Vibram Five Finger Shoes Review

The Five Finger Vibram Review

Find out what all the excitement is about - check out what people have to say about Vibram shoes in a five finger Vibram review! The first thing you'll discover when you check out the online reviews is that regular people love Vibram shoes.

Professional athletes love them too, and so do those who are working on correcting foot problems and troubles with walking and running correctly. People who love to go barefoot, which is a very healthy habit, love Vibrams. They protect the foot, and work wonders for those who can't stand having their toes crammed into tight shoes.

Another well-noted comment about Vibram shoes is that they help the wearer to walk and run correctly. The shoes produce a correct foot plant, not one that’s to the side, or too heavy on the heel. The body learns to move correctly, which solves many problems with both feet and legs.

Other five finger Vibram review comments include thoughts about how the thin, yet durable rubber sole makes it possible to feel the earth under the lucky wearer's feet. And for those who love to be barefoot, but need protection when running or hiking, these are ideal.

Improved posture, better grip and stances during a yoga workout, a new “spring” in the step, and superior comfort round out the list of comments and compliments made regarding Vibram shoes. With this list of positive traits and characteristics, you'd be crazy not to check them out!

The New Vibram Fingers Shoe Is the Best Choice for Running and Fitness

Do you want to improve your fitness and strength? Do you want to increase your range of motion, balance and agility? You can do this with the new Vibram fingers shoe. The Vibram shoe is fairly new on the market and has gained a huge and dedicated following of athletes who wear it for running, fitness training, yoga, climbing, water sports, hiking and more. 

The benefits of its innovative design include a sole that’s much thinner and more lightweight than that of traditional athletic shoes. This is wonderful because your movements become more natural, and you develop a better step.

From those who wear the new Vibram Fingers shoe, you'll hear a range of positive comments about the design. This shoe is like wearing a second skin, and while it offers full protection for the foot, it also allows the foot to move fully, strengthening foot muscles, increasing balance, and improving posture as well. 

From those who see the shoe, you'll hear lots of comments and questions about its design. The shoe has toes in it - just like toe socks, but better. And your whole foot is surrounded by the lightweight material that the shoe is composed of. The foot is hugged. It's like being barefoot. 

New products come and go, as do styles of fitness shoes. But the Vibram is here to stay. This innovation is one that will be used and appreciated by fitness buffs and athletes for years to come. Its breakthrough design is quite possibly the best one for getting the most comprehensive fitness and running experience possible. 

The Fivefingers Vibram Shoe Is Groundbreaking

Anyone who has participated in hiking, jogging, running, climbing and other forms of exercise knows that the standard athletic shoes used for such ventures often leave a bit to be desired. Standard shoes are heavy, can be constricting or loose in places, and sometimes can be more of a pain than a fitness asset. That's why the fivefingers Vibram shoe is so revolutionary. 

Vibram shoes are extremely lightweight, made with thin materials. They're so light in fact, that people who wear them often comment that it's like going barefoot. This featherweight shoe makes your fitness endeavors easier and more effective. Movements become more natural, as if you really are going barefoot. That's better no matter what you're doing. 

The human body was created to walk and run naturally, and this is the closest thing you can get to that without leaving your feet fully exposed to the elements by wearing nothing on them. This might sound quite weird and even a bit dangerous. 

After all, if the shoe is that light, how can it protect your feet? That's a good question. But your feet are fully protected on the bottom by a patented rubber sole that provides excellent grip, traction and feeling - and on the top by strong, tear-resistant fabrics and materials. 

Finally, the fivefingers Vibram shoes has toes. Each of your toes fits snugly into its own space. This helps improve your balance and agility by leaps and bounds. It's an odd-looking shoe, but it's also a groundbreaking shoe that helps make every movement more natural, healthy and strong.

Vibram Five Running Shoes Are the Hottest Trend in Running

Everyone knows that running is an excellent way to get in shape. It's great for your heart, and does wonders for your body. Up until now, traditional running shoes are the only thing we've had to choose from for foot protection, support and comfort. But now, Vibram Five running shoes are changing all of the old ideas about what to wear on your feet for the best running experience. 

If you're a seasoned runner, you've probably already heard of these odd-looking shoes. Even running newbies are curious about them. They might look weird, but they offer a more physically correct way of running. 

These shoes look a whole lot more like socks with toes than your typical running shoes. They’re thin and lightweight, and actually mimic the barefoot running experience, while still offering your foot plenty of protection with a rugged and durable sole. Running “barefoot” in your Vibram Five running shoes will help to improve your agility, balance and foot and calf strength.  

