la WWE, or do you think of high school boys in spandex grappling on a mat in the gym?

For the purposes of this hub, I'm going to be concentrating on the former: Pro wrestling - as opposed to the other type, often called 'amateur'.

I'm not going to give away all the secrets, but I will help you realise that you don't have to be a particular type of person to be a wrestler; if you know where to look, the opportunities are for everyone.

So you want to be a wrestler?

First of all, analyse your reasons for wanting to be a wrestler.

If you want to do it purely for the status and the 'coolness' value, thinking you'll be able to get in shows and become famous straight away - you're doing it for the wrong reasons. Wrestling is hard work, and takes dedication. More about this later.

If you want to take part in a sport which can help you lose weight, tone up and allow you to make some great friends in the process - wrestling is for you.

Be honest with yourself. Too many people start wrestling only to disillusion themselves because they think they will be able to do it all from the won't be able to.

Finding a school

It's important that you find a training school you're comfortable with. From my experience, the best schools are those which will allow you to go and watch a training session and meet the others. This is especially important if you have never done any training in wrestling or any other contact sport before.

When you're at the school, take notice how the other wrestlers treat each other, and how they interact with the coach. Is there a friendly atmosphere, or do you get the impression the wrestlers are afraid to put a foot wrong? Are the other trainees encouraged to work on particular moves, or does everyone have to do the same moves at the same time?

The best schools, in my opinion, are the ones where each wrestler is allowed to go at his or her own pace, and is never made to feel useless or embarrassed for making a mistake or forgetting a move. Everyone slips up, and a coach that will overly berate you for doing so shouldn't be coaching.

Bret Hart and his Figure 4 submission finish

Your debut in the training ring

Forget being in shows, at least for the first few months. There's more to being a wrestler than being able to pick someone up and slam them; you need to learn each move, how to take each move, how to communicate with your opponent, and a thousand and one other little things which make up a wrestling show.

Your training will nearly always consist of; stretching exercises, warm-up exercises such as pushups, and then 'bumps' - front, back and flips. These are a necessary part of a wrestlers career; if you can't land a bump, you can't do anything.

Moving on...

Once the preliminaries are over, training will invariably move onto 'spots' - combinations of moves performed in a match. When you first start, you will be shown the basic moves - wrist levers, back-hammers, and the full nelson. You will also be taught how to switch these on your opponent.

From these, you may be shown a couple of pins and perhaps a snap-mare or two, and the headlock will most likely feature too. These moves can form the basis of any wrestling match, and are moves that every wrestler should know.

Brother Ray (3D) doing a Powerbomb

Type of wrestler

Once your coach has taken you through certain moves, he or she will most likely be able to ascertain what type of wrestler you could become. There are essentially three types: Brawler, Technical and Flyer, although these names may vary. You could also become either a Heel, a Blue-Eye (Face) or a Neutral. I'll be covering each of these types a little later.

What character you go for can determine what type of moves you end up doing. Each wrestler will have signature moves - moves they perform particularly well or become well-known for. Often these are moves already used by famous pro-wrestlers, and renamed or perhaps altered slightly. Likewise, each wrestler will have at least one finishing move - for example, mine is a variation on the Samoan Drop by Samoa Joe of TNA, which I have called Eternal Slumber.

You may also decide on a ring name - the character name if you will. This will largely depend on the character you decide on; but often a character can build around a particular name.

Jeff Hardy - in his usual pose (upside down)

Face, Brawler, Blue-Eye...what?

More about the different types of wrestler and the types of move they do.

Brawler - The heavy-weights. Think 3D, Samoa Joe, Khali and Scott Steiner (Big Poppa Pump). Brawler moves are very power-oriented with powerbombs, bodyslams and suplexes featuring heavily (excuse the pun) in the matches.

Technical - Technical wrestlers tend to be more about speed than power. Wrestlers such as AJ Styles, Bret Hart and John Cena are all known for their technical ability and use speedy moves and lots of switching.

Flyers - These are perhaps the crowd-pleasers in any wrestling show. The ones who think nothing of launching themselves off the top rope to land on someone who may or may not have moved by then. The Hardy Boyz - Jeff in particular - are well-known 'flyboys'. top-rope legdrops, moonsaults and hurricanranas all feature in a flyer's repertoire.

Heel/Villan - speaks for itself, the Heels are the bad guys of the match. they're the ones who will distract the Referee while throtting their opponent on the rope; or drag somebody around by their hair despite repeated public warnings. The wrestlers the crowd love to hate.

