Sexual discrimination has been an ongoing debate for both men and women. Men would say that they can indeed overrule women and women ofcourse, on the other hand would say that men are such chauvinist pigs(oooppppsss....sorry), would try to outshine men by doing same thing guys love doing, just to be able to prove that WOMEN CAN DO WHAT MEN DOES!

What is discrimination anyway? According to disctionaries, it is an UNFAIR treatment of a person or group on the basis of prejudice. It occurs when a person is being treated less favourably because of race, age, sex or religion. It can either be positive or negative, but it's negative on most cases. It may be a belief that has been instilled on our minds, or practice that we have been so used to.

I'm not writing this hub to oppose men nor to agree with women. I am not writing this hub just to be able to submit something for the weekly hub mob's topic. I am not writing this hub just to increase my hub scores nor to have another possibilty of generating income thru GOOGLE ADSENSE. Ofcourse, the latter may somehow be part of the reason, but this is just a keen observation on how big sexual discrimination is in sports, EVEN IN GOLF.

The question of whether or not to allow women to play golf has been going on for a while now. Ninety percent of golfers are men, the other ten percent ofcourse are women (don't know though if there are lesbians included on the population-haven't gone to researching that far yet,lol). What I know is that the famous best golfers in the world consists of men- the likes of Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, etc. Golf tournament before were even opened strictly for MEN ONLY. This has all changed when in 2003, a lady named Annika Sorenstam arrived for the qualifying round at a professional golf tournament held in Texas. This has ended the discrimination, or so I thought...

Ladies can play golf too!
Ladies can play golf too!
Oregon's Golf Course
Oregon's Golf Course


If I am to base it with history, I would say that women really came a long way. Again, I am NOT saying it because I am a woman. It's how you would also assess it if you'll check what the role of woman was and how it has evolved over the years. In Greece during the ancient times, for example, women are not allowed to play any sports at all. They were not even allowed to participate to any Olympic games which I believe all of us are familiar with. They were even prohibited to at least watch Olympics, they would be persecuted.

Even on some western countries, women are being steriotyped, having this perception that women are only good with household chores and how to make their men happy. So, even they were allowed to participate in some sports tournament, they were not taken seriously, having this belief that they don't stand a chance anyway. For men, women would always be regarded as inferior and weak... Someone who can't even throw the ball properly...Someone who just knows how to cook and a know-how on hair styles and fashion.

To prove the never-ending prejudice about women golfers, there was even a time that golf membership was exclusive just for men. Augusta National Golf Club, a renowned club for professional golfers only allowed lady golfers just on 2003 when the National Women's Organization council pleaded to all the feminists in the world to join them protest not being pemited to even watch a golf tournament.

Over the years of being dominated by the thought that women would always take the back seat being men as drivers (no pun intended here), this was put into legal action to put a stop on the endless saga of female soceity trying to match the pace of these male specimen, if not to outdo them. Women are asking is to have equality in sports and everything else. This started provoking women to have a battle of the sexes to prove that women can also excel in sports, similar to what guys can do.

This being said, arguments have been published here and there. Jokes about DUMB JOCKS and BRAINLESS BLONDES spreaded across all parts of the world. Question still remained unanswered...who's better?? MEN OR WOMEN?

the golf set- essential stuff for golf lovers
the golf set- essential stuff for golf lovers


Honestly, I really don't understand why men or women have to compete with one another specially in golf, wherein you just need to master your gripping skills, how to hit and shoot those golf balls in the holes, style on swinging your golf clubs and footage.  Well, ofcourse, I can be wrong.  This is just how I see it.  I'll say it's easy because I don't know how to play it.  Well, A lot of women don't know anything about golf, perhaps afraid to be ridculed by these bigots.  But come to think of it, even if we're talking abount difficult sports like football or baseball, it will still boil down to one thing...BATTLE OF THE SEXES...Who will win? 

I'm not really a sports fan, but I see golf as one of the elegant sports that we can hook ourselves into.  In the Philippines, Golf is predominantly being played by the influential people, the ellite classes.  It's like a should know how to play golf or you're just a typical Filipino...(That alone is already a discrimination, right?) Ofcourse, same as golfers around the world, this classic sports is also being dominated by the male species. Since they believe it's just them and only them can play it well.   

Now, protests against men's private golf club membership is still a remorseless issue. Golf is once categorized as a relaxing sports, it's supposed to be for fun, but men and women are still trying to have a neck to neck competition... once just fot an ominous rivalry...AND I STILL DON'T GET IT! 

This is just a game for pete's sake.  It's not a mater of life and death if you loose.  You can always play another game and try your luck the next time.  We should run egalitarianism in our bloods.  there shouldn't be anyone superior against the other.  We have diverse personalities.  If the girl can play golf or basketball, why not just think that men can make a perfect quilt or can be a make up artist? It's a matter of  where you can do extremely well, how you can carry yourself,  and best of all, where your heart is. And if that will definitely not make you less as a person. 

For you, it may sound like an answer to a beauty pageant question (Well, I can't help myself).  My final say here?  If men will continue to discourage women in golf and women will look for feminists to start an anti-racism campaign, that won't get anywhere at all.  Again, I'm not in favor of anyone.  Just seeing all those news about sexisms and chauvinisms never seems to amaze me.

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feme golfer 6 years ago

You write, "If I am to base it with history, I would say that women really came a long way." Not long enough. There is still much work to do. There are many efforts to change the very practices that keep golf from maintaining its popularity. Every day more women pick up the game of golf than men, but every day far more drop the sport due to tis arcane practices against women. For more information and other views on golf discrimination visit Country Club Discrimination at

for you 5 years ago

good job

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