How to make a refrigerator in the woods

Not electric or the box kind

 So it's Summer, and you need to keep your food cold and you don't have a freezer, an electric fridge or something like that. Well, you could always use what nature gives you, for example, the watermelon becomes fresh when put at direct sunlight due to an evaporation process, and you could use that process to your advantage.

For this "green" fridge, you will need:

  • a fine┬ámetal net;
  • charcoal;
  • poles;
  • strings;
  • long plastic sheets (a big plastic bag should be enough).

Now, for the steps:

  1. Build with the nets the exterior and interior wall of the fridge and fix them on the wooden structure (you must build this structure as in the picture);
  2. Fill the structure with the charcoal, until you have 3 walls of charcoal;
  3. Cover the top with the plastic sheets, and the open side and wet the plastic and the charcoal;
  4. And here it is, your own "green" fridge. You just need to be careful with some things:
  • build it with the door facing north, that's the most fresh side letting the charcol get the sunrays;
  • you can build a bottom shelve but you could also make a suspended one, that avoids the insects reaching your food;
  • keep the plastic sheet wet so it can regularly wet the charcoal too.

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Comments 6 comments

BealeD profile image

BealeD 7 years ago

Interesting idea. May have to try this.

celeste 6 years ago

I don't understand how you wet a plastic sheet???

ruiandrade14 profile image

ruiandrade14 6 years ago from Azores Author

You only need to pour some water on top of the plastic sheet so it can condensate to the inside of the refrigerator

richard 5 years ago

wow gud gona try it

guest 5 years ago

My mum had one of these on farm .... the charcoal walls need to be wet, evaporation cools it .... sheet probably needs to be canvas ..... here another address

Apoorwa Singh 5 years ago

m gonna make it for my school level science exhibition....... hoping everything to be right.

wish me luck !!!!

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