Face/Blue-Eye - The favourites. Blue-Eyes get the crowd going and encourage the booing of their opponent. Nearly always technicals or flyers, Faces will usually be the more showy of the wrestlers, with lots of playing up to the crowd to get the chants going. Of course, such behavior only serves to anger the Heel...


Don't worry too much about choosing your character to begin with. You may well find that it changes as you progress, perhaps lose weight, or gain muscle; besides which, a Heel may find they have to turn Face to go against a bigger Heel, so it's worth learning all aspects of different characters.

Concentrate on your training and listen to your Coach, they have been through the ranks and have earned your respect; they are now imparting their extensive knowledge onto the next generation of wrestlers.

FAQs of wrestling

I'm not strong/fit enough to wrestle In reality, there's no such thing. Your strength and fitness will come as you train; and you can adapt moves to overcompensate if you feel you are lacking in one area.

I've got previous injuries/weak joints/medical condition This shouldn't matter if you use the proper supports. speak to your Coach and he or she will be able to advise you as to the best. Making your Coach aware of such injuries will also help them tailor your training to suit you.

How soon will I be on a show? This will all depend on how you progress. The more effort you put in, the sooner you're likely to get in a show. Your Coach will tell you when he/she thinks you're ready, not the other way around.

Do I need any special equipment or clothing? The use of elbow and knee pads is always recommended, as are comfortable clothing and, if possible, proper wrestling/boxing boots.

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Patty Inglish, MS profile image

Patty Inglish, MS 8 years ago from North America

How interesting - well written and organized!

slimjimindc 8 years ago from Washington, DC


Ali Asfand 8 years ago

thanks man. very nice im gonna start training for a pro wrestling career when i move to the US in a couple of years. (17 years old).thanks a lot man this helped me a lot and broadend my mind about wreslting thank you :)

Sara Cena 8 years ago

Hey man, this is really helpful, not only for dreamers, but also for people who are on their way to the high life. Thanks for writing this. I'm already training, so I know, but this is great for the newcomers. :)

GHAZI  7 years ago


7 years ago


pro wrestler 7 years ago

wow dude this is awesome

Mr. Mexiguapo 7 years ago

The info you gave is good but, I can't affored to even become a local wrestler. And even though my Dad use to be a wrestler in Mexico and the U.S. The reason the closes traininng school is to expensive and it's own by a pro wrestler but I do traininng in small warehouse where I work at in the weekend and on my days off.

haylie 7 years ago

i want to be wrestler! i also want to be just like jeff hardy. i love him so much! i want to be just like jeff!

olivia 7 years ago

hey can you help me i want to be a wwe divas when i grow up.

RavynSteel profile image

RavynSteel 7 years ago from North Wales Author

Olivia - to become a Diva you'll still need to know the wrestling basics. I suggest you look in your area for wrestling schools (you want pro-, not amateur or roman-wrestling), and start from there.

celeste 7 years ago

hi i want to be a wrestler tha is my dream

Prettyy3 7 years ago

I want 2 be a wrestler but right now i'm 2 young and i'm a girl i love wrestlering i just hope training school will not cost a lot

Vince Mallia 7 years ago

Since I was just a little boy I loved wrestling. Now that I am growing up I am realizing that I don't want to watch wrestling only but be one of the wrestlers. A few years ago I discovered that I was suffering from cancer. Altough it was a hard time for me I had more time to watch wrestling. I stopped playing football with my friends and also physical education(P.E). However I am not fat!! Now I am having treatment and everything is ok.

I talked about my dream but everyone laughed at me and said that I never could be one of the wrestlers. I hope that these commenters will be wrestlers someday and meet each other and who knows, maybe I will be a tag team champion with one of them!?

By the way, whoever typed this information is a very helpful guy and organized too. I really find this information interest. Thanks.

jelloman 7 years ago

hey man this is a good post. i want to become a wrestler but im not sure where to get started. i just need a little help or picking out a school and stuff. if u could email me with some help i would really like that. my email is thx man

Rueben 7 years ago

Great post, another thing I found was the original training videos online of John Cena, Samoa Joe and Christopher Daniels at It was really interesting to see what they did before they were stars and how they broke into the business.

kevin 7 years ago

i would love to become a wrestler it is mah dream i already started to work out for it im 17 can you help me

big kev 7 years ago

Thanksz will Really help me

Harris M 7 years ago

I am 25 years old man and I had no training before but I like to be a wrestler not a super star my h is 6 feet and w 220 can I be a wrestler?

Tornado Taylor 7 years ago

guys im a wrestler from scotland and trust me its more than just building character and doing moves. you got to learn all about match layout, psycology, working the crowed, comunication in the ring. a lot harder than just moves.

