We are Pepsoft, an official airsoft team in Jacksonville area. Follow us in order to learn about upcoming game days, new posts on Tristan's channel, and other fun stuff! First though, we have to introduce ourselves...

Zarlord: One of the original members of the team, and the one writing this article. He has no definite weapon or look yet, but is a formidable opponent just the same. Look for the tall guy, yeah that's him.

Unholy Warrior: One of the Co-Founders of the team. A core part of the team, if you're getting mauled by someone every time you walk out of spawn, you can bet it's this guy.

Tactical Tortoise: May not be the fastest player on the team, but sure as heck isn't the least. He's a force to be reckoned with, and is the tallest person on the team, and the strongest.

Pillow Ninja: Airsoft Enthusiast, we don't really much else about him...

BLT: Don't let the name distract you, BLT will be up in your face and giving you a big welt from 5' away if you're not careful. He's fast, agile, and is one of the best players on the team.

FSG: Stands for Flaming Stick Ginger. Long story... He's one of the newest players on the team, but still a good player. He's moving up through the ranks, and becoming a good player. Don't underestimate his noob airsoft player amazingness...

The Comrade: We don't have much on him either, he's quiet, all we know is, he's good at killing people. nuff said...

Tristan: The only one with a normal name... One of the founders, along with Unholy Warrior, and one of the best players on the team. Loves hitting people where it hurts... Not really.

Lost Airsofter: Needs Name.

What she we call Tristan?

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Upcoming Gamedays:

Nothing right now! Be sure to follow me in order to keep up with upcoming events!


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