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Angle and Awards of Golf - 3 Parts It has taken approximately one hundred and ninety years to figure the hybrid golf club as an addition to the game of clubs. Who’s the conductor? Who’s the composer? Slowly, it has occurred to us that the space between the “steep angle” (the wedges), and the “sweep angle” the longest clubs of golf equipment, is a safe place to inject an implement of high quality, causing a marked improvement in a game that has suddenly discovered a centered portion of itself, one third being the hybrid clubs. Did I say, “Slowly?” “One third?” “Nearly two centuries?” How many centuries have we played war, and sometimes awarding ourselves in doing so? At what cost and who’s angle? Materialism? Where does matter stop and spirit begin? The natural state of angle held in golf ( the clubs and the ball’s lie angle ) blends into various angles and awards! Think of the playing field. Isn't it so? What’s the challenge? Is it the tools, such as, the “steep ‘n sweep” hybrid, elements - wind and rain, and the terrain? How does one practice such irregularities? What will we uncover after another century? “ Crooked Lies “? If political systems and there politicians were to educate themselves in sporty surroundings, such as golf, one wonders if their experiences, by participation, would be beneficial and bring new paradigms for social and cultural improvements? One may agree on “slowness” as a shared political/golf similarity , both seeking creativity. (2) Would this be a new angle for awards, and awards have a better angle for world participants? “ When two elements approach each other in such a way that the scope of what they can achieve together far surpasses the total of what they could achieve separately, they are acting with synergy”, says the 30th Pa Gua, of the I Ching. “ Tell us about your marketing ideas and Win an Award for your creativity”, says Golf Range Times magazine. Their “annual Innovator Awards will recognize driving range owners and operators - for their marketing achievements and celebrate the best practices that advance the industry”. Is this a materialistic angle? Check the terminology. Have you not wondered what’s happened to the word “golf”? Perhaps, “ best practices” is paradoxical. Worst practices is rotten diction. At times we miss the obvious. Marketing ideas may not be any simpler. Golf is the core. Awards to be given follow this premise. Part Two My angle is to create a synergistic formula that includes inventiveness in product line design ie., training aids/teaching aids - combined with journalist work - quietly and diligently done, giving personal attention to the player/reader, in a golf magazine previously noted for Travel & Leisure. Awards abound in golf. Who is worthy of an award, in golf, and what is the criteria for it to be so? Shouldn't’t the foundation of the event be stable to sustain the exercise? (3) When awards are given, could it be that the mark may be missed, in part, because of self sustaining interests only? Does an economic interest include the art form for its philosophical content? Is the stream of interest lacking qualitative individual awards,and not awarding quantitative materialistic participation of the industry only? Innovative awards could find a starting place with the PGA of America. Golf is a game that offers a variety of awards for many reasons. Firstly, golf’s diversity arranges awards from the golf range and the golf course. The teaching professional is highly regarded. The PGA Teacher of the Year award is an award given as an entry for educating. Where is the classroom? Golf’s classroom is the golf range and the golf course. The teacher brings these two areas closer together, and they extend to community partnerships. Another highly touted award in the PGA arena is the PGA Professional of the Year, which is a composite of total golf activity. One thing to be noted about golf through the years is segments of golf cause confusion. Golf is so multifaceted within its structure communicative skills are difficult to keep in tact. Golf, unlike other sports has separation embodied by design - the course, range, and equipment. Unlike other sports, which unify practice and play areas - baseball, bowling, boxing, billiards, basketball etc.- offer practice and prepare for play as a connected form leading to the main event. Golf separates itself physically. Golf clubs follow the player from course to range, and from range to course, but what of the ball? In basketball or baseball, one gets the “feel” - the warm-up on the same court, or field. A cohesive environment helps us play the game when play and practice stay connected. Part Three Be inclusive! To help ourselves and the game of golf, be connected by asking, “What’s the correct ball for me?” We know this through “feel”. The golf course and golf range need to be equipped to suit many needs. Weather changes compression of a golf ball. Do you always use the same ball in all weather conditions? Of course not! So why alter your “feel” in practice and play? Kick your car or truck tire January 29th, in Wisconsin, and again July 29th, and you’ll know “compression”! The golf ball industries position could be as supportive with their ammunition, rewarding their consumers an award winning practice, through better distribution of their product,thereby tying the game and the practice together. Transcendental Golf (a golf range) equips itself with ammunition suited for weather variables and consumer choices has been offering 80, 90, and 100 compression golf balls from three golf ball manufacturers for over a decade! This could be a “boon” for the golf industries ball hawks ! If the ball manufacturer chooses to avoid compression variables as a suitable angle for practical practice - they remain the provider of ammunition whether they like it or not! It’s only a matter of collecting ,sorting, and striping. (5) If anyone has had a shag-bag it consisted of a variety of balls. How the golf balls came out of the bag found a certain formula! Short shots - low compression. Start here! Long shots - high compression, so it is. Could awards, to be achieved by excluding separation of the ball’s “feel” in practice and play (the range ball vs the golf course ball) increase ones ability? If not, could this in part be, the reason why we’ve continued to lose “feel”, sapping ones ability? As is the word “golf” in the total golf arena. If your not the composer, watch the conductor. Why not feel more deeply for the game of golf by using the words that define it? This angle has - everyone as an award winner including the golf industries promotion of products, and golf publications as well. “ Through the wave you can see the ocean if you are not concentrated on the wave.” Jack Thomsen Tuesday, Dec. 09 -08

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Jack what type of ball should I use & Why

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