Runners the world over are getting in on the Vibram trend, all finding that when running in these exceptionally engineered shoes, they have a more natural and comfortable stride and foot plant, and that muscles that are not exercised properly when wearing regular running shoes get a real workout with Vibram footwear. 

Odd looking? Yes. Excellent for creating a better running workout? You bet!

Try Vibram 5 Fingers Footwear for the Best Workout of Your Life

Trends come and go, but Vibram 5 fingers footwear is much more than a passing trend. Here's why: the completely different design of these shoes mimics going barefoot, and barefoot is the healthiest way for your feet to be. 

When you're barefoot, your feet, legs, and body move in a more natural manner. They move as they were meant to, meaning that everything you do, whether it's walking, yoga, strength training, running, jogging, or standing in the kitchen cooking dinner, is done in way that is healthier for your body. 

In the case of exercise, Vibram 5 fingers footwear can't be matched by the typical athletic shoes that you're probably used to wearing. Vibram shoes fit your feet perfectly and allow for proper toe spread. They protect your feet with quality materials, but they aren't the thick, heavy shoes that make your steps and movements plodding. Vibrams help you learn how to move correctly. They allow your body to use its own natural shock absorbing mechanisms, like the arch in your foot. 

As you wear your Vibram footwear for workouts, you'll notice that your overall agility and balance improves, as does your posture and natural stance and range of motion. As these qualities are boosted, your overall level of fitness and the ability to increase fitness will improve.  

People who run, jog, walk, do yoga, climb, hike, and participate in any number of other fitness regimens have found that simply by wearing Vibram shoes, their workouts are more effective and produce better results. It's not really possible to workout barefoot in every case, but you can do the next best thing with Vibram shoes. 

Vibram Five Fingers Shoes Make Casual Day at Work More Fun

Have you seen the new Vibram Five Fingers shoes yet? They're decidedly different and people are flocking to them for the benefits of a better foot plant when walking or running, better agility, balance, posture, toe spread, comfort, foot strength and other great perks. 

Here's one of the best things about Vibram footwear: they’re so comfortable that you'll want to wear them every day - not just when you're working out, but for everyday wear. They’re the next best thing to going barefoot, which is the healthiest condition for your feet. 

People are wearing Vibrams around the house, for walking the dog, for shopping, commuting and to work. Wouldn't it be great to wear your Vibram five finger shoes for casual day at work? These would be perfect with a pair of jeans or comfortable khakis, and you'll have the extra bonus of being really, truly comfortable. 

The innovative design of Vibram shoes is what makes them so special. They hug your feet, but don't squeeze them into shapes they aren't meant to go into. They protect your feet, but are thin enough that you can feel the ground below you. They provide traction and grip, but are nothing at all like the traditional shoes you're accustomed to wearing. 

Vibram shoes are right for any occasion where better comfort and health are important. Wear them for your morning yoga workout. Put them on when you're headed to the grocery store or coffee shop. Wear them when running errands or running five miles. And definitely enjoy wearing them for casual day at the office. 

Improve Overall Fitness With Five Finger Toe Shoes

Whether you're a seasoned veteran in the world of fitness, or a complete newbie, five finger toe shoes can be the key to improving your overall level of fitness, range of motion, balance, agility and strength.  The ingenious design of these shoes, the Vibram brand of footwear, is what makes them such an improvement over the athletic footwear that we're all so used to wearing. 

Feather thin uppers, rubber soles, and actual “toes” in Vibram shoes make running, climbing, hiking, water sports, yoga and any other fitness endeavor more natural, more like working out barefoot - movements are more free and authentic, like when you were a child. Vibrams eliminate the need for wearing heavy shoes that can constrict your foot or even be too loose for support. Even lightweight shoes aren't this light. 

Five finger toe shoes assist your body in moving more naturally, no matter what you're doing. They allow for correct movement, leading to better balance, more agility, a better strengthening workout and even better posture. Those who use them mention that they notice that new areas of their legs seem to be getting worked - areas that weren't getting enough of a workout before. 

If you're looking to step up your fitness program, or simply looking for a better, more comfortable and natural way of doing the things you do every day - walking, standing and general moving, you'll find that Vibram shoes can make a marked difference. 

It's Possible to Find Cheap Five Fingers Vibram Shoes Online

Do you want a pair of those awesome new Vibram shoes, but you're afraid that you can’t afford them? Relax! It's not that difficult to find cheap Five Fingers Vibram shoes. Luckily, you can find them on sale and at good prices if you know where to look. 

