How to survive a fire in the woods

If you are in the woods, and surrounded by a big wall of fire and it seems that there is no way out, there is one thing you can do, besides to die of suffocation or burned.

First, you have to find the most vegetation free spot you can find, and dig a ditch big enough for you to lie down, then if you have a blanket and water, wet the blanket and your clothes, lie down in the ditch with your face against the dirt, cover yourself with the blanket, and breathe with your mouth on the ground, as soon, the surrounding air will be full of smoke. Stay there until the fire has passed, then flee from the area in the direction of the already burned woods. In case you don't have a blanket, you can cover yourself with dirt, just don't bury yourself too deep as the deeper, the less oxigen you will have to breathe.

Be careful in the already burned woods as fire can sometimes restart itself.

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Didge profile image

Didge 4 years ago from Southern England

thank you for sharing! !

anonymous 4 years ago

That it’s a comment, it to suggest, how to place metal water pipes, in strategic places, around wooden but in before any fire start, and to stay ready at any fire, to install metal pipes with water, ready to can be taken by water pumps, metal pipes can to be install, it like 20 miles across by a wood acres, much of times, 20 miles square down by the ground, it like 20 feet deep to avoid any damage to the iron pipes, and each half of ½ mile, to place a faucet water to can take to extinguish the fire, also to can place each half mile, water pond, with water pumps to be use by anybody have a good day god bless you-

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