The Rock Vs. John Cena to headline WrestleMania 28 in 2012: Will this be the greatest WrestleMania match in WWE history?

Two of the greatest superstars of all time in arguably the biggest WrestleMania match since The Rock vs. Hulk Hogan a decade ago

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Who do you think will win at WrestleMania 28: The Rock or John Cena?

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The Rock is in the greatest shape of his life

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John Cena has been training hard for his battle against The Rock

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Two generations will clash on "The grandest Stage of them all"

The Rock Vs. John Cena is only several months away

There is now under three months to wait for arguably one of the most highly anticipated WrestleMania matches of all time. At WrestleMania 28, The Rock and John Cena will clash in a main event that is destined to shake the very foundations of the WWE Universe and the entire world of professional wrestling. The match which was announced an entire year ago on the edition of WWE Raw after WrestleMania 27 in 2011 has been hyped ever since. This has resulted in several clashed between The Rock and John Cena and the duo even teamed together at WWE Survivor Series in November of 2011.

Now, the anticipation is higher than ever. WWE Royal Rumble is right around the corner and we are currently nearing the end of January meaning the WrestleMania countdown will soon begin. The show is going to be absolutely huge. Following the returns of countless ring veterans and icons quite recently including Triple H, Kevin Nash, Chris Jericho and Masked Kane, there are countless reasons to be excited for WrestleMania 28. Still, the main reason to be excited is the very title of this Hub: The show will be headlined by two of the biggest names in professional wrestling; The Rock and John Cena.

Why is The Rock and John Cena such an important match?

The Rock Vs. John Cena is destined to be one of the greatest WrestleMania matches in the entire past and future of the WWE. It is not just a match, but it is a clashing of generations. Professional wrestling fans need to take a trip down memory lane to the not so distant past. Ten years ago, The Rock and Hulk Hogan wrestled in one of the greatest WrestleMania matches of all time and indeed, one of the greatest matches in the entire career of both men. The match simply stole the show. Nobody knew who to cheer or who to boo simply because both men helped to revolutionize the era of wrestling that they perfected, and they also helped to lay the foundations for the future.

The exact same thing can be said for both The Rock and John Cena when they collide at WrestleMania 28. Both men changed the foundations of wrestling. First, you had Hulk Hogan. Hogan handed the torch to The Rock at WrestleMania 18. It is like history repeating itself. The Rock however still has youth on his side, but so does Cena. Just like ten years ago, The Rock will have to fight if he wants to keep the torch in his hand, or John Cena will take it from him.

That is why The Rock Vs. John Cena is such an important match; it is a battle not only for the torch of professional wrestling, nor is it just a battle of past versus present or even a battle for the future; but it is a battle to determine the greatest professional wrestler of all time and both The Rock and John Cena are, always have been and always will be, prime candidates for such an illustrious title that is far greater than any championship in the iconic sport of professional wrestling.

Who will win the battle of the decade: The Rock or John Cena?

There really is no way to know exactly who will win between The Rock and John Cena at WrestleMania 28 simply because professional wrestling is a game of “never say never”. A year ago, nobody even thought that The Rock would ever return to the WWE, let alone return for one more match at WrestleMania against the biggest superstar in the world, John Cena. This fact is a prime example of the “never say never” world of the WWE Universe and this is living proof of why there is simply no way to determine who will win.

If you look outside of this fact for a moment however, let us see why the battle of the ages could go either way:

Why The Rock could win at WrestleMania 28:

  • The Rock has endless amounts of experience. Just like Cena, he was one of the fastest rising superstars of all time, but The Rock did it several years before Cena and therefore, the life and ring experience could give him the upper hand.

  • The Rock has already had the “battle of ages” experience. During his battle with Hulk Hogan ten years ago, Hogan took it to The Rock and refused to be beat and it eventually took three rock bottoms to lay “The Immortal One” to rest. Rock knows exactly what it takes to defeat a legend on “The Grandest Stage of Them All”, John Cena doesn’t – yet.

  • The Rock is a third generation superstar. His father and his grandfather are both icons of the squared circle. He lives and breathes wrestling and has seen every trick in the book to achieve victory.

Why John Cena could win at WrestleMania 28:

  • John Cena has never sold out. After The Rock defeated Hulk Hogan, he vanished from the ring, taking the torch with him and he became a movie star. John Cena has never done anything of the sort. While The Rock is technically more experienced in terms of years in the ring, they actually weigh up quite evenly considering John Cena has never had a break, except to heal injury.