Everyone wants Vibram shoes these days. Those weird looking pieces of footwear are a big hit among fitness enthusiasts and people who just want to be more comfortable with walking, standing and moving. Vibram shoes, with their unique design and thin, lightweight materials are perfect for increasing your range of motion and balance and helping with developing better agility. 

Runners, hikers, climbers and others who live very active lives love Vibram shoes because they help make movements more natural, so they’re easy on the body. They also help to strengthen muscles that normally don't get much work with the typical athletic shoes we're used to.  

Vibram shoes feature very unique styling fabrics that hug and protect the foot and individual toes, and a patented rubber sole that allows the wearer to feel as if he or she is barefoot. This is an ideal way for the human body to get in better shape, while still offering the foot the protection it needs. 

Vibram shoes aren't classified as cheap, but they're great for everyone. If you're on a tight budget and you need to find some awesome cheap Five Fingers Vibram shoes, rest assured that they are available online. 

How to Buy Vibram Fivefingers

Vibram fivefingers are all the rage right now and there's a really good reason for that – they’re excellent shoes for those who want to take - not only their fitness experience, but comfort in everyday living - to the next level. While they are in high demand, Vibram fivefingers are readily available in both men's and women's size and in a variety of styles. 

When you shop for Vibram shoes, you'll want to keep a few things in mind. First, Vibram shoes are sized in inches rather than US shoe size. This is a more accurate way to find the right fit. You should measure both feet from the heel to your longest toe for the best fit. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that the shoes should fit your heels and toes comfortably, without wiggle room, but also without feeling like your feet are being scrunched up. Because of the fabrics used to make Vibram shoes, they fit most feet widths easily. 

Now, here's another issue to consider when you’re planning to buy Vibram fivefingers shoes: where to get them. Luckily, they aren’t that hard to locate, as popular as they are. Buying online is often the easiest way to purchase Vibram shoes, because you can do the whole transaction from the comfort of your own home, and have the shoes delivered straight to your door. 

Vibram shoes are popular because they're an excellent product. Runners, hikers, climbers, and those who enjoy yoga and water sports love Vibrams. Others who are simply looking for a more comfortable way to walk and live, love Vibram footwear, too. Next time you're out, look down and don't be surprised if you see someone wearing Vibrams! 

Finding a Vibram Five Fingers Sale

Vibram Five Fingers shoes aren't exactly the cheapest athletic shoes in the world, but as you know, quality usually costs more. However, if you're looking for a pair of unique running shoes shoes, it's going to be a happy day when you find a Vibram Five Fingers sale so that you can get your new shoes for a really great price!

Everyone is excited about the “five finger” shoe trend. Vibram shoes are expertly crafted and designed to deliver the very best athletic experience, whether you're into running, hiking, water sports, yoga, or fitness training. 

These interesting shoes are shaped just like your foot, right down to accommodating each separate toe! The soles are made from a patented rubber compound that lets you feel the surface you're moving on like never before. You get excellent grip and added agility with this sole. The upper is made either from kangaroo leather that is both soft and resistant to tears, or an abrasion-resistant polyamide fabric that’s thin and comfortable. 

Regardless of your plans for your Vibram footwear, you'll find that they help you improve your range of motion, balance, foot strength and agility. Your workouts will be more effective. And the time you spend simply wearing these shoes for work, play, or shopping will be more comfortable and natural. 

While Vibram shoes are worth every penny you'll pay for them, if you can find a good Vibram Five Fingers sale, that's certainly going to contribute to your satisfaction. Fortunately, these incredible shoes can be found at great discount prices when bought online where there’s more competition!

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soumyasrajan 6 years ago from Mumbai India and often in USA

Interesting new idea. Your article is very well written Rudra.

BkCreative profile image

BkCreative 6 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

Thanks for covering this topic so well. I have seen a few people wearing these in New York City, and quite stylishly. Surprisingly, I like the way they look - and surely we should not walk around all day with our toes crammed together.

Great hub - rated up!

Rudra profile image

Rudra 6 years ago Author

Thanks so much, these shoes are definitely trendy in style. There is no doubt these shoes will become popular as more and more people realise that the Five Finger Shoes are more comfortable to wear.

nettraveller profile image

nettraveller 6 years ago from USA

Does the length of the toe matter? My husband's toes are quite long while mine are rather short. Are the toes on these shoes "one length fits all"? Doesn't it get hot between the toes with all that material ? I also wonder if they would be OK for walking on a treadmill.

