Five of the Best Hybrid Bikes Under $500: My 2017 Picks


Which is the best reviewed hybrid bike under $500?

In the early days of cycling, you didn't have much of a choice when choosing a bicycle. Then came the mountain bike, which turned the bicycle world on its head, and suddenly made trails and off-road riding a possibility. Hybrid bicycles are a middle point between road and mountain styles, and they're understandably pretty popular! This article is all about finding great hybrid bikes for under $500, and we'll get a chance to look at some good ones.

Some people have a very clear cut riding style and they can happily choose either a mountain or a road bike and have it fulfill all their riding needs. However, many people prefer a more mixed ride. They enjoy hills and trails just as much as the morning commute to the office. A hybrid bicycle will work well on both types of terrain, and they are also typically pretty fun to ride as well.

This lens will talk about five of the best hybrid bicycles and brands out there, reviewing different models that I think you might enjoy. I've featured bikes that are predominantly available online, because I find it's one of the least expensive way to buy one. If you're hoping to find an amazing ride for a decent price, finding a good online retailer is probably your best bet. That said, if you prefer supporting your local bike shop, just jot down the name and style and see if they can order it in.

I'll also offer some hybrid bike brand reviews, and offer riding tips. My goal is to help you identify the features you'd most like to have on your hybrid bicycle, and identify them in different brands and models. I hope this helps!

What is a Hybrid Bicycle? Good Features and Attributes for Riding

So before we get into answering the question of what is the best hybrid bicycle for under $500, we should probably first tackle another question: what IS a hybrid bike in the first place? Since they don't fall into one particular category or another, they can vary widely in style and features, and I think there's some confusion as to what actually constitutes a hybrid. However, there are a few key features that run true to most models out there. I'll list them here.

  1. Unisex: Most hybrids are good for men or women, and they're built to accommodate either gender. You can find female specific frames if you want to, but they're usually fine for either gender to ride. Just make sure it's sized appropriately for your body.
  2. Wide but smooth tires: Most decent hybrid bikes under $500 will have a good set of rubber on them. These tires are usually pretty wide, ranging from a half inch to almost 2 inches wide. They won't be knobby like mountain tires, but they will have some groove in them for rain riding, and a bit of grip. These wider tires allow for a range of riding, giving stability off-road, and diminishing drag on the street.
  3. Upright Riding Position: Hybrids attempt to give a smooth, consistent ride in most scenarios. They therefore usually offer an upright riding position, with a comfortable seat and riser bars to keep you from hunching. They aren't entirely dedicated to comfort, but they aim to be good for most people.
  4. Some Suspension Parts: Most of the best hybrid bikes around or under $500 will include light suspension. This is by no means as extensive as that found on high end mountain bikes, but it provides some cushioning and stability from bumps. The most common is a front fork suspension (shocks), but you can sometimes find rear suspension or a seat post suspension too.
  5. Lots of Gears: Good hybrid bicycles for less than $500 will include a solid range of gearing options, reflecting their ability to adapt to different riding conditions. Whether you have crazy hills or a nice, long flat ride to work, your hybrid bike will have the right gearing for it.

Critical Cycles Diamond Frame 7-Speed Shimano Hybrid Urban Commuter Road Bicycle, Cream, Small/50cm
Critical Cycles Diamond Frame 7-Speed Shimano Hybrid Urban Commuter Road Bicycle, Cream, Small/50cm

I know it says it's a men's bike, but this one would be perfectly comfortable for a lady too. Nice wide tires will keep you stable, and no chain to worry about coming loose!


Critical Cycles: One of the best hybrid bikes for women or men

Do you want a commuter hybrid bike that has a bit more character? You could go for a vintage ride, or you could opt for a new bike that has that classic look!

Critical Cycles' seven speed model is a great hybrid bike, well under $500. It's a nice change because it has a classic frame geometry and a throwback look that you don't often see. It's not vintage in components, however, as it comes with a seven speed rear derailleur. That's a gearing range that should be fine for most commutes.

With a strong yet light diamond steel frame, included front chrome light, integrated rear luggage rack and front and rear fenders, this one has an amazing price tag. While it does have good tread and it could handle a gentle trail ride, this is more of an urban, commuter hybrid bike. For far below $500, it's hard to ignore this wonderful bicycle by Critical Cycles.

Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Edgewood Complete Hybrid Bike
Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Edgewood Complete Hybrid Bike

For well under $500, this hybrid bicycle has great suspension items, a strong aluminum frame, and it's very versatile.


Diamondback Edgewood: A very good all-purpose hybrid bicycle below $500

The Diamondback Edgewood LX is a strong choice because it's a really versatile bike. Though Amazon lists it as a men's bike, it's actually unisex, and it's got some great features. A true hybrid bike, this one has a butted aluminum frame with 6061 aluminum construction, meaning that it's strong and lightweight.

The front spring shock system has 63mm of clearance, and the wheels are 700c and double walled for extra strength. This bike will perform great on trails and pavement.

A nice feature is that it has a spring shock seat too. This adds some extra suspension and cushioning without dampening the ride or complicating the frame (or adding extra weight!)

Schwinn Network 1.0 700c Women's 16 Hybrid Bike, 16-Inch/Small, White
Schwinn Network 1.0 700c Women's 16 Hybrid Bike, 16-Inch/Small, White

Great price, great brand name. The Schwinn GTX-2 is a true hybrid bike brand that reviews really well. It's attractive too!


Schwinn Network: A good, trail-ready hybrid bike for beginners

The Schwinn Network 1.0 is a good hybrid bike for less than $500 that is very nicely suited to trails due to its generous tire tread, sturdy aluminum city frame tubing, and beefy front suspension. However, it will do just fine on pavement too, and it is almost as good as a road bike for pavement riding.

Front shocks and a strong and light aluminum frame accompany a Suntour crankset and Shimano gears linked to an SRAM twist shifter on the handlebars. The Euro style 700c alloy wheels are light and the attached tires have a good amount of width, more than enough to tackle those moderate trail rides you love. It's certainly not an off-road bicycle by any means, but it can handle some gravel and dirt roads with no issues. I highly recommend Schwinn bikes in general, but the Network is an especially good choice.

This model is 18", which is 'medium' by bicycle standards, and it has an adjustable seatpost which allows it to fit a wide array of riders. Other frame sizes do exist. Also, there is a step through women's frame version of this bicycle that's a bit smaller, in blue.

Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Insight 1 Complete Performance Hybrid Bike, Metallic Grey, 20" Frame
Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Insight 1 Complete Performance Hybrid Bike, Metallic Grey, 20" Frame

Aluminum frame, great Shimano components, high quality Kenda tires, riser bars and comfort grips and seat. It's also a gorgeous bike with a stunning arc frame.


Diamondback Insight 1: A great performance hybrid bike under $500

If you've read some of my other lenses, you'll know that I'm a big fan of Diamondback bicycles. Why? Because everyone I know who buys one still has it to this day. They last forever! This beautiful bike has a swooping aluminum frame, 21 speeds with Shimano shifters, and nice Kenda 32c tires that are good for mostly pavement but can handle a bit of trail riding. It's pretty light, and really quick and responsive on pavement, the ride experience is one of the best among hybrid bikes below $500.

It's available in a lot of sizing options, from small to extra large frames, and for that reason it's really a unisex bicycle.

Schwinn Men's Volare 1200 Bike, 700c, Grey
Schwinn Men's Volare 1200 Bike, 700c, Grey

There is a men's and women's version of this bike, but the men's will comfortably fit a female if they prefer it!


Schwinn Volare: An urban tuned hybrid bike, well below $500

The Schwinn Volare is a capable and popular hybrid bicycle best suited for riding that's more on the urban side. With a simple 21 speed shifting system (more than enough for most situations) and a frame designed for efficient riding and good speed, you can get around anywhere quickly and comfortably. The 6061 aluminum frame and flat riser bars are optimized for an upright riding position, while the high performance 700c wheels will spin forever. It even comes with rapid fire shifters to make changing gears a breeze.

This is one of the better hybrid bicycles below $500 because it's fast, light and capable. I recommend this for the city commuter or neighbourhood rider, though it's not the best choice for trails. The frame is 18" with an adjustable seat post, so it will suit most riders between 5'8 and 6'1 tall.

