wake bait

Have you heard of the wake JR from 3:16 lure company? They are around $100 to $200. I don't now about you but that is a lot of money for a lure. I can not afford a lure like that. I wanted a nice bait and went on the search. I searched all over the internet and on of my buddy's told about me that is available on ebay. I could not find it so he sent me a link. I was amazed that the bait was only $20.00 plus $3.00 shipping. I was also a little leery. I went ahead and ordered the bait and I received it in 2 days after paying for it. I looked it over and i was very impressed with the finish. I noticed that this same guy ake a jointed blue gill bait. I ordered one and I was impressed with it as well. If you are in the market for one of these baits please take a look at one. You will be happy you did. The bait is made by AKITA and it is very very well made.

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amazonpeacockbassfishing 8 years ago

Even at $20 a pop that would kill me to lose one on a snag. I guess if you were into collecting lures this may be a good thing, though.

basspro profile image

basspro 8 years ago Author

Remember it is a wake bait therfore it floats and you work it on the surface. It would be very very hard to snag one of these lures.....

tom cheek 7 years ago

are akita lures only available on ebay and nowhere else?

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