Camping Chair - Where to Find a Great Outdoor Camping Chair

If you're looking to making your camping trips this summer just a little bit more comfortable, then it's time to consider what kind of camping chair you are going to get for yourself. There's a variety of types to choose from and whether you're setting up a campsite or holding your next tailgate party, comfort is going to be a priority.

Whether you are car camping or need to backpack into your campsite, your best bet is going to be a folding camping chair. But your mode of transportation will probably determine whether you need a heavy duty camping chair, or something lightweight and collapsible.

Coleman Camping Chairs

Coleman makes some great camping chairs in a couple of different styles, including an oversized quad chair. One features a beverage holder on the side, and the other doesn't.

For even more comfort and stability, take a look at the Coleman deck chair. This is the chair I bought for myself after spending a week looking for the right chair. I must have done at leat a 100 knee bends getting into and out of chairs and this was by far the most comfortable. It was also the easiest to get in and out of -- useful when you have some knee problems.

Weighing it at a little over 7lbs, you probably won't want to be slinging it onto your back, but it's very comfortable for tailgating, ball games and car camping. It also comes with a great little side table so you can sit around the campfire with your coffee or beer.

The Perfect Beach Chair

Planning a trip to the beach? Then you need the perfect beach chair!

If you want to stretch out and relax while getting some rays at the beach or just want a comfy chair to lean back into while reading a book at your campsite, this WearEver Hi-Back chair is just the ticket.

The WearEver can also store all of your supplies for the day in its back pouch, keeping everything off the ground or out of the sand.

Lightweight Camping Chairs

If you're looking for a suitable camping chair for hiking into your site, or you just need something that's very lightweight and compact, then take a look at some of these portable camp chairs.

The biggest pain about sitting on the ground is the lack of support for your back. These chairs solve that problem easily without adding too much weight to your backpack.

All three of these chairs weight less than 3 lbs.

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Where are you camping this summer?

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