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Ghillie Suit Camo

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What Are Ghillie Suits?

If you've seen a movie wherein a soldier blends in with the jungle, well, the camo-suit you've seen is called a ghillie suit. Ghillie suits are used most often by snipers in the army, but you can also wear them if you're playing hunting and shooting games like paintball and airsoft.

For a little bit of history, ghillie suits were invented by Scottish hunters, and it was first used for military purposes by the Lovat Scouts, the first ever sniper unit of the British army back in 1916.

Ghillie suits are pretty much available in many hobby and specialty stores, as well as online stores but did you know that they don't really come in a military sniper's kit? Well, these snipers are trained to make their own ghillie suit out of the environment they are operating, hence there isn't a need to get one (which also would be very bulky) before they go hunting out.

Another popular use of a ghillie suit is by nature photographers, who wouldn't not want to disturb animals while they're searching for the perfect time and angle. For this purpose, they only use light ones so they wouldn't be so bulky and hot inside.

What To Look For When Buying Ghillie Suits

Ghillie suits vary from each other in many aspects like type and size, and so sometimes it can be confusing if you're planning to buy one. Luckily, here's some tips to help you in case:

  • Check the material the suit is made of. This probably is one of the most important to-dos when buying ghillie suits as these suits vary in how its made of. Usually its simply nylon however, with a tinge of cotton for comfort. Remember it can be very hot in a ghillie suit especially while your out under the sun. How would you know if the material is fit for you to use? Well, wear them of course. It's just usual for it to be itchy at first, but if you're really uncomfortable with it, then you should go pick another.
  • Does it provides good mobility? Also check if you can move a lot while in it, or if there's something that can get stuck on the environment. Also check the weight, you would want a pretty heavy suit as it can easily tire you out.
  • Safety considerations. Ghillie suits usually tend to be very flammable as they are made up of light materials, hence depending on the playing and storing conditions, you may consider buying one made up of resistant materials.
  • Price. Ghillie suits usually cost around $60 or more, so if you're in a budget, it might be advisable to go for cheaper ones. Remember that prices isn't always proportional to quality, so buying cheaper ones doesn't always mean you're sacrificing on quality.
  • Research on the brands. Doing your homework before buying anything wouldn't hurt, and it'll give you an overview on what you should expect when you're already out there in the hobby store. Popular brands include BushRag, Camo Clad, and Camo Systems.

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jpcmc profile image

jpcmc 3 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

It important to consider the type of terrain you are using the suit. Of course the print is important, but to me, the material is equally paramount. It has to be durable and comfortable. With a few materials you can make your own suit.

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