Big Ren 7 years ago

randy orton is my dad so im already in the buisness..

gaz 7 years ago

i want to be a wrestler but i cant find anywhere in my area

biggs 6 years ago

i live in essex. there are academies around but i have no transport to get their. does anyone live close by to personally train me? maybe at my school?

jovany 6 years ago

i love wrestling and i want 2 become a wrestler its always my dream 2 be a pro wrestler

gary gains 6 years ago

i would like to be a wrestler im a street fighter i love fighting its been in my life all my life i have never lost a fight im undefeated and i think i will be a good wrestler if any one wants to contact me im get in contact.

orton 6 years ago

hey mahn you don't have to beleve me if you don't want to but im randy orton.i like what uve dun here helping the new cumurs but they shoud tyr and get in to florida champion ship wrestling if the want to meke it in to wwe,like me a nd cena,thnx mahn (rko)

orton  6 years ago

listen big ren im not your dad ive go one child whos 1 .but im happy the u would like me t be your dad

mario 6 years ago

Randy orton did;nt win his new wwe chapion because cordy rodes didn't let randy orton win?

ivan 6 years ago

DO you wants be wwe champion?

omar 6 years ago

jeff hardy are you are you at home with your brother?

Hector enciso 6 years ago

undertaker are you still world heavdy weright champion?

Abraham 6 years ago

shawn are good in wrstiling with thilpl H

MARIO 6 years ago

RANDYORTON NEXTWEEK i wants you to cody rohes that why last sunday you dint win?

richard 6 years ago

thx this helps so i can be a wrestle when i grow up i'm 18 i still train a lot at the gym i cant wait to be part of the wwe

Gene Snitsky 6 years ago

Hey Guys its Gene here how you doing? If you want to know more about training school there is a new one which im investing in. Its called Tough Not Rough School. Check It Out

jamie 6 years ago

i wanna be one it my dream dude but living in a country were there is no schools :( :( email me

6 years ago

wow awsome stuff

i to would like to be a pro-wrestler when i get a lil bit older

wrestling rocks wwe,wwf,tna


g money 6 years ago

i love wrestling to

i would love to be one when i get older

randy ortan and hhh rocks wit jeff hardy

batista,i will take yo championship

A1 6 years ago


OLIVIA  6 years ago


jack l  6 years ago

i have watched wrestling since i was a young kid and now i'm older i would dive at the chance to become pro wrestler but i don't no any places where i can train to make my dream come true and to prove myself so could you please help find the closes one , i live in the hounslow borough uk


dylan 6 years ago

i want to become a wrestler when i grow up but i don't no what to do or go could you tell me i live at seventyone railway parade bullaburay.

Fearless Diva 6 years ago

I want to become a wwe/raw diva,I alwys wanted to be a wrestler since I was 9 yrs old now Im 13,I want to be the 1 everyones knows and love I wanna make a name for myself and be the best diva in history,And thx for the info ^_^

Jake Logan 6 years ago

hey bro, this is a very good site, i have been wrestling for a little over a month now, but i have been training since i was 10, im 17 now, but anyways i like how you put all this together, this is some really good shit man, keep up the good work...

RavynSteel profile image

RavynSteel 6 years ago from North Wales Author

@Tornado Taylor - I'm aware there is a lot I haven't covered in this hub, but that's on purpose. Can't go giving away all the wrestling secrets, can we!

futureWRESTLER 6 years ago

thanks for all of that advise im shor you put a lot of effort ans time into that thanks for all that. that will come in handy to me

tyre montgomery 6 years ago

i like jhon cena he is ausome i want to become wresaler jhust like you but doint now how im oinly 9 but in a few

i weel turn 10 im realy happy. i wrealy want to be a wresaler. to jhon cena frome tyre montgomery

alialj 6 years ago

my dream to be a wrestler but my mom says no but i hope ill be a wrestler its my only dream

KRUNAL 6 years ago


travis 6 years ago

i hope to be a wwe superstar 1 day is there any way u can help me find a training facility if u can message me on my thanx

FOFO 6 years ago


Brandon Burton 6 years ago

heyy great info man

i see hundreds of people "Dreaming" about being a wrestler, im only 13 but ive acctually been traiing since i was 5 years old, so 8 years and i haven't lost before, im in the UK and would love to make it in the USA. In afew years im going to minor places then rise up, if anyone wanna talk to me just reply on here and ill add you to my MSN

Ashley 6 years ago


Aaron 5 years ago

wrestling is so cool.

joejoe 5 years ago

i have always wanted to go pro i am only 15 but i have 8 yrs of it behind me i wish one day to wrestle wit randy orton i usally go by blood in the ring

jordan 5 years ago

Ive loved wrestling since i was born but do you have to go to wrestling school to become a pro wrestler?