HACK1 6 years ago


thebarefootjournalist 6 years ago

I am barefoot whenever and wherever possible and am always annoyed when I have to put on my shoes.

Being an active runner and kayaker, I am always looking for shoes that fit properly. Too often, I am prone to blisters, numbness, chaffing and overall discomfort as a result of wearing shoes for long durations, but what was I to do.... until the Vibrams came out.

Last year I purchased the Vibram Five Finger KSO's. I have a wide foot, but they molded to my foot beautifully.

These "barefoot shoes" are indeed very much like going barefoot but with comfort and protection. At first they felt strange since you literally fit each toe into a toe slot, but I fell in love that day.

I run in my Vibrams and kayak and hike and walk and go shopping (and get lots of oohs and ahhs and plenty of strange looks), nearly everything. And as one person commented, they are quite stylish and trendy and definitely a conversation starter.

I love how they grip the ground just as if I am barefoot, and they are made of a very breathable fabric so my feet stay cool. They are machine washable, JUST DON'T PUT THEM IN THE DRYER! My husbands pair went into the dryer and it took him a couple of wears to stretch them back out again.

If you want more information on the concept of barefoot running, I would recommend "Born to Run" by McDougall. It's an interesting read and a concept I have adopted. I am not a doctor, but I do believe that we came into this world with our little piggies exposed and our toes are our tools for stability and balance. Shoes inhibit our bodies natural mechanism for control. Just my 2 cents.

I love the freedom of these shoes. I love how they feel, look and behave.

Overall, I rate the Vibram's a 5 star "shoe." I recommend you get a pair!

Kelly 6 years ago

Just wanted to say that if you buy the KSO TREK from the Vibram website BUYER BEWARE……I received a defective pair from them – the insole on the left shoe was delaminating and bunching up after the first day. You have to call them (long distance charges) and ask for a return authorization – there is no mention of this on their website…..I had to wait three days for a return authorization label as the links that they sent did not work. They finally sent me a pdf file containing the label (after several more long distance phone calls and emails..).

As soon as I received the label I promply repackaged the shoes and sent them back to Vibram. I didn’t hear from them for several weeks and their was no record of them receiving the return for exchange on their website. More calls – emails and I am told that their computers are being upgraded…

Hi Kelly,

Thank you for your email. The exchange process normally takes 7-10 working days.

Having said that, we are going through a system upgrade and are unable to process any orders as we speak.

I apologize for the inconvenience, but at this time am unable to give you an update.

We will send you an email as soon as we go live and are able to input orders.



Another week goes by and the computers are still being upgraded! More emails and they finally say that they will refund my account and that I can repurchase from them online, or from another retailer – but wait, when I check their order page….they are sold our of my size!

I would suggest buying locally where you know you can get good customer service – buying from Vibram has been a terrible experience and I will never purchase from them again.

Arturo 6 years ago

These are not the best shoes for support, obviously! I suffered a stress fracture on my second metatarsal. Highly questionable product for the serious impact that running generates. Don't get them.

Bobby  5 years ago

Good Shoes- I was happy with them until I found out they are made by Chinese Slaves- Now im returning them- I didnt mind paying the very high price when I thought i was at least supporting an American Made Company but when I found out they are made in China I realized the company is just Greedy like so many other corporations overcharging for shoes that probably cost pennies to make by Chinese Slaves-God knows if the shoes have lead contamination or any other toxins- nobody in there right mind would trust anything that is made in China- SO Dissapointing!

matt 5 years ago

I wonder if these things are any good on gravel

eric doucet 5 years ago

Ive had issue with 4 pairs 1 pair bikila 3 days toes unglued. 2nd pair bikila same thing sole separate right off. for my 3rd pair i exchange for kso instead no toe separation but pull tab came stitching came apart after 2h . 4th pair kso mailed to me same size but material is so tight i manege to get foot in i can only where for 5 min and my foot goes lil numb am tired dealing with the company not sure i will buy another pair seems a lot factory defects and inconsistency i am pissed off at them and i want my money back

such peace of garbage and no i am not a spammer or getting paid for this i am a pissed off consumer and will wright this where ever i can find a revue don't buy this crap