Watseka XP Cargo-Electric Bicycle-26"-6 speed-Adult/Young Adult-Black (Black)
Watseka XP Cargo-Electric Bicycle-26"-6 speed-Adult/Young Adult-Black (Black)

Great components, strong electric engine = fantastic and affordable electric hybrid bicycle.


Watseka XP: A great hybrid electric bike, low price

I know I said five, but I want to include a bonus review. This is a really nice hybrid bicycle for just over $500. A high-ten steel frame, a 6-speed Shimano shifter and derailleur, and alloy cranks. Oh did I mention it's electric?

You get a 250-watt electric motor and 36v battery, which can carry you for about 18 miles, all for a bit over $500. If the motor peters out during your ride, you can revert to standard pedalling in a pinch. It's almost like having a little motorcycle with pedal power attached.

The Watseka XP is a cheap hybrid bicycle that's occasionally under $500 (when it goes on sale) that just happens to have a motor attached to it! What's not to like?

Things To Watch Out For:

The hybrid is a good compromise for anyone who likes to ride on many terrains. However, you should recognize that it is just that, a compromise. Even the best hybrid bikes under $500 will be somewhat lacking in certain areas. That's not a bad thing if you can recognize your preferred riding style. Check out this list of things to watch for.

  • Do you ride more on pavement than on gravel or trails? Consider getting a thinner tire bike. The thinner the tire, the less friction you'll deal with, making riding easier. The same thing applies vice versa, so if you like riding trails more often than not, choose a wider tire with deeper grooves.
  • Make sure you get a bike that fits you. Even though they're meant to accommodate a wide range of riders, it's still important that it fits you, or it'll never be comfortable. You should just be able to stand on the balls of your feet while standing over the bike.
  • Beware of cheaper disc brakes. Really inexpensive hybrid bikes will sometimes come with disc brakes that are no good. I don't recommend anything too cheap. Spend a little extra and get something that will stop!

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What do you think of hybrid bikes? 35 comments

CoolFool83 profile image

CoolFool83 4 years ago

These are awesome looking hybrid bikes.

fotos4web lm profile image

fotos4web lm 4 years ago

I love hybrid bikes - they're fun and unbeatable value

thegrayrabbit profile image

thegrayrabbit 4 years ago

I didn't know a lot about hybrid bikes before now. Thanks for the education

DeborahDian profile image

DeborahDian 4 years ago from Orange County, California

Hybrid bikes are new to me. They sound like they are perfect for many serious riders.

Erick V profile image

Erick V 4 years ago

Thanks for the information. Please check/like my lens, "city-cycling". I'm trying to get to the magic 20 likes number.

BikePro profile image

BikePro 4 years ago Author

@Erick V: Hi Erick_V, thanks! I actually liked your lens already, a few months back. It's a great article, I'm sure you'll get to 20.

anonymous 3 years ago

I own a Bicycle Store in Ohio. The best and most sold bikes are the 700C wheel Hybrid Bikes. For most people over 40 years old that want to ride for fun or health do great with a Hybrid bike. Schwinn, Torker, and GT bikes seem to sell the best. Over all you can't go wrong with a Hybrid ! Great for bike paths and fund raiser rides.

BikePro profile image

BikePro 3 years ago Author

@anonymous: Thanks for the comment. Yeah I'm a fan of GT bikes too. I've never seen a Torker hybrid bike before... just unicycles (really good unicycles for that matter).

Michelllle profile image

Michelllle 3 years ago

Love my hybrid bike.

anonymous 3 years ago

Thank you so much. I was lost before this site. I think I am definitely getting a Diamondback after this and plan to order it tomorrow. You don't know how much you helped me - I really appreciate it.

BikePro profile image

BikePro 3 years ago Author

@anonymous: Thank you, that's a great compliment! Diamondback is awesome, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

anonymous 3 years ago

Do you have an opinion about the K2 Astral bikes? I am looking for my 12yr old who is just starting to ride a bit more and wants to try triathlons. Their 1.0 seems like a decent buy, for a starter.

BikePro profile image

BikePro 3 years ago Author

@anonymous: I'm not directly familiar with the Astral, but K2 is usually middle of the road in terms of quality.

