Cayman Crocs

Cayman Crocs

 You’ve probably heard of Croc’s right?  Those funny looking shoes that all the ‘cool’ kids are wearing these days and which are one of the most popular footwear choice around (and the trend doesn’t look like it’s finishing anytime soon either, there are now whole stores created just for that one style of shoe!).

If you’ve been thinking about getting yourself some Crocs (and why wouldn’t you, they are the most popular footwear range around right now), then you can’t go past Cayman Crocs (currently the best selling Crocs range).

The reason that Cayman Crocs are so popular is that they are extremely comfortable and very durable as well.

They are ergonomically Italian designed and support your foot well.  Their flexibility is another reason for their popularity.  They have been proven to reduce muscle fatigue in your legs so you are able to walk in them for long periods of time (perfect for walks along the beach).

The Cayman’s are slightly more lightweight that the original Crocs but they are still beach and water friendly as well as bacteria resistant as the original brand were.

That means they are perfect for someone who suffers from foot odor (no more bacteria – yah!)

And their thick croslite base keeps your feet safe from sharp rocks or other hazardous material that may be in your path.  They are non-slip as well which makes them a favorite for many workers who have to tread in slippery conditions.

They come in a wide range of colors and sizes from children’s to adults for both men and women.


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