Can you get eye injuries while playing racquetball with glasses?

Can you get eye injuries while playing racquetball with glasses?

Is it possible to get an eye injuries while playing racquetball with glasses?

The answer is definitively yes.

Street glasses are not made to absorb the hit of a racquetball. Therefore, the outcome of what will happen is unsure.
There are various outcomes:
1) The lens will shatter – glass in the eye,
2) The lens will dislodge – lens in the eye,
3) The glasses will spin on face – trauma to eyes,
4) The eye glasses break – no damage to you,
5) No damage to you or the glasses.

Now out of the 5 outcomes listed. The first 3 have potentially serious eye injury consequences. The 4th has financial consequences. The 5th is the best. Those aren’t very good odds. 3 outcomes may require you to go directly to the hospital. If #4 happens your game is over unless you have another pair of glasses.

You should always wear ASTM F-803 certified eyewear. Whether you are wearing the over the glasses goggles or prescription goggles/glasses. Certified eyewear means that you will be protected from the ball damaging your eyes. You can liken this to having a plastic bag in your car for your airbag. It’s a bag but it was not made for protecting you in a car accident. Street glasses are the plastic bag. They look like they are doing the job as long as you don’t need them. ASTM F-803 certified eyewear is the proper airbag. They will do the job if you ever need them to protect your eyes.

You can see ASTM F-803 certified eyewear at or

Have fun and stay safe.

Eye protection advise

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Jan 2 years ago

Been there, done that, got the stitches.

Eye protection is manditory

Lola 21 months ago

Sharp thkgiinn! Thanks for the answer.

Tamber 21 months ago

This is what we need - an insight to make evnreoye think

Hayle 20 months ago

Whoever edits and pubsilhes these articles really knows what they're doing.

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