I wouldn't say the Astral is great for triathlons though, too relaxed, I'd go for a road bike with a more aggressive riding position. There's a drop bar version of the Volare pictured above that might work.

anonymous 3 years ago

What hybrid bike would you recommend with disc brakes? I have a Diamondback Edgewood 6 or 7 year's old with 2000 miles on it.

anonymous 3 years ago

which is a better brand for hybrid bikes, norco bikes vs trek bikes? Please advise and tell me which one and why?


BikePro profile image

BikePro 3 years ago Author

@anonymous: They're both good brands, about on par for build quality. I'd go with whichever bike you like the look of best. :)

BikePro profile image

BikePro 3 years ago Author

@anonymous: Hi Jim. Mechanical (cable powered) disc brakes don't have much advantage over linear pull (V) brakes. The conversation changes if we're talking about hydraulic disc brakes, but they up the price tag quite a bit. The Giant Roam 2 is a good example of a hybrid with hydraulic discs, and it's around $650, maybe that would be a good one to check out! :)

anonymous 3 years ago

@BikePro: Yes but which one is faster, lighter and more durable??

anonymous 3 years ago

@Michelllle: What brand and how much did you spend? (Sorry, I'm really looking to buy a hybrid. I have a scantante road bike but I really didn't enjoy it they way that I thought that I would. Now that my daughter is 6 we want to do sme family riding, but I want enjoy it this time!)

jemacb profile image

jemacb 3 years ago

Nice Choices.

BikePro profile image

BikePro 3 years ago Author

@anonymous: Hi Hani, it's impossible to say unless you can mention the specific bicycle models by Trek and Giant that you are considering. Generally speaking, you can't go wrong with either brand.

diligentwheel lm 3 years ago

Great review!

GameHelp 3 years ago

Interesting, I love your reviews. Great lens!

anonymous 3 years ago

I've narrowed my choice down to the Schwinn Volare or GTX-2, which would you recommend between the two? I'll be doing mostly road riding, both are available in my area for abou the same price-$299 (good article, & thank you)

BikePro profile image

BikePro 3 years ago Author

@anonymous: If they're available nearby, I'd give them both a test ride and see which one you prefer. The Volare is definitely more suited to road conditions, but the GTX-2 would be more forgiving on the bumps.

anonymous 3 years ago

@BikePro: Unfortunately, I can't test ride/compare them. I definitely like the look of the GTX-2 & the front suspension fork. So, you can see what I'm leaning to...can you please confirm the GTX-1 as a solid choice?

Thanks again.

anonymous 3 years ago

@anonymous: I got the gtx2, nice bike and it looks good too!

BikePro profile image

BikePro 3 years ago Author

@anonymous: The blue and white GTX-2 is definitely a great choice. The GTX-1 is a slightly different bike, and I haven't seen it up close. It looks like more of a dual sport (closer to a mountain bike). I'd definitely recommend the '2' over the '1'.

BikePro profile image

BikePro 3 years ago Author

@BikePro: Pardon me, grey and white, not blue (they recently changed the color scheme).

anonymous 3 years ago

What about an Expedition Sport? Like the low entry. That's what my local shop is trying to sell me. ;)

BikePro profile image

BikePro 3 years ago Author

@anonymous: By Specialized? They are fantastic! Definitely a good choice (but pricier than what I've reviewed for sure).

anonymous 3 years ago

Hi I am looking for a hybrid bike I am a 65 years young good physical shape I jog 10+ miles a week so I can handle the trails too. I can't find any shops to test ride a bike also I don't want gears that are cheap and grind or slip. Another question is I am 5'11" what size rims do I look for?

Herb 2 years ago

What about a Fuji Absolute 2.1... they just recently released a new model this year which I love, but I have also seen the diamondback trace dual sport bike too. I think I like the Fuji better between the two of those, but wanted to ask your advice.

BikePro profile image

BikePro 2 years ago Author

Hi Herb,

I've only had great experiences with Fuji. I haven't seen the Absolute up close, but the components seem solid, and it's a beauty. It compares very nicely to the Trace. You can't go wrong with either one!

Pavan 20 months ago

Hi, Is Apollo Transfer 20 a good bike to buy..?

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