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In theory, golf is a very simple game.  A player using a golf club to hit a ball along the golf course.  The clubs are composed of a shaft with a grip and a club head on the bottom.  Woods are used for long distance shots off the tee, irons are used for fairway shots and shots from the rough, wedges are used for shots near the green or out of the bunker.  A putter is used to putt the golf ball into the hall.

However, golf like all other sports has changed due to advancements in technology.  One way golf has changed due to advancements in technology is by the use of hybrid golf clubs.  These hybrid golf clubs completely change the way players look at the clubs in their golf bags.

A Hybrid Golf Golf Combines The Best Features Of A Wood And An Iron
A Hybrid Golf Golf Combines The Best Features Of A Wood And An Iron

What is a Hybrid Golf Club?

Hybrid golf clubs are also known as utility clubs. A hybrid club is just that, a club that combines the useful features of two different clubs. For instance, some hybrid golf clubs are designed to take the ideologies of both a wood and iron to create some of the most forgiving clubs to hit. For instance, woods have a curve on the club face but a hybrid wood are flat just like a fairway iron. Another example is that hybrid woods are weighted throughout the club like an iron while normal woods are weighted towards the front.  The final product is a club that gives the distance of a wood but the accuracy of an iron shot.  This allows players to feel more comfortable hitting long shots from the fairway without the fear of ending up in the rough.

Hybrids Are Designed To Minimize Time Spent In The Woods
Hybrids Are Designed To Minimize Time Spent In The Woods
Hybrids Are Designed To Keep The Player On The Fairway
Hybrids Are Designed To Keep The Player On The Fairway

How Hybrids Improve A Player’s Game

The effect of combining the best features of irons and woods into one hybrid club is allowing amateur and recreational players to hit more consistent shots on the golf course. In fact, hybrid clubs are considered so easy to hit a better golf shot most professional players now carry hybrid clubs in their bags.

Most hybrid golf clubs are designed to replace long irons like the 2 and 3 irons. Long irons are generally considered to be the most difficult golf clubs to control. Long irons are used on the fairway when the player is still far away from the hole. A bad shot in this situation usually leaves the player in the rough, in the woods, or in the water. With the easier to hit hybrid club, however, players have a better chance to keep the ball on the fairway and maybe even reach the green.

Hybrid Golf Clubs Generally Range From $30 To $120
Hybrid Golf Clubs Generally Range From $30 To $120

The Cost Of Hybrid Clubs

Generally the price of a hybrid golf club is the same price of the club in the player’s bag it is purchased to replace. Online, the price of hybrids ranges from $30 to $120 depending of the make up of the club.

Of course the addition of hybrid clubs has to be considered in more than dollars and cents. A hybrid club allows even the most novice golfer the opportunity to hit more consistent shots onto the fairway. Some may say that new technology in golf clubs takes away from the game because it will now take less skill and practice to hit good golf shots. However, the advancement in technology really allows more players to enjoy and great game.

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Excellent hub. Do you golf?

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Thanks for the comment. Yes, although it is hard to classify what I do on a golf course actually golf. It resembles more wandering around in the woods looking for a ball.

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