My Favorite ROH Wrestlers

 Ring of Honor is my favorite wrestling promotion.  I think it's the best product out there right now for wrestling fans.  After finishing another hub comparing ROH to WWE, I thought of the other reason I love ROH-the talent.  They have a great bunch of performers in their company and I thought I'd showcase my favorites.  Here we go.

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#5 Delirious

Delirious' real name is William Hunter Johnston and he was born in 1980. He's very well known for his antics in the ring. He runs around aimlessly and screams when the opening bell rings. He is also known for his incoherent speech, you usually can understand about every third word he says. He's fantastic. He was trained by Gateway Championship Wrestling and he, in turn, trained Daizee Haze, another ROH talent, while they were both in Southeast Missouri State University. Delirious debuted in ROH in 2004 and has had a lot of really great matches against Matt Sydal (now Evan Bourne in WWE) and Bryan Danielson (also in WWE). In August of 2007, it was announced that Delirious was the new head trainer at the ROH wrestling school. Over the past year, Delirious joined the Age of the Fall stable after failing to win the affection of Daizee Haze. However, when Jimmy Jacobs hit Haze with his trademark railroad spike, Delirious left the group. 

One of Delirious' trademark moves is the Panic Attack, which is a running knee strike to the head of an opponent seated in the corner. His most well known finishing move is the Shadows Over Hell, a dving splash to the back of a kneeling opponent.

#4 Tyler Black

Tyler Black is a superb wrestler. He is, in my opinion, the future of ROH wrestling if the bookers are smart. He has enormous potential and is the fan favorite for the next ROH Champion. His real name is Colby Lopez and he was born on May 28, 1986 in Buffalo, Iowa. He was trained by Danny Daniels and he debuted in ROH in 2007, coming in with The Age of The Fall stable with Jimmy Jacobs, Necro Butcher and Lacey. At Final Battle 2007, Black teamed up with Jimmy Jacobs to defeat the Briscoe Brothers for the ROH World Tag Team Championship but lost them a month later to Davey Richards and Rocky Romero of the No Remorse Corps. At a Full Impact Pro event in December of 2008, Black defeated Go Shiozake to become the FIP World Heavyweight Champion. At Final Battle 2008, Jimmy Jacobs turned on Black and cost him the #1 Contender's Match against Austin Aries. Black then went on to win the 2009 Survival of the Fittest Tournament. Black has had some amazing matches against Nigel McGuiness and Bryan Danielson in his ROH career. He's defintely going places.

Black's finishing move is called God's Last Gift, it's a Fisherman DDT floated over into a small package. He's also known for his Phoenix Splash.

#3 Colt Cabana

Colt Cabana is one of the best wrestlers I've ever seen in the ring. He likes being the mid-card comic relief, though. It works for him and the fans absolutely love it. His real name is Scott Colton, he was born on May 6, 1980 in Chicago, Illinois. He was trained by Chris Guy, otherwise known as Ace Steel (another ROH alumni), and Danny Dominion. He trained with CM Punk and they came into ROH at the same time, as rivals. The two are actually close friends in reality. After some time, however, Cabana joined Punk's alliance The Second City Saints and he and Punk went on to become two time ROH Tag Team Champions.

In November of 2006, Cabana was a part of MTV's Wrestling Society X under the name Matt Classic. They had big plans but the show never took off, unfortunately. In April of 2007, ROH announced that Cabana had accepted a developmental deal with WWE. I was heartbroken. I was sure they'd ruin him, even though he had huge potential. He debuted as Scotty Goldman in August 2008 on Smackdown and lost to Brian Kendrick (another former ROH talent). Unfortunately, this became a pattern, they used him as a jobber, saying they didn't have anything for him creatively. This is utter nonsense, in my opinion, the man has great ideas if only they would've listened to him. He briefly had a show on called Good as Goldman but was released from his contract in February of 2009. Colt came back to ROH in March of 2009, and the fans were definitely glad to see him back where he belongs.

Cabana is well known for his move the Cabanarama (a Cradle DDT) and his most well known finishing move is the Colt .45, which is a double underhook Canadian backbreaker drop.

#2 Brent Albright

I've met Brent Albright quite a few times now, I still have to get a picture with him every time I see him, though. He's just such a nice guy, he always thanks us for coming to the shows. At first, when I met him, I was terrified of him; he was huge, and he looked very intimidating to me. I feel silly now when I think back on that.

Albright was born on November 28, 1978 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He was trained by APW Boot Camp and Michael Modest. In 2004, he signed a developmental contract with WWE and went to their developmental division, Ohio Valley Wrestling. During his time there he was both the OVW Heavyweight Champion and their Television Champion. He was also co-holder of the OVW Southern Tag Team Championship with WWE talent, Chris Masters. He was the first person to ever win all three major titles. He debuted in WWE on Smackdown in April of 2006 under the name Gunner Scott. He was sent back to OVW in June of 2006 and released from his contract in October of 2006. WWE's loss, in my opinion. He debuted in ROH the same month and has been working with them ever since. He's called the Submission Technician now, but when he first debuted, he was the "Gun for Hire". He defeated Adam Pearce to win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship in August of 2008, but lost it that September back to Pearce. I've never understood why they haven't given him a bigger push in ROH. I think he'd make a great champion and I'd say he's put in his time and worked his butt off for the company. You can count on him to always come through with a quality match and he's great at rallying the crowd at an event. I look to the future with hope for him. His main finisher is the Crowbar (the Fujiwara armbar).

#1 Austin Aries

Austin Aries is my absolute favorite Ring Of Honor wrestler. His real name is Dan Solwold and he was born on April 15, 1978 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is the current ROH World Champion and he's their first ever two time title holder. Trained by Eddie Sharkey and Terry Fox, Aries joined ROH in 2004. He came in and joined the new stable formed by Alex Shelley, Generation Next. He was hand-picked by Shelley along with Jack Evans and Roderick Strong to show the ROH fans the next generation of wrestling talent. They were far from fan favorites at first, but I still loved them all. With the exception of Strong, they all cut fantastic promos, (talking on the mic has never been a strength of Strong's) and their performance in the ring was what really won me over. Aries, especially, seemed to have a lot of potential in my opinion. I just felt that he was going places.

Aries defeated Samoa Joe, the longest reigning champion in ROH history for the ROH World Championship in December of 2004. He defended the belt almost non-stop for the next six months, bringing it overseas to Japan and Europe and heightening the belt's prestige. He lost the championship to CM Punk in June 2005, in an amazing match (and the craziest heel turn in ROH history in my opinion). Aries then became the head trainer at the Ring Of Honor wrestling school, replacing CM Punk. He did a brief stint in TNA (Total Nonstop Action Wrestling) in 2006, but ultimately returned to ROH in 2007, to my great relief. I didn't like what TNA had done to him, dressing him like a deranged Macho Man Randy Savage and giving him the name Austin Starr. It didn't suit him. Aries won the ROH World Championship again in June of 2009, becoming Ring of Honor's first ever two time champion.

Aries is most well known for his move the Heat Seeking Missile, where he does a suicide dive through the middle and bottom ropes to the outside of the ring. His main finishing move is the 450 Splash, usually preceded by the Brainbuster.

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Great selection!

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