Japan Women's Football Team Wins FIFA 2011

Japanese Women’s Football Team in the FIFA 2011 World Cup

The Japanese Women’s football team were the victors of this year’s FIFA Women’s Football World Cup. Defeating the U.S team 3-1 in a penalty shoot out, the Japanese team made their mark in woman’s football history by becoming the first Asian nation to win the coveted title.

The Japanese women’s team began their career in 1986 against India losing 1-0. Japan's biggest success until now has been a 21-0 defeat against Gaum. Their biggest loss to date was 9-0 against the U.S. team, no doubt facing their biggest rival in the FIFA 2011 Final was a challenge for the Japanese team.

Managed by Norio Sasaki the road to the final was achieved by finishing second in Group B behind England. Japan's boost of confidence came when they toppled host nation Germany in 1-0 in extra time before defeating Sweden 3-1 to reach the final.

Japanese Women’s Football Team

Japans Womens World Cup Team
Japans Womens World Cup Team | Source
Ayumi Kaihori
Ayumi Kaihori | Source
Saki Kumagai
Saki Kumagai | Source
Mizuho Sakaguchi
Mizuho Sakaguchi | Source
Homare Sawa
Homare Sawa | Source

Womens World Cup Final: Team Japan

Ayumi Kaihori (21 )

  • The Goal keeper of the 2011 Womans world cup team. Saved penlities by Shannon Boxx and Heather O Rielly. Kaihori was named woman of the match,

Yukari Kinga (2)

  • Defender

Azusa Iwashimizu (3)

  • Defender
  • Sent off with a Red Card during extra time.

Saki Kumagai (4)

  • Central Defender
  • Scored the winning Penalty for Japan.

Aya Sameshima (15)

  • Left Back

Mizuho Sakaguchi (6)

  • Midfielder.
  • Scored one of the winning penalites.

Homare Sawa (10)

  • Midfielder

11 Shinobu Ohno

  • Forward

Aya Miyama (8)

  • Midfielder
  • Scored the frst penalty for Japan.

Kozue Ando (7)

  • Midfielder

Nahomi Kawasumi (9)

  • Midfielder


  • Karina Maruyama (18)
  • Yūki Nagasato (17)
  • Mana Iwabuchi (20)


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