  • John Cena has a fiery passion like no other superstar in the history of professional wrestling. He wants the torch that Hogan left to The Rock, and he will stop at nothing until he gets it. He has the total package on the microphone, in the ring and perhaps more important of all, in his heart – something that The Rock may or may not have anymore.

  • John Cena has been active in the current generation of the WWE. He has the experience of working with the younger talents and has therefore had to adapt his own style in order to survive. The Rock’s lengthy absence from the WWE means that he is still technically in the post-attitude WWE style. This could work in Cena’s favor and give him the edge he needs over “The Great One.”

Will The Rock and John Cena go down as the greatest WWE WrestleMania match of all time?

There are countless candidates for the greatest WrestleMania match of all time. Some of these include The Rock vs. Steve Austin at WrestleMania 17, Brock Lesnar vs. Kurt Angle at WrestleMania 19, The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 25, The Undertaker vs. Triple H at WrestleMania 27 and of course, The Rock vs. Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania 18. But, could The Rock vs. John Cena be greater than all of the WrestleMania matches it precedes? As far as the statistics, the hype, the build-up and the sheer brilliance of the two superstars involved – it really could.

Both The Rock and John Cena are two timeless athletes and they are both in truly phenomenal shape. This match has had a year-long build up and is still being built up as we speak. Both men have had a year to train and countless videos of both men training for the match over the past year have been released showcasing their flawless physical prowess. Nothing even has to be said for their mental prowess; both men are like two behemoths, two ravenous animals waiting to be un-caged and go at each other’s throats. If there is any candidate for the greatest WrestleMania match of the last ten years or indeed, in the entire near-three decade history of WrestleMania, The Rock vs. John Cena certainly has potential to be quite possibly the greatest match of all time.

With just under three months to wait, who will win when the flag bearers of two generations of professional wrestling clash at WrestleMania 28; will The Rock add another notch to his legacy or will John Cena claim the torch and lead the WWE into the future?

What is the greatest WWE WrestleMania match of all time?

Will this match be better than The Rock vs. Hulk Hogan?

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The Rock and John Cena took to the microphone one year ago to make their WrestleMania 28 epic official

Ten years ago at WrestleMania 18, The Rock battled Hulk Hogan in one of the greatest WrestleMania matches of all time. Will his match with John Cena at WrestleM


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Comments 167 comments

george morad 5 years ago

john cena def. the rock john cena beat the rock john cena beat the rock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luke 5 years ago

Cena will put down the rock.

Vinoth 5 years ago

The rock beat cena boots to asses..just bring it..its cookia

Jimmie 5 years ago

the rock will beat john cena at wm28

Matt 5 years ago

The best Wrestlemania featuring The Rock will now and forever be Wrestlemania 17, Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Rock.

wrestling god 5 years ago

well my dream match is stone cold vs hulk hogan vs john cena battle of the decades

Cen 5 years ago

Cena can bet d suck1

wwe fan 4ever 5 years ago

It doesn't matter Undertaker and HBK will still be the greatest match ever

Danish kaif 5 years ago

Cena will beat the rock.because everybody know cena.the rock or even other superstars can't beat cena.

dinesh 5 years ago

cena u r best.

ali 5 years ago

john cena win at wrestlemania 28

supertakis11 5 years ago

john cena will beat the rock because john cena is the best wrestler in the world and the biggest wwe champion

saimcheeda 5 years ago

HBK vs Undertaker was the biggest wrestlemania match before rock vs cena

Matthew 5 years ago

The rock has defeated icons that cena would never defeat so there is a possibility that the rock would win.

athomashub profile image

athomashub 5 years ago from United States

I believe this match will be better than Hogan and Rock. The simple fact that this match will be taking place in the Rock's hometown will add something extra to this match that Hogan/Rock didn't have. I don't see a 50-50 split in Miami.

Iftikhar 5 years ago

Cena will beat rock so badly

Nick 5 years ago

I think Cena will beat the Rock, I admit it It will be one of the best and possibly longest matches ever, but I think Cena will win because he has a good streak at Wrestlemania, he is 6-2, but he only lost at wm 27 because he got rock bottomed, and the Miz took the advantage. Plus he is fueled by the WWE Universe, which is why Cena will win, he will be the best ever he will carry the torch and defeat the Rock, still greatest match ever.

Karthik 5 years ago

Cena will win because the this year gone bad for him. He will beat rock ina great match...

vishnu 5 years ago

I think cena will beat the rock.Becuse the rock is old superstar.Cena is continue his carear.He is the superstar forever

mohammed abz 5 years ago

CENA because i think the similar thing will happen like when hoagan faced the rock and most people thought hoagan would win but the rock beat him and the way cena is booked to barely lose matches and they're not gonna risk making cena lose all of his credibility that he worked hard for by a guy who has been out of the wwe for 7years.