Leo 5 years ago

hi all,i want to became a pro wrestler but i have a problem,i am not from america,i am from Croatia,how to realise my dream??:/

jordan 5 years ago

do u have to live in america

Joshua 5 years ago

I'm saving up money to start my training this summer hopefully. any advice i should take ?

Muhammad Ejaz 5 years ago


gagan 5 years ago

i wanna be wrestler and i was for it since i was of 16yrs old and now i am 18.

gotgothic profile image

gotgothic 5 years ago

hey i am from india !!!and i want to become a pro wrestler but i don't know where to start from ??? plz help

>>>one more question i am indian is it matters ?? i mean racism

Glen (Pro Wrestling Manager 5 years ago

if you are in the upstate NY area and are interested in becoming a pro wrestler please check out the link i posted :)

Brock Paul 5 years ago

Is there a school in Chile to attend??? Since I'm Hispanic

Arun masih 5 years ago

Wow dude that's great you gave all the important things about the wrestling what I need, because I also want to become a great wwe superstar

future superstar of wrestling 5 years ago

If you really want to be a wrestler you could follow all the nice and clean rule's but it will take you all years why not do what i did as it worked for me i crashed my local wrestling show as i was tried of waiting on Vince to answer the phone and i jumped the rail walked in to ring called out any wrestler that was in the locker to wrestle me after running my month for a bit i kicked his ass and now I'm part of that wrestling company. who need to follow the rule when you know that your that dam good.

danny 4 years ago

i will make hard work to archive my dream but i am not so rich guy can i affoard this?

Damon 4 years ago

listen i would really appreciate it if you could reply to this i really want to be a pro wrestler it has been my dream for quite a while now, but i cant find any wrestling clubs in west london and i am not exactly rich do you know a place around west london where they have a decent costs

kamranchodhry 4 years ago

its very nice. m a big fan of randy orton but i want

to fight him nd beat him i want to bicome an legend killer like randy orton

lita and edge 4 years ago

awsome ive been watching since 2000 im 19 now!!!!!!!!!!!

Abu thahir 4 years ago

My id given above i wrong.its a mistake.I am indian.1g years old.not so rich.but i really wanna be a wrestler.i like that field more than any thing.i always dreams that i becoming a wrestler.any one who can help or giving more advice please contact with me.those who read this also please contact me.please........

will 4 years ago

ive been wrestling for a month now and if u have the heart and love wrestling u can do it trust me its not gonna easy im 25 years old and after a weekend of training i feel like im 60 sometimes but u can do what i did find an independent promotor and wrestler to train u who will take payments hope this helps

mohamad shahariz 4 years ago

I live in Malaysia i want to ask you one question there's no school for wrestler in Malaysia so how could i be a wrestler? but i'm serious to be a wrestler someday if i could i'm interested become a great wrestler like Triple H but the most problem that i have now there's no one school for wrestler right here so how could i move and begins ?

louromano profile image

louromano 4 years ago

I love wrestling. Great hub.

Skye 4 years ago

Cool man! I'm gOing. To be like jeff hardy a TNA wressal. As I'm a girl is it gay to beat up boys to ??

Ryanc 4 years ago

All of this is very good and hepfull althogh i cannot benefite from using it because i want to become a pro wrestler but i do not live in a area where there are any schools and achademys, there are some but too far away. I am very pashionate about becoming a wrestler but as you can see i do not have the recources! What shouldi do.

Rafie 4 years ago

Guys this is really helpful, but what i don't understand is that why would he put a full nelson? Isn't that move illegal in the u.s. im 11 right now im still training for my wrestling career. I promise ill use this info every day. I just know i cant go to college if im going to the wwe universe for wrestling

Isaiah Tinkler 4 years ago

I have one question I am 5'9 and my weight is 173 but I am 14 is that good for me to become a wrestler I really wanted to become one ever since I saw wrestling when I was I kid but my mom won't help me pay for wrestling school I plan to go to college and do college wrestling but what schools have college wrestling I must now plz comment

jerome 4 years ago

im 9 years old i want to become a wrestler im from virgina is there schools about wrestling

British Wrestler 4 years ago

This whole post and subsequent comments are ridiculous... And before anyone asks, yes I do know what i'm talking about

ravinder 4 years ago

i want to be a pro. Wrestler.will u tell me plz,how can i become a wrestler.i want to join wwe.

