Olympic Posters - snapshots through time

The modern Olympic games represent the athletic achievement and now occupy the place on the global stage as the "Greatest Sporting Event on Earth."

Throughout the history of the games, the Olympic posters have provided a unique visual record evoking everything from time, geography and style. Olympic posters are considered one of the major vehicle to spread information on the Olympic movement and convey the Olympic spirit .

It provides a fascinating records of our world, a link between sports and arts, politics, commerce and culture. The range of style is as interesting as the historical context and the graphic design. The Olympic posters is a visual representation of the Olympic ideas and the host country's culture and spirit.

The Sixties Op-art is well and truly reflected in the 1968 Mexico Olympic poster. The Tokyo 1964 minimalist poster gives us a timelessness effect that still looks very modern today.

As I look at the Olympic posters, it is not only a piece of art but every poster have a story to tell, it is not only a memento of the Olympic games but it celebrates physical and sporting achievement and offers inspiration to the athletes of tomorrow.

From 1896 to 2008, different cities have hosted the Summer Olympiads (three were missed due to war). Each host city has created its own unique promotional poster, the design of which often reflected the prevailing cultural and artistic tone of the period. Browse through the gallery and enjoy a part of the Olympic history.

Athens 1896 Poster

No official poster was made for the 1896 Olympic Games, but the cover page of the official report is often used to refer to the Games of the I Olympiad.
No official poster was made for the 1896 Olympic Games, but the cover page of the official report is often used to refer to the Games of the I Olympiad.

1900 - 1928

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1932 -1948

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2004 -2008

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Ist beutiful

Ray A 7 years ago

There are 2 posters that I have seen...I am not sure what country or year..I would love to know where and when......one poster depicts an yellow image of a woman with naked breasts...this image is on a poster that is blue.....

R. Johnson profile image

R. Johnson 7 years ago

Interesting, it seems that based on the posters the popular symbol for the Olympics (the 5 rings) was not used until the 1932 olympic games.

sschilke profile image

sschilke 8 years ago

MM Del Rosario,

I love all things Olympics. Thanks for the visual history.


Rob Jundt profile image

Rob Jundt 8 years ago from Midwest USA

Nice work putting this all together. The Olympics are still a unifying competition; not only for the countries and athletes involved, but for the world as a whole. Thanks for giving us a great reminder of this.

G-Ma Johnson profile image

G-Ma Johnson 8 years ago from NW in the land of the Free

Very interesting..I have never seen these before.  was gonna pick a fav..but now I can't decide.....thank you for sharing these...G-Ma :o) hugs

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