Shiv 5 years ago

'John cena' beat the rock badly & will win because he is the real supperstar wrestler, all kids love him, all people will come to see john cena in mania28 by taking a great hope.. 'JOHN CENA' will win...

VEDANT RAJPUT 5 years ago

THE GREAT JOHN CENA will beat the ROCK....................

shumail 5 years ago

i lovr you john cena

Nijam sheikh 5 years ago

john cena is a man who never lost heart .cena will deafit rock because cena is young belt he is better than rock

Nijam sheikh 5 years ago


karan 5 years ago

u r all guys wrong rock is always superstar forever and cena is kid u liszen this lines dad is always dad and cena is always son :) and i know rock is beating john cena very badly and know rock is win if u can smell wht the rock is cookien :) h eh ehe

5 years ago

I think The Rock will beat John Cena at this WrestleMania. The fact that The Rock said he would be in next year's WrestleMania makes it seem like WWE might make this into a Best of Three Matches. Now, I am only saying what I think, so don't take this as concrete facts. I've been hearing that because the torch was passed from Hogan to Rock, The Rock should do the same.

I agree with that to an extent. Yes, Rock should pass the torch to someone else. However, at this moment, I do not see that going to Cena. Cena may have been in the WWE for 7 years, but he is no longer the fan favorite. A majority of the people boo the hell out of him and cheer more for Punk. So if it's anyone The Rock should pass the torch to, it ought to be CM Punk.

It's not to say Cena is not deserving of such an honor, but Cena has become stale. He has headlined too many PPV events for far too long and become overexposed. His gimmick is just annoying now. He needs to evolve and become heel again. Not necessarily going back as the Doctor of Thuganomics, but something that's better than his military/hip-hop not even sure gimmick he's got going on.

Now, a lot of people say Cena should win it because he's been there ever since he debuted in 2002, and worked hard everyday. But keep in mind, so did The Rock when he first joined in 96 as Rocky Maivia. The Rock should not be blamed for abandoning the WWE. He should not be blamed at all. The Rock had done it all: Undisputed Champion, WWF/E Champion, WCW/World Champion, Intercontinental, and Tag Team Champion. 2000 Royal Rumble Winner.

When he was offered TV roles, and later movie roles, he took the opportunity to be successful in something else. Can't blame someone for wanting to have a less demanding job where you can get paid millions of dollars for filming 3-4 months at a time and avoid major injuries. Had he stayed in the WWE, he would have been more prone to injury as he would be performing night after night after night. Not to mention, he was only getting paid about $1 Million. All that training, traveling, and performing will begin to take a toll on anyone's body.

So if you were to compare the two job opportunities, which would you go for? I would go for Hollywood.

So The Rock winning at WM 28 in his hometown Miami, would be a treat to not only all the Rock's fans, but to all wrestling fans as well. Plus, it wouldn't make sense for The Rock to return only to lose at WrestleMania, especially in his hometown. Definitely would help boost ratings, and it would make Cena even hungrier to be the best. He would train himself harder, evolve his character, and possibly get the fans back on his side. Think about it. If Rock wins this one, Cena can get a rematch at next year's WrestleMania, and win in NY/NJ.

At least that's what I'm hoping happens at WrestleMania 28.

rocky 5 years ago

johncena u r rising anove hate

WWExperience 5 years ago

The Rock has beat Kurt Angle,Brock Lesnar,Undertaker,Stone Cold,Chris Jericho,Hulk Holgan,Chris Benoit, and many more.....John Cena will never have the talent that "The Rock" has and the only way he could win is if the PG-Era takes over.

nuur john cena 5 years ago

all guys dont worry about john cena will win always cena is the best in world i love mr cena my favorite my heart is cena never losest cena

daniel 5 years ago

jhon cena because his muscles looks more coller and the rock now has got tatoos cenas body is more clean

Aarsh Hekkad 5 years ago

Rock will win this match because he is the most electrified man in sports entartainment

manavjitsingh 5 years ago

I am live in India I am fan of john cena I am promise you john cena won this match the rock is loss and rock good wrestler but john cena is best in world

wwelover51015 5 years ago

team bring it will whoop cenanation

manavjitsingh 5 years ago

rock di bond pate

Mufaddal 5 years ago

Teambring it is stronger than Cenation. The rock whooooooops john cena Ass at WM28. Tonight Rocks Return 2 RAW. I will stop watching wrestling if the rock loose. Nd Btw The rock admit he will b at WM29 n electrify like never before which simply means if his gonna be on WM29 den WWE Will not plan him to loose...

