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Jack T. said, “Jack knowing some of your passion as you’ve expressed it at WPGA meetings, and I absorbing it, could it be that “Jack’s or better ” may be openers to get our game rolling with quantitative and qualitative force? I’m a maverick, a non-conformist, outside the box, “ Who so be a man, must be a non-conformist”, says Emerson. Who’s listening?”

Jack G. replied, “Lots there to absorb and you pose lots of questions that have no one answer. I don’t think SB (social business) and PMB (profit maximizing business) as you describe them are mutually exclusive.”

“I agree, said Jack T. “Nor do I think SB and PMB are mutually inclusive, nor should be. Why is it so? The game of golf embodies the answer. It’s mutually interdependent in design (dependent – independent) :the PGA as an association, or the PGA as an associate, a foursome or a onesome, but both part of a bigger picture – golf.

“Get Golf Ready” says the Professional Golfer’s Association.What does that mean? The aphrodisiac Cialis announces and asks, “Are you ready?” We know what’s implied with Cialis’s question. In golf, “Get golf ready” could be framed,“Are the shafts of your golf clubs flexible or firm? For Cialis, “The time is right” because they’re pushing the extra firm shaft on golf time – Why?

This brief exchange between two Jack’s had stemmed from a challenge for discussion at WPGA Spring Meeting 2011. Is it golf that gets you ready, or do you need a pill to want to play the game? If so, golf’s effort to sustain WPGA business (PMB), money is ruler of the house. However, “When you don’t do what you want you will do what you need.”, says a profound guru.

Before going to the WPGA Spring Meeting I had anticipated the criteria of the meeting. I wasn't far off. What I had not realized how imbalanced and separated the house of golf had become!

To get more money we will go outside the network of golf and seek help to freshen the pot and make more money.

By “getting golf ready", is it becoming such through PMB or SB? Could it be both PMB and SB? Could it be that golf is getting you ready as you think you’re “getting golf ready”? What does “Get golf ready” mean? Could it be the environment, the person, ones golf game? Is it a destination or a journey? An old German philosopher, Karlfried Graph Durckheim said, “ When you’re on a journey and the end keeps getting further and further away then you realize that the real end is the journey.”

As one becomes more efficient in the art form – golf, is it not the challenge of the natural setting of golf, and the tools, the movement of that little white sphere around on natural terrain, beautifully groomed courses, that brings $200.00 green fees, yet knowing one is able to help the impoverished participate in golf as a pastime?

Making golf less expensive and rewarding, so rewarding that culture and social structure is universally impacted. That’s one of the reasons the Wedge Course had been designed, and for the publication: Golf: Find Center – Enter the Circle.

As a golf professional – what qualities can I engender through golf as a pastime – knowing that golf’s attributes could be a universal benefit – a brotherhood – a common good?

What’s the quality of a golf course? Who makes anything? All we humans do is move things around a bit! What’s the quality of ones golf game? How did you get started in the game of golf? What and where is the starting place to become part of golf? Could it be a golf range? What’s the cause to play and practice?

Is one drawn towards golf because of the natural setting? To get kids off the street in Indio, California, knowing there were eight homicides there in the previous year, one may ask. “ Could I do more with these 120 golf courses that extend from Palm Springs to Salton Sea, east of Indio?

In Wisconsin, you may ask. “ What can golf’s Wedge Course do to get you ready”? Can I get kids off the street? The expense of a wedge and expense of short course play is “tops” in expressing the art of golf. The Wedge Course is mobile. It can go to you if need be.

Why are jobs out-sourced in the world of golf? Could it be that PMB is your only way of thinking? Why not become like the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh and Mohammad Yunus’ SB, (Social Business)? Being poor and unable to afford $200.00 green fees doesn't mean you can’t become knowledgeable in the art of golf.

Women basket weavers of Bangladesh, when given a chance. Ie., a fair loan and interest rate, and had consolidated group interest – a formulated effort, self improvement flourished. The women didn't receive a loan from the bank. “Poverty” means irresponsibility, in the bank’s mind – too risky! However, when Mohammad Yunus borrowed from the bank, and he did what the banks wouldn't do ( loan money to the women of Bangladesh ), and Yunus had told the banks what he’d be personally doing, ie., what they hadn't done – the return on the loans was nearly 98% for Mohammad Yunus, proving an important point: SB works.

It’s Christmas time – 2011. Share the best possibilities growing from golf activities. Possibly mutual exclusiveness and mutual inclusiveness will come to look symbolically like the yin/yang circular symbol: a dot yin in yang and a dot of yang in yin.

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Jack Thomsen 4 years ago from Pleasant Praire Wi. Author

High school golf teams need to spend 50% of their time on the short game To get golf ready and the player ready is little expense To be fit for the short game and a wedge( one golf club ) is SB and PMB - inclusive and exclusive activity. Promote the short game and you will be you'll advance the qualities of your golf game

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Jack Thomsen 4 years ago from Pleasant Praire Wi. Author

Is the Short Game a weak link because the Long Game has most of the attention?

If you were to teach and be given the opportunity, but with the selection of only one golf club in the selection of two ( the Driver or the Wedge ) What would you choose? Do you see qualitative or quantitative answers represent golf. If you could afford only one golf club, would you choose the "power' or "skill" ie., the driver or the wedge?

Jack Thomsen profile image

Jack Thomsen 4 years ago from Pleasant Praire Wi. Author


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