Tottenham Hotspur F.C

Official Name: Tottenham Hotspur F.C.

Chairman: Daniel Levy

Secretary: John Alexander

Press Officer: Philip Dorward

Coach: Martin Jol

Address: Bill Nicholson Way, 748 High Road, Tottenham, London, N17 0AP, England

Telephone: (+44) (0)844 499 5000

Fax: (+44) (0)870 420 5001

Uniform: white

Alternative uniform: navy blue

UEFA Cup winner: 1972, 1984

European Cup Winners' Cup winner: 1963 

Anglo-Italian League Cup winner: 1972 

FA Cup winner: 1901, 1921, 1961, 1962, 1967, 1981, 1982, 1991 

Football League Cup winner: 1971, 1973, 1999 

FA Community Shield winner: 1921, 1952, 1962, 1963, 1968, 1982, 1992 

Division One winner: 1951, 1961 

Division Two winner: 1920, 1950 

Southern League winner: 1900 

Western League winner: 1904 

Football League North and South winner: 1944, 1945 

Kirin Cup winner: 1979

Peace Cup winner: 2005 

Vodacom Challenge winner: 2007 

1882: Foundation of Hotspur Football Club by grammar school students. Probably named after a local of the 14th century, Sir Harry Hotspur, Later new name: Tottenham Hotspur to distinguish from other another team called London Hotspur, Uniform: navy blue, First home ground: River Lee marshes

1888: New home ground: NorthumberlandPark

1895: December: Club turns professional

1896: Admitted to Southern League, Crowds: around 15 000 

1898: New president: Charles Roberts, New manager: Frank Brettell, New home ground: NorthumberlandPark

1899: New manager: John Cameron, New Stadium: High Road, later new name of ground: White Hart Lane (after local thoroughfare) 

1900: Southern League winner

1901: FA Cup winner

1901: FA Cup winner

1904: Western League winner

1905: New Stadium: White Hart Lane (still Tottenham Hotspurs stadium)

1907: New manager: Fred Kirkham

1908: New manager: Arthur Turner, Admission to Division Two

1909: Promoted to Division One

1912: New manager: Peter McWilliams

1913: New manager: Peter McWilliam

1915: Football suspended

1919: Relegated to Second Division (ended pre-suspension season(1914-1915) at bottom of league. Football Association expanded number of teams from 20 to 22; electing Division Two 5th place Arsenal in place of Tottenham, causing a still present rivalry among the two clubs)

1920: Division Two winner, Promoted to Division One

1921: FA Cup winner, FA Community Shield winner

1927: New manager: Billy Minter

1928: Relegated to Division Two

1930: New manager: Percy Smith

1935: New manager: Wally Hardinge, later new manager: Jack Tresadern

1938: New manager: Peter McWilliams

1942: New manager: Arthur Turner

1944: Football League North and South winner

1945: Football League North and South winner

1946: New manager: Joe Hulme

1949: New manager: Arthur Rowe

1950: Division Two winner

1951: Promoted to Divison One, Division One winner

1952: FA Community Shield winner

1955: New manager: Jimmy Anderson

1958: New manager: Billy Nicholson

1961: FA Cup winner, Division One winner

1962: FA Cup winner, FA Community Shield winner

1963: European Cup Winners' Cup winner, FA Community Shield winner

1967: FA Cup winner

1968: FA Community Shield winner

1971: Football League Cup winner

1972: UEFA Cup winner, Anglo-Italian League Cup winner

1973: Football League Cup winner

1976: New manager: Keith Burkinshaw

1974: New manager: Terry Neill

1977: Relegated to Division Two

1978: Promoted to Division One

1979: Kirin Cup winner

1981: FA Cup winner

1982: FA Cup winner, FA Community Shield winner

1984: New manager: Peter Shreeves, UEFA Cup winner

1986: New manager: David Pleat

1987: New manager: Trevor Hartley, Doug Livermore, later new manager: Terry Venables

1991: New manager: Peter Shreeves, FA Cup winner

1992: New manager: Doug Livermore, Ray Clemence, FA Community Shield winner

1993: New manager: Osvaldo Ardiles

1994: New manager: Steve Perryman, later New manager: Gerry Francis

1997: New manager: Chris Hughton, later New manager: Christian Gross

1998: New manager: David Pleat, later New manager: George Graham

1999: Football League Cup winner

2001: New manager: David Pleat, later New manager: Glenn Hoddle

2003: New manager: David Pleat

2004: New manager: Jacques Santini, later New manager: Martin Jol

2005: Peace Cup winner

2006: New Uniform: blue shoulders removed and away short from cyan to navy and alternate kit from yellow to chocolate brown and for European games all white uniform

2007: Vodacom Challenge winner

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