Misfit 4 years ago

Unfortunately Cena will win if the WWE wants to really pass the torch to him. Cena is the current face of WWE. My prediction is Cena will do what Hogan did, but in reverse. He will have the "Immortal" match with the Rock and then later this year he will turn heel.

JAMES 4 years ago

John cena will win wrestle mania. Cena If you win you will defenately increasa your fans number..................

.........,,,,.....NEVER GIVE UP........,,,,,,,,,.......

Areeston 4 years ago

John Cena beat The Rock. This is John Cena time. The Rock go back to Hollywood and he is a moviestar. Not a full time wrestler. Cena is the NR1 in the wwe.

The Rock 4 years ago

The rock is cool, Cena is just entertaining kids, yelling (and I am not kidding):

"Fudge, baloney, mustard, this is just as bad as when my mom cancelled my world of warcraft subscription".

I mean, come on, someone has to turn a strudel sideways and stick it up his candy ass.

rock 4 years ago

powerful fineshing move

tweance 4 years ago

powerful fineshing move

rock will win

I like rock very much

good luck

beat john cena

I love you

Robin 4 years ago

Do you know who is de greatest sucker of all entartainment? Theeee rock and cena is the best bcz he has the best heart and the most hard working man ........remember he put kane into an ambulance

noah 4 years ago

i think its cena that's gonna win hellls to da ya

Devraj 4 years ago

I think john cena wil defect the (boots in assects) the rock

Mr. WWE 4 years ago

No mr.mufadalll you are wrong cen@tion is stronger than team bring it forzaaaa cena.

The one and only john cena 4 years ago

You are right mr wwe cenation is strong than team bring it let's go cena

Mr 18+ 4 years ago

John cena is the real people's champ bcs he cares people rocky johnson doesn't

Cristiano ronaldo 4 years ago

John cena is unstopable,undefeatable.he is the greatest professional wrestler of all time he has beat each and every wrestler that he faced you are right mr.18+ cena is the true pepl's champ nobody can beat him either rock , brock or kane,undertaker let's gooo cena let's gooo cenation

The better man 4 years ago

John cena is the best boots to asses? Is it cena's boots and rock's asses ohh...yeh tht's right ........... Love or hate you cannot defeat when cena is in the ring .U CAN'T C ME

Smart wrestling fan 4 years ago

I don't think cena is the best.bcz he is the best of the bests

Marcos 4 years ago

John cena is the king of wrestling the rock is like an insect to him john kill this insect

Marcos 4 years ago

The rock ,The great 1?the great jealous insect, who doesn't want to lose popularity to cena in wwe.try to be a good hearted man like cena,rocky.

The great white 4 years ago

Friends plz rank those wrlestlers hulk hogan,bret hart,hbk,stone cold,the rock,undertaker,hhh,john cena,batista and randy orton

Marcos 4 years ago

1-john cena 2-hbk 3-stone cold 4-the rock 5-bret hart 6-the undertaker 7-hulk hogan 8-hhh 9-the viper 10-batista(cm punk or kurt angle would be better)

The great one? 4 years ago

I'm the rock and the great jealous one,of cena

The rated R superstar 4 years ago

I would be very happy to see those matches at WM 28 1-john cena vs the rock 2-undertaker vs hhh(ref.hbk) 3-cm punk vs chris jericho(wwe champ) 4-randy orton vs sheamus(heavyweight champ) 5-big show vs mark henry vs masked kane(triple threat) 6-cody rhodes vs booker t vs daniel bryayan(triple threat intercontinental champ) 7-619 vs sin cara 8-del rio vs miz vs ziggler................and may be laurinaitos,otunga and m cole vs ryder,jerry lawler and teddy long number 10-brocl lesnar vs batista

What??? 4 years ago

Who is the rock in wwe?

What??? 4 years ago

Rock can't beat cena without cheating 4 years ago

hello sir how are you yes I hope that john cena win at wrestle maina over rock and hope shaums defted danniel byran

Maleesha 4 years ago

Rock u r the best.

Maleesha 4 years ago

Rock u can beat that are the best wrestler.

'let's go rock'

'cena suckssss'

wish you old the best 'dwayn the rock johonson'


Cena never give up

but u will giveup to the rock bottom.can u dig that cena suckerrr!!!i love u rock .let's go rock let's go rock.

Cena Mother f__ker.

Msa 4 years ago

Cena u and rock are the best wrestlers.(not including undertaker ,hbk,hhh,dave,)best of luck both of u.



Dj Saminda 4 years ago

Rock can beat cena.cena can beat of luck both of you.

Maleesha 4 years ago

Cena you cant beat rock.

