How to start a fire in the woods

The "pyramid" style

Seen from the side
Seen from the side
Seen from up
Seen from up

Just follow these steps

So, you're in the middle of the woods and you need to start a fire, just to warm up, or to cook dinner, and how to do it in a way you don't burn yourself or the woods?

Well, following the next steps it's one of the safest ways to start a fire.


  1. Find a place where there isn't much dry vegetation, as the wind might blow away still burning ashes, like a small clearing;
  2. After choosing the exact spot, dig a circle of aproximately 15 centimeters deep and 40 wide, and make a circle of stones of a size a little bigger than your fist, around the circle on the higher ground, that gives extra protection against the wind. And if the ground is wet, use a flat stone platform;
  3. Clear the surroundings of dry leaves, branches, bushes, twigs, and put those next to your fireplace, you will need those to start the fire;
  4. After finding enough material to start the fire (dry leaves, branches, bushes, twigs, etc.) start looking for small and average sizes logs, about the lenght of half your arm, and keep them near the fireplace;
  5. If you have it, keep a bucket with water and a shovel with you, in case you need it.


There are many ways to build a fire, this guide will teach how to do it in a different "pyramid" style:

  1. Begin by putting the small dry wood, leaves or branches in the center of the hole you dug and form a small cone of this material;
  2. Then make a square with 4 logs around this cone, by putting the ends of 2 logs on the top of the other 2;
  3. Keep repeating this process with smaller logs to form a pyramid.


  1. With some matches or lighter, or other mean to make fire, try to burn the inner cone of dry branches, through one of the empty spaces of the log "pyramid";
  2. Once it starts to burn, it does so rapidly, and if all this was done properly, it should last a long time and provide quite a light and heat, and it's of low maintenance, just add a fews logs when most of them are already burnt.


When the fire's extinguished, it's time to put it out for good. Here's how:

  1. The best is to let it burn until there's only ashes left and then put dirt over it;
  2. But in case you're in a hurry, water it down and them put the dirt;
  3. Try to keep the place like no one would suspect that there was a fire there, covering the whole hole and replacing the layers of grass, in case there was any there originaly.

And that's it folks, with this method you will have a fire in no time, in a safe way.

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