How To Dunk Basketball Like A True Pro

How To Dunk Basketball Like A Pro

You hear the noisy crowd cheering wildly along the court. You recall how Michael Jordan made that awe-inspiring dunk on TV. You want to do something just like that. Then… you suddenly remembered. You don’t know how to dunk basketball.

Dunking a basketball is like making art. You calculate your steps and conceptualize the form you will execute before doing your movements. Then afterwards, you can expect a shout of wild approval from the crowd. That is –if you successfully slam dunked the ball in the ring. Sounds easy, right? Sure it is! But if you really don’t know how, below are tips on how to dunk basketball like a true pro.

Jump! Jump! Jump!

How To Dunk Basketball Tips: Jumping Exercises
How To Dunk Basketball Tips: Jumping Exercises

How To Dunk Basketball Tips: Jumping Exercises

1. The first thing you should have if you want to learn how to dunk basketball is a really big hand. With big hands, you can hold the ball easily with one hand. If destiny didn't provide you big hands, don't be discouraged. We can still do a two handed dunk using your two small hands.

2. Second thing that you must be able to do to learn how to dunk basketballs is through jumping. You need to reach the rim of the ring to make a slam dunk successfully. Need to improve on your vertical leap to learn how to dunk basketball? Follow the tips here.

3. A great exercise to become skilled on how to dunk basketballs is by practicing jumping on the court. Jump to reach the net, the rim and the backboard until you are comfortable doing so.

4. Now that you know how to jump high, conceptualize how you will do the slam dunk. The secret on how to dunk basketball successfully is with the use of a little imagination.

How To Dunk Basketball Tips : Ball Handling Exercises

5. Learn how to dunk basketball by dunking a tennis or golf ball first then a volleyball before using a real basketball to familiarize your hands with the roundness of the ball.

6. Don't forget to practice ball maneuvers. The more you are at ease while handling the ball, the more it's easy to dunk it.

7. When practicing how to dunk basketballs, use an adjustable height basketball ring. Practice dunking first at lower heights while adjusting to higher levels as you progress. Try dunking the ball using one hand if you have a big hand and two hands if needed.

Run With The Wind

How To Dunk Basketball Tips: Running Exercises
How To Dunk Basketball Tips: Running Exercises

How To Dunk Basketball : Running Exercises

8. Do not forget to wear comfortable shoes to learn how to dunk basketball. It is important that your feet are comfortable when playing and practicing for much easier movement and to prevent injuring yourself.

9. Practice dribbling the ball while running. Do this repetitively until you are contented that you can handle and control the ball with ease.

Here’s a step by step tips on how to dunk basketballs. It is advisable that you follow the steps first before making up your own slam dunk tricks.

That Priceless Dunk

How To Dunk Basketball Tips: More Specific Tips
How To Dunk Basketball Tips: More Specific Tips

How To Dunk Basketball Tips: More Specific Tips

A. After you have learned how to dunk basketballs, practice the skills you have acquired. Dribble the ball. Get the feel of the ball. Feel its roundness and how your hands absorb the force while you are dribbling it against the hard court.

B. Start to run towards the ring while dribbling. Go slow first then run and dribble faster. Now calculate the distance of your jump before jumping to reach the rim.

C. Then go crazy! Wait, just kidding. Extend your hand towards the rim. If you're using two hands, pull it behind your head for a fashionable dunk. You can even make faces while dunking if you want.

D. There are times when the ball can hit you back in the face after dunking. Be prepared. Also, get ready to land. It's pretty much acceptable to hang in the ring if there's a danger of hitting a person when you land.

E. After landing, make a celebratory dance or high-five all of your teammates while saying trash talk and jibberish to your opponents... or not.

Now that you know how to dunk basketball like a true pro, expect other players to fear you in the court. It's really easy how to dunk basketball once you analyze how you will do it. Just follow the tips above, then, the style when slam dunking the ball is up to you. More tricks mean more oohs and ahhs from the crowd. Of course, you can only do that once you know your capabilities and really know how to dunk basketball.

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increase vertical 8 years ago

Excellent Reviews.. Good posts of articles and very nice Hub! Thanks for the sharing up.. Its very much useful for all of one..A very healthy tips..