But You are cenation,you are the real people's champ not are the best wwe champion not rock,you are the submision leader not rock.but rock is the great one not u.but cena is the champion also rock is the champion.cena has fu,rock has rock bottom.cena has stf rock has sharpshooter,rock has peoples elbow cena has 5 knukle shuffle.rock won the wwe ,wcw(world heavywehit) ,tagteam,intercotiantal .cena won wwe,wcw.tagteam ,us.what is the different of both of of luck to cena and speacially rock.

Maleesha 4 years ago

Cena you cant beat rock.

But You are cenation,you are the real people's champ not are the best wwe champion not rock,you are the submision leader not rock.but rock is the great one not u.but cena is the champion also rock is the champion.cena has fu,rock has rock bottom.cena has stf rock has sharpshooter,rock has peoples elbow cena has 5 knukle shuffle.rock won the wwe ,wcw(world heavywehit) ,tagteam,intercotiantal .cena won wwe,wcw.tagteam ,us.what is the different of both of of luck to cena and speacially rock.

The game 4 years ago

I don't think anyone in wwe/f can beat cena in the ring or anywhere in a match.but in movie rock as a wrestler cena is the best.let's go cena and let's go cenation.

People 4 years ago

Cena ever never cant beat rock.ever! Because rock is the great one.

Let's go rock

cena suck 4 ever

cherry 4 years ago

john cena beats the wrestile mania 28

The real rock 4 years ago

We hate you dwyane.bcz dwayne johnson and the rock are suck...........cena rocks.....

The cock(rock) 4 years ago

Cena destroy me!bcz i'm the most annoying and jealous sucker in all entertainment,you are not!i'm the great loser one,you are team will bring all the eyes to see how i suck.can you smell what the rock is sucking?

Best in the world 4 years ago

John u r da best!who said 18+ guys don't like u.we love u!bcz u r da face of wwe and mn raw.u r a great wrestler.we always will support u.kick that sucker's ass at wm28.who is not loyal does not show respect either.let's go cena..................

Cena sucks 4 years ago

Cena suck 4 ever.

bcz cena is a loser.he lose undertaker,hhh,batista,y2j,rko,edge,kane ....... He is the world famous loser that's y cena is loser.rock is the great one!can u di g that sucker!

The chosen one 4 years ago

Yeah!it is going to be the greatest match of all time.two very similar wrestlers.their similarities and disimilarities 1.both are match winners. 2.rock is an undefeatable wrstlr where cena is the most undefeatable wrestler. 3.cena is 1 of the best talkers rock is the best talkers. 4.rock is the best actor cena is an actor. 5.both are popular.(actually cena is more than rock popular in asia and as a wrestler europe) 6.both have nice moves(cena haters does not think so) 7.both are powerfull(obviously cena is more powerfull) 8.rock may be an honest wrestler but cena is the honestest wrstlr. 9.rock is more popular inside the stadium.(bcz he is an actor and senior wrstlr) 10.both are my favourites 11.both are stylis but cena is more bcz he has own style 12.both are champs 13.cena cares his fans rock does not 14.rock dominates more the match cena does little. 15.rock is hot but cena is more hot. So i think they have qualities that no one had and i'm not sure if any one will it is gone be the greatest match of all time.but if talk about possibilities yes it will be held in rock's hometown but cena is the favourite bcz he is more hard working wrestler of all time

Maleesha 4 years ago

rock give u a rock bottom at wm28. john cena u r good wrestler (not including rock,hhh,taker,hbk,hogan,3:16,cm punk) rock win wreslmenia 28 bcz rock he is the MOST ELECTRIFYING MAN IN THE SPORTS ENTERTAITMENT also he is the peoples champ,the brahma bull..the great one he is the 2 TIME WCW ,7 TIME WWE CHAMPION.2 TIME INTERCONTINAl CHAMPION 5 TIME WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPION,ROYAL RUMBLE WINNER IN 2000 AND TRIPLE CROWN CHAMPION. THAT'S Y ROCK BEAT CENA AT wrestlmenia.cena u r not sucks.u r good wrestler but rock better than smart of luck dwayn 'the rock' johonson.

The chosen one 4 years ago

Correction no.5-cena is more popular as a wrestler both in asia and europe.i know bcz i went europe and lived some yrs and now i live in asia

Wwe 4 years ago

Rock is the best not cena .rock famous than cena.give me a hell ya

NOA 4 years ago

The power is back at wrestlmenia!28!!!!!!!!

Great 1ne 4 years ago

'Rock has come back to home'and kick cenas ass

Mr. President 4 years ago

No, cena is the best nd he wil kick rock's ass.bcz he is the champ!

