Camera Based Golf Simulator - Advantages Over the Traditional InfraRed sensors

I am sure if you are reading this, it is obvious that you have at least some interest in golf and are also aware about golf simulators. So I will not waste your time explaining about golf simulators. If you want to know about golf simulators, you can read my other hubs which explain everything about simulators. When it comes to choosing one, everyone needs the best one. But what defines the best? There are many factors like software capabilities and other stuff, but here I am only going to talk about the accuracy and not other features.

With the increasing demand of golf simulators, many new simulator companies have emerged recently and every company has varying features. According to me all these simulators can be classified into just two categories, "Camera based" and "IR Sensor based". I am going to list down all the advantages and disadvantages of both the types of simulators to make your life easy.

Choosing a simulator 3-5 years ago was not so difficult as there were only few simulators available in the market. But now while making a decision you will be very confused as there are hundreds of simulators available in the market. While choosing one always remember that the costliest one doesn't always mean the best one. It also depends on the requirements. Some simulators might provide you with a great value for money while the same can be useless for others.

The Difference

A Camera based golf simulator is equipped with high speed camera/cameras to detect the ball speed, spin, swing and path. The movement of the ball is captured by these cameras and then the simulator software calculates everything, hence it is very accurate since the actual moving ball is captured.

On the other hand an IR based simulator uses infrared rays to detect the properties of the ball after it has been hit. There are different sensors to detect every single aspect of the motion of the ball. So you have to attach a lot of sensors in the playing area which becomes a bit tedious.

If you are a professional golfer, then there is no doubt that you should always opt for camera based simulators as you are going to be playing for longer hours. I am telling this because IR based simulators continuously emit infrared rays to detect the ball which might results in interference which in turn decreases the capability of simulator to detect the ball properly. Since there is no emission in camera based golf simulators you can keep on playing on it as long as you want.

Other disadvantage of infrared based simulators is that, if the sensors become faulty, they cannot be easily replaced because of limited availability. This is not the case with camera based as you can easily replace the cameras and it does not need to be of a specific model.

The chances of damage to infrared sensors is very high as they are placed very near to the hitting zone as opposed to camera based where the camera is mounted and cannot be damaged by golf clubs or golf balls.

After reading this hub, I am sure you would go for a camera based simulator. Happy Golfing!!

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