Allan D profile image

Allan D 8 years ago from The Internets Author

Thank you very much for dropping by, hope you liked reading my hubs =)

Peter86  7 years ago

Hi! Thanks for the help, this post is really cool and helpful!

I saw 176 cm tall Nate Robinson winning the allstar nba slam dunk contest! I'm 1.83 m, so i guess if i practice a lot, i will succeed too :) (in a couple of years...)

Allan D profile image

Allan D 7 years ago from The Internets Author

I know you will succeed in your future endeavours. just keep on jumping and shooting those hoops. see you on NBA :)

Sportsrulz19 profile image

Sportsrulz19 7 years ago is the link to my hub. I like your profile and have become a friend. If you like my profile Id like if you became a fan.

bogdanpsc profile image

bogdanpsc 7 years ago

Your tips are great. Thank you for sharing them.

vertical jump training 7 years ago

Hi..You keep rocking... Thanks for the excellent Hub!... keep going on with the good process....I was still wondering at your info's ideas..Thanks for sharing the ideas.

william 7 years ago

thanks for the tips im going to try them and i hope i can succeed

markymarc 7 years ago

I'm trying to dunk the ball. I have pretty big hands, so I can palm the ball no problem. I have to learn how to vertical jump. Ihave to work on my lower body. What do you recommend??

Allan D profile image

Allan D 7 years ago from The Internets Author

Keep on running and jumping until you know your physical capabilities and you're comfortable with it. Practice different styles of dunking as well. :)

Jason Roatan 7 years ago

I wish I could dunk!

Allan D profile image

Allan D 7 years ago from The Internets Author

you can do it! just follow the tips above :D

Jump higher Jake 7 years ago

Thanks for the tips, very nice blog. I'm currently training to improve my vertical. My goal is to reach 40 inches vertical and do more creative dunks like the windmill :)

vertical jumping 6 years ago

Nice tips -How To Dunk Basketball :)

Big Luke 6 years ago

Im from Maine 10 and 6'4 do you think I will dunk if I train?

dario415 profile image

dario415 6 years ago from San Francisco


Ash77 6 years ago

yeah! the tips seem to be useful.....But i'm quiet short,sometimes it becomes difficult to pass & especially to dunk. can you help me with some tips?

Allan D profile image

Allan D 6 years ago from The Internets Author

@Big Luke, hell yeah you can! with that height of yours, you can be the next basketball superstar!

@Ash77 the secret to dunking is being comfortable with yourself and what your body can do. Can't reach the ring? practice in a lower ring, then do some jumping exercises until you surpass that certain height and move to the next height! you can do it!

big_C74 profile image

big_C74 6 years ago

Too late to dunk at age 36?

Allan D profile image

Allan D 6 years ago from The Internets Author

it depends.. if you have bone problems, then i highly suggest that you have it checked first by a doctor. if none whatsoever, heck yeah you can still dunk!

almost 40 6 years ago

i wanto to dunk before i turn 40, heck even past 40, i'm 6'5" (that's a plus i think), however never been atlethic i staret to play just for fun at 25, i started dunking (in a 9'10") at 30, and stop at 32 because of a herniated disk, i started playing again last year, thanks for the article, i started a facebook group "dunk at 40" and i'm gathering information,

Allan D profile image

Allan D 6 years ago from The Internets Author

just remember to start with the basics and take it easy.

Issues in Sports 6 years ago

he national basketball team has made it to the Olympic Games on numerous occasions, counting the 2004 Athens games. Puerto Rico was the first team to beat the US dream Team on the Olympic battle. The national team of Puerto Rico has triumphed with gold medals in other competitions worldwide.

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ephicfeil 6 years ago

thanks :) you really helped me a lot even though i cant dunk, but i can now tap the rim :) and helped me improve my blocking :D

David Marks 6 years ago

I think the best useful tip on dunking is to know where and when to jump, calculate your actions first before executing it.

David Marks 6 years ago

in order to attain perfection timing is needed, if there's no timing the result would be a failure.

jump program 5 years ago

I agree with David here. You have a point. Timing is really important.

Can't wait to dunk 5 years ago

I'm 13 and i'm 6'4 and i try to dunk but i need to jump higher any tips

Dave More 5 years ago

Thanks for the experience! Enjoyed what you have to say. Will be coming for more Vertical Jump.

sone su'a 5 years ago

Imma try to dunk before my senior year...

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