Mr president father 4 years ago

No.rock come and kick cenas but.behold the rock

Mr grandfather 4 years ago

Rock u r de most sucker in all entertainment.cena plz get yr boots to his asses.the champ is here

Cm punk 4 years ago

Cena ,rock you both are both can't punk is the best in the world.

Mr. Grandfather 4 years ago

New suckers ranking has been published punk 2.the rock 3.the miz 4.del rio 5.ziggler

The biggest fan 4 years ago

Ha!ha!ha!ha!60% of 318 people have chosen john think about it and say who is the real people's champ.easy answer john cena

Cen@tion 4 years ago

Not 318.319 including me.i like the chosen one's comment that cena is more popular in asia and europe.bcz we have lots members of the champ has also become a the people's champ

My time is now 4 years ago

Yes the champ is back.rock go and suck ur.............bcz cena will kick ur ass at wm28.let's go john your time is.......

We love wrestling 4 years ago

Rock u r a liar.we hate u and we hate ur movies

Hulk hogan 4 years ago

I like you dwayne "the rock" johnson bcz u r a good wrstlr but i love john cena bcs he is the best i'm sorry rocky.i had to vote for cena.wish u good luck rock for wm careful don't escape try to be a better man

Ac milan 4 years ago

I think champ will beat the great one at wm 28

Grand fathers father 4 years ago


Rock! I like both of u

but Now

U BOTH SUCKERRSSS!Specially cena!

Sucker is there

just bring it cena sucker.


Power is back

Steven 4 years ago

Rock farster than cena rock is the famus wrestler.

The decider 4 years ago

Rock debuted in 1996 and a regula actor that's why he is famous.he thinks he is great it's sucking thinking.he sucks cena is the best...

Stone cold 4 years ago

Cena will beat the rock

Super mario 4 years ago

John plz kick that sucker's ass.rock if u want some come get some

The biggest fan of john cena 4 years ago

Ahhhhhhh............!!!FINALLY.........FINALLY..CENA has become the PEOPLE'S CHAMP! I knew that he is the most POPULAR wrestler in the world.........the CHAMP IS HERE........U CAN C ALL

the great one1 4 years ago

cena is the sucker than miz ever never beat the greatest wrestler of all ENTERTAITMENT long live the king ling the dwayn the rock johonson

if u wont some

come get the rock bottom

rock i know you can kickk that A**hole,jerk,sewalaya

WRESTLEMANIA 28 4 years ago

John CENA will beat THE GREAT SUCKER At wm 28.bcz,in WWE there is ONE AND ONLY JOHN CENA

Rocky 4 years ago

Let's go ROCK............let's go both r CHAMP...and GREAT.....

nikhil tammy 4 years ago

rock you are the hero go and win the match in wrestle mania28 ilove you

R Ahmed 4 years ago

JOHN CENA u r the best...kick that ROCK'S ass......bcz u r d best.........we all love u JOHN.......u r d only reason why we watch WWE..........

Mr. Khan 4 years ago

John cena u r u,hopefully you will beat

Joooooooohhhnnnn ceeeeeeeenaaaaaa 4 years ago

Rock u suck.d champ will c u at wm 28.IF YOU WAAANT SOME COME GEEET SOME...............

Rakib 4 years ago

John cena will defeat the rock

Angelina 4 years ago

I think THE ROCK vs JOHN CENA will be d greatest of ALL time.CENA will win this match.he is the HOTTEST guy i have ever seen...........he will win not bcz he is hot but he is the most hard working man and surely better than THE ROCK.......................

The hacker 4 years ago

Am a Great fan of the Rock but wat I think abt wrestlemania match is that it will be john cena who will be leaving the ring crying after rock delivers the rock bottom and peoples to asses..........the real king the rock bring it man....and to all john cena fans don't watch the match u will surely feel bad..........;)

Smart people 4 years ago

How funny!the most losing man in all entertainment will beat the champ?ohhh..if it happens then horswogle can beat 619.we will c cena kicking that loser's ass.john cena knows dt he is bettes than the rock but cena will face the rock bcz he never backs down from any challenge

Wrestlemania 4 years ago

JOHN CENA u r the real ppl's CHAMP................. that's right he will face THE ROCK bcz he never back's down from any challenge........he is d best CHAMP ever...................ROCK u can't c nd smell JOHN CENA,bcz u r de most blind man in all ENTERTAINMENT................ ROCK ,JOHN CENA will change ur bad attitute by giving u an ATTITUTE ADJUSTMENT........ The ROCK and TEAM BRING IT love or hate u can not defeat when THE CHAMP IS HERE ... ... ... ROCK , IF YOU WANT SOME COME GET SOME...................... JOHN CENA IS THE real GREAT ONE bcz he shows HUSTLE,LOYALTY,RESPECT.....................we CENATION will NEVER GIVE UP John CENA...................................CENA beat THE ROCK as u beat batista,hhh,cm punk,shawn micheal, big show,randy orton,mark henry,masked kane,chris jericho,jbl,edge,sheamus,NEXUS,619,miz and riley in an I QUIT match