francisca 4 years ago

I love wrestling i enjoy it i would love to join wrestling that's one of my favorite hub i wrestle with my bros all the time i love wrestlin and my dream is to become one of them i wanna be a pro wrestler be someone in life

RavynSteel profile image

RavynSteel 4 years ago from North Wales Author

Care to elaborate on what you find ridiculous rather than just making a sweeping statement with no back-up? :)

Landen 4 years ago

Do you have to wrestle in highschool or college

Masked Kane 4 years ago

My height is 7 foot & my weight is 323 pounds,just perfect for WWE.

darian carriger 4 years ago

i want to be a wrestler when i grow up to.

doriancarriger. 4 years ago

i like wrestling

yash dhillon 4 years ago

i love john cena and his fight i want to became like john cena.........

robert 4 years ago

i want to become a good wrestler but i'm live in georgia and i cannot become wrestler here what can i do???????

Wayne Knight 4 years ago

Is there anywhere that i can buy Lucho Libre masks?

rozina 4 years ago

Hi randyorton you are my love and my life i love you randyorton

rozina 4 years ago

Hi randyorton you are so sweay i want see you randyorton will you merreid me so are so sexy

rozina 4 years ago

Hi randyorton you are so sweay i want see you randyorton will you merreid me so are so sexy

michael h 4 years ago

this is awesome man this is a good advice first they send you to little campanies such as fcw,ovw,nwa hollywood, all those little campanies to train more and win some championships and then go to any wwe or tna campany that you want to go but i am going to become a wrestler because my grandpa was at some point a wrestler it was not here in the u.s but in mexico he was wrestling there for about 5 years then he move to the u.s and i am going to follow his foot steps which means that i am going to become a wrestler in the u.s thanks for the advice one more time what you wrote is awesome you really know about wrestling.

randy 3 years ago

this guy is awesome man what a great advice on how to become a wrestler well i been watching many different small campanies such as izw, tcw ,ovw nwa hollywood ,roh all those small campanies are good to trai because theres not a lot of people that watch but once you feel you could be in the wwe or tna or japan pro wrestling a lot of people go warch big campanies because i am going to become a wrestler as well i like tna better than wwe becaues tna is total nonstop action i been wrestling since 2009 in a small training school but let me tell you first you got to win some championships on small campanies than think about a big campany maybe you want to change your character maybe a hell wrestler or face thanks to this guy again once again i am going to become a wrestler go to a small campany win gold then mae it in the big camapnies.

randy 3 years ago

wrestling is everything to me? because my grandma was a wrestle he use to wear a mask in another country became a 5 time world champion became a 2 time world tag team champion i am not lieing i talk to him about wrestling he said that wrestling is hard because it takes a lot of practice he was face at some point then he turn heel that the crowed cant not believe the crowed use to like him like john cena right now so anyway i want to be a heel wrestler never turn face screw the fans they don't care about you they just care about entertainmene whose with me so i am going to be a wrestler when i grow up when a world heavyweight champion tag teams belts u.s champion intercontinental champion or tna t.v champion i am going to be a wrestler like my grandpa is still alive but the campany that he was in is still exsist but he is no a wrestler anymore he was a wrestler like 8 years then he decided to move on he is now an owner of a shop so becoming a wrestler is a dream for me thanks////////////?

realram 3 years ago

i would love to change my life make money and

Nordlys 3 years ago

I need info about becoming a wrestlers or what the life of a wrestler is like because I'm writing a comic about wrestling, and I'm already going to start to write the third draft.

Louis 3 years ago

I would love to become a wrestler to beat the streak! But I love Undertaker!

Nigel 3 years ago

Soon enough my idol! Im coming to be one of u!GOLDBERG!GOLDBERG!

DonziBishal 3 years ago

thanx man,i love to be a wrestler ,wrestling is not a fashion it is my soon my friends you would see me as a great wrestler....

sreerag M P 2 years ago

My ambition is to became an Indian wrestler

deepa-g 2 years ago

now i can be the wwe super i know i can do it but i don't know what is the way to go in wwe in india to giving me help my m.b. 8717931733

thabiso 2 years ago

Hey I'm big T From south Africa please help me I want to be a restler since I was young please help me to become a good restler

bob 5 months ago

are you a sports person do you love wrestling its your dream to become a superstar one day and you have been thinking and looking for some one to tell you which channels to follow and hook you up with wrestling schools, please If you are interested in becoming a WWE Superstar email us on

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