eric doucet 5 years ago

ok so its all good now their not sure why the material is so tight on this pair and the color is so different the inside is orange not yellow and the straps are so short might have bee a manufacturing issue but they are shipping me a pair of bikila in the mail should be here in next 2 weeks so i can go for a jog im happy now took to phone calls and got to talk to ryan and was big help cant wait to get my bikilas and if this work will be getting bikila ls and a pair of kimodo and for the winter a pair of kso flow

five finger vibrams 5 years ago

I wonder if these things are any good on gravel

fivefingervibrams 5 years ago

is the most popular model for men worldwide in all FiveFingers series. Made with a thin, abrasion-resistant stretch nylon and breathable mesh upper which cover persons entire forefoot to protect hard stuff. A single hook-and-loop closure also do that. Non-marking Vibram TC1 performance rubber sole is razor-siped for a sure grip, EVA midsole gives plating protection and more comfortable barefoot feeling.Vibram FiveFingers KSO is best for: Light Trekking, Climbing, Running, Fitness Training, Martial Arts, Yoga, Pilates,Sailing,Boating,Kayaking, Canoeing, Surfing, Flats Fishing and Travelling.FiveFingers Shoes bring you to nature environment with real feeling of barefoot.Try to purchase them at cheap prices here with Free Shipping now.

carly 5 years ago

I've been kayaking for a few months and have been looking for a neoprene bootie that lets my feet breathe. I’ve tried wearing my Keens and they are way too big, and the neoprene booties I’ve purchased make my feet sweat too much. I would love something that provides protection against the sharp gravel, lets my feet breathe, and will still fit comfortably in my kayak. I’ve heard about these so called “five fingers shoes” but I don’t know much about them or their quality.

Nature of the beast: Well, to some extent, that’s just the nature of neoprene. It’s an insulator, of course, so if your feet are outside the water and it’s not real cold, they’re going to sweat. Maybe a lot.

Popular option: The “five fingers shoes” you’ve heard of are Vibram Five Fingers(several models around $80). They’re sort of a rubber/fabric glove for your feet. Each toe has its own, well, “finger.” So you get the foot-feel of, well, your foot, and the protection of a light shoe. Vibram came out with these four or five years ago and at the time it seemed they had made these almost as a joke. There wasn’t any clear market or marketing plan. But now the “no shoe” running crowd has picked up on them, and stores can’t keep them in stock. Anyway, they’re great for kayaking. They give you good foot protection and a little bit of warmth, but aren’t as sweaty as neoprene socks.

So i buy a pari shoes from try fell the quality.After pay money from my Credit Card,just got 5days,i got my shoes.Just find shoes are fit my feet.So i want share a my Experience.

Read more:

fivefinger 5 years ago

really like the new style five finger shoes,i bought from the web and recommed to you guys,have nice trip!

ugg 5 years ago

As the weather gets warmer,more and more people begin to outdoor sports,so if you have one pair offive finger shoes,it will be perfect.It is made ofvibram and it hasfivefingers,so calledfive fingers shoe.If you want to learn more aboutvibram 5 fingers,you can search the words likevibram fivefingers,vibram five fingers,vibram fingers,5 fingers vibram,vibram five orfive vibram online.five finger vibram kso is one kind offive fingers shoes.five fingers kso with a variety of colors for choice,and you can Learn more fromvibram five fingers review.thevibram bikila,five fingers bikila,vibram five fingers kso andvibram kso five fingers is one kind ofvibram five fingers shoes also,andfivefingers treksport is a nice choice.If you want to running or climbing,you must have one pair offive fingers classic.If you go tobuy vibram five fingers,thevibram five fingers classics is a nice choice,in addition to it,five fingers flow,vibram five fingers Performa Jane,vibram five fingers sprint,vibram fivefingers ksotrek,vibram fivefingers treksport andvibram fivefingers jaya Also is a right choice.

vibram five fingers sales 5 years ago

Do you ever know about the funny vibrams five fingers and what do the vibram five fingers looks like?Do you realize the making principle and function of vibram five finger shoes? Now I am very happy to talk about vibram five fingers shoes with all of you because I just know somewhat about five fingers vibram.The rubber sole of vibram fivefinger shoes are quite soft.You may feel strange when you wear vibram five fingers shoes at the first time.But you will feel very comfortable after you wear vibram fivefingers several time.Then you are supposed to know that vibram five fingers can protect our feet to a great degree.

LOUBOUTIN UK 5 years ago

The way of forming : gather all five finger-tips sticking together, then the first joints of all fingers except the thumb will bend inward a little.

Laser Hair Removal 5 years ago

i love your blog..

keep the ball rolling

website seo 4 years ago

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