Ismail 4 years ago

Cena will break the rock because rock he is old wrestler and now he can't endure anything that he done before while the john cena now he is best super star and now he can the all wrestlers. and if there is some one who contaplate call me at 08184833661

THE ROCK 4 years ago


ryurain 4 years ago

rock teach cena a few lesson.never look down at senior wwe!!!go him the ultimate powerful smackdown.

rock002 4 years ago


ROCK002 4 years ago


Shahzad 4 years ago

Rock is best then Cena and all others in current scenario.

Cena cant beat The Rock.

We love Rock and Cena also.

vivek kumar 4 years ago



John cena 4 years ago

Let's go CENA.......

gurjeet singh 4 years ago

john cena will beat the rock easily wothou any difficulty. because he(cena) has great personalty,power than the rock.

DAN MAN 4 years ago

Expecting an epic match between these two though I know it wouldn't be as big as Hogan vs Rock at WMX8

HD Writers


riya 4 years ago

you are best john cena you are very handsome.and the rock also

Great one 4 years ago

Phoo!cena is loser.the game give him a slaghammer shot to his head!and also give a pedigree. Cena is done by hhh.then randy orton give him a r.k.o.r.k.o on the announce table.cena not leave by his power.he was done by randy orton,the animal batista give him a powerbomb that loser is brock his neck.cena done with batista.y2j give him 12 chair shots.cena done by y2j.kane stuck his breath and give him a chockslam.cena done by kane.undertaker give him a last ride and pin him.cena done by american badass .edge give him a spear 2 times .sucker don by edge.the miz give that sucker skull crushing finalle and he was done by the miz.the big show threw him to a spot light he was done by the big show.then the great one the rock give him a rockbottom at wm27.also cena lost the wm27.that's y cena is loser.!


Barcelona 4 years ago

We r da best.nd we like bests.just like cena.JOHN CENA is the best of all time,that's why he will win at wm 28

The winner 4 years ago

John cena will win

jestiN 4 years ago


RISHABH 4 years ago


RISHABH 4 years ago


Robin 4 years ago

That's right....................THE ROCK is scared of JOHN CENA....only bcz JOHN CENA is better than that,LET's GO CENA....................ROCKY SUCKS.....................ROCK U CAN'T C THE CHAMP.....

The great 1 @nd biggest fan of rock 4 years ago

Rock your concert is so wonderful.this is rply for that.


i like the rock dwayn champ

his real name was peoples champ.

That's y i always like that champ

..........LETS GO ROCk

........lets go rock

cena loser not a peoples champ

he was kicked by triple h at

no mercy at 2009

.......CENA SUCKS.....

.......CENA SUCKS.....

Cena doesn has any males parts.

cena already has a

ladies parts

.........CENA SUCKS.....

.........CENA SUCKS.....

Some peoples are cenas fans.

Ever never they can be a cena fans

they are already cenas fans

.......CENA SUCKS......

.......CENA SUCKS......

April 1 st will not be a cenas night

rock will kick the cenas ass

...........CENAS SUCKS

......CENA SUCK.....

CJ 4 years ago

I am a Rock fan, first and foremost, but I'm saying that Cena will win because it will be better for WWE's business. It makes more sense to have the man that's the face of the company win, than one who is only there part time.

Cena sucks.cena sucks.'MOLLY' 4 years ago

The rock is come back home.

AND KICK CENAS ASS.cena is lier.he has a girl friend.he didn't tell us.rock not a lier.rock is brave wrestler in wwe.





Cenation 4 years ago

This is a dream match.I never thought if The Rock will ever wrestle again specially agains CENA.This match is not only between CENA and Rock,it's between their fans as well and I am biggest fan of CENA.If CENA will win it will be my greatest moment of wwe.Go CENA go we love sooo much......

Cenation 4 years ago

I hate those people who hates CENA.Come guys if you follow wrestling then you shouldn't do this.Cena is a man who takes lot's of beating never gives up,do you remember his matches against Randy,JBL,Khali,Batista and many more and he does's tell people to like him or not like,he allows them to chant what ever they want to.

Cenation 4 years ago

To those people who says wrestling is fake.I know that it's matches are fixed but the beating that Wrestlers takes is real.It's good that it is not totally really because if it would have real wrestling people would not have been able to see this kind of very exciting matches,moments and moves and it would have been illegal so it's good that it's not real.So what movies are also un real so as some other shows but we still watch it for fun and there isn't more fun then wrestling.I Love WWE,I hope that it keeps on moving for many many years.

Cenation 4 years ago

Why wouldn't people like CENA as he is very passionate wrestler.The man who takes Loy of beating and never gives up.Who has brought difference and fun to wwe with his some great new type of entrances and belts.CENA is not only a great wrestler but he is also a great human being who has donated the needy ones and children.Why wouldn't you hate CENA?CENA I LOVE YOU!

Cenation 4 years ago

Why wouldn't people like CENA as he is very passionate wrestler.The man who takes Loy of beating and never gives up.Who has brought difference and fun to wwe with his some great new type of entrances and belts.CENA is not only a great wrestler but he is also a great human being who has donated the needy ones and children.Why wouldn't you hate CENA?CENA I LOVE YOU!

CENATION 4 years ago

To Cena his fan:Ignore those stupid people who don't known anything about CENA what a great wrestler you are and chant CENA sucks.CENA fight for your fans who will always support.CENA WE LOVE YOU!

CENATION 4 years ago

This match will a long match with

Lot's of finishers and signature moves and anyone can win.CENA is my no.1 wrestler and the rock is my second favourite and I want my no.1 to stay no.1.CENA CENA CENA

Cenation 4 years ago



ANNIE 4 years ago


john 123 4 years ago

cena will beat rock than batesta will make his retern when cena leaves for some time but i hope cena beats rock

God of wwe 4 years ago


ashish 4 years ago

i am with john cena rock listen carefully! after april 1 you will making no movies because you will have surgery on your face just like on your boobbies rock sucks rock sucks every body is saying correct you dont have the power to beat him best of luck for cena

susan 4 years ago

wrestlemania biggest match of history rock vs jhoncena i think that thiS MATCH WON BY MY FAVOURITE JHONCENA

The PHENOM 4 years ago


Bobby 4 years ago

Rock v Hogan. will still be better than Rock v. Cena, I hope this is the turn point for the WWE that it can get back into entertaining part of it. Theres not much competition(I may not like cenas character but he is one of the best left) besides Cena fueding with RKO who else can be a true fued right now? Tag Team division..Do they have one? could have fooled me. Basically I am hoping this will bring back the good days. (i dont like pg because it serverly limits the matches with "Blood" mostly you cant see how much they truly sacrifice)

mark 4 years ago

go john cena

disha tasgaonkar 4 years ago

The match between cena n rock will go down in the WWE history as one of the greatest matches of all time ... It's not just a match bt clashing of generations needs to b nip n tuck just as the Undertaker n HHH last year ... Cena wil definitely beat d rock n further solidify his legend .... Cz it's pointless if d rock wins cz v all knw he wnt b sticking around ...Dis tym d ball wud b in cena court ... D anticipation for dis is higher dan ever .......

Musa Jutt profile image

Musa Jutt 4 years ago

samson 4 years ago

john cine will win the rock.he will kick the rocks ass of

Never give up cenation 4 years ago

Cena just win it

lol 4 years ago

the knows that he will be the winner or he didn't returned to the wwe

john 4 years ago

I think that john cena is going to win

Rahul 4 years ago

John cena is the Best..............

Unaib 4 years ago

Cena will win.

Cena is best in the world.

Cena will give the rock a lesson.

cena fan 4 years ago

cenawill not lose against the looser called the soft rock

Felipe 4 years ago

a Luta foi ontem seu burro.

Shrikant 4 years ago

John cena beat the rock ...john very very strong

Musa Jutt profile image

Musa Jutt 4 years ago

Watch here Highlights of Wrestlemania 28...

Kapil hunter 4 years ago

Jhon cena wins because the champ his hereeeeee.

Yahiadonia 4 years ago

Althogh cena is a very very strong wrestrer but he will lose from th rock

Yahiadonia 4 years ago

Althogh cena is a very very strong wrestrer but he will lose from th rock

angel 4 years ago


Jana Joy 4 years ago

The one n only wrestlemania super star will stay as the rock. The team will bring it by defeat the cenation...

Jana Joy 4 years ago

Save ur respect... John . It sure u will lose.. Run away...

Bikash shrestha 4 years ago

The Rock will kick the cenas ass with his lovely boots...

بيلات 4 years ago


ashu 3 years ago

jhon ciena only you will in wrestle mania between rock if u will work hard u will dream big

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