10 myths about acne that you may not know

Myhts vs Facts

For many people, the problem of the acne has become a common problem everyday. Many of these people who always seek the best solution of these problems. But, whether the solutions it right? We have a lot of myths about the acne that grow in the community. Here are some myths that have been heard a lot of people. Is it right, or wrong? Let's look together.

Myth: Acne is caused by dirt.
Fact: The dirt on the surface of the skin or oily skin surface is not the problem. Cause of acne is a combination of skin scales, oil and bacteria found in the follicles and glands sebaseus. The emergence of acne caused by sebum, dead skin cells, and bacteria that clog the skin pores. Blackheads are not dirt on the skin, but the color of dead cells that have clogged pores on earlier.

Myth: Stress causes acne.
Fact: That's right, stress can cause acne. However, it is only the excess stress that can stimulate discharge certain hormones, which can cause acne. Daily stress that is not excessive will not stimulate acne.

Myth: We can eliminate acne by washing your face more often
Fact: Washing your face regularly is the right thing to help the expenditure of dead skin cells, excess oil, and dirt from the skin surface. But, too often to clean the skin or rub the skin too hard, it will exacerbate acne on the skin. This can be done is to gently clean your face using a face cleanser or soap no more than two times a day. After that, dry your face with a soft towel gently.

Myth: Squeezing acne can eliminate acne pimples well from your face.
Fact: Hit or break the pimples can cause wounds, redness, and perhaps more dangerous, like a scar that can not be lost. So, do not ever squeeze or break the pimples on the skin.

Myth: Frequent washing can reduce acne.
Fact: Acne is not caused by a dirty environment. Acne occurs because of blockage of the sebaceous glands. Washing your face more often can actually spread the infection further and leave a scar on his face.

Myth: Acne just for teens
Fact: Not only teenagers, but everyone can have acne. Acne is not only connected with teenagers. Most teenagers have acne because of hormonal changes in their teenage years.

Myth: Rosacea is same with chronic acne.
Fact: Rosacea has nothing to do with acne. Rosacea is a different type of disorder although sometimes looks like acne.

Myth: Toothpaste can cure acne
Fact: Toothpaste can not cure acne. To cure acne, you should use topical like benzoyl peroxide. Antibiotics can help if you have inflamed pimples. Salicylic acid is another drug that you can use. Ask your doctor first before you use any acne medication.

Myth: Eating certain foods like chocolate and fried foods can cause acne.
Fact: Right!, if you consume those foods in excess.

Myth: Sunlight can help eliminate acne
Fact: Sunlight may be able to work in the short term to disguise the existing acne when your skin redden. However, sunburn is actually skin damage. Sun exposure can cause irritation which can make acne worse. People often see how their skin was peeling off the skin recover from sun damage. The sun is a short-term assistance that would strike back with more acne in the weeks after skin exposure to the sun. But I do not want to give the impression that the sun is evil. Not like that. We get vitamin D from the sun is not it? Limiting exposure to sunlight in areas prone to acne on your body is a really wise thing. :=)

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acne treatment 7 years ago

I recently came across your blog. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Very informative and nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


acne on chin 7 years ago

Really informative blog :) I grew up believing most of these myths were true! I think most people do to be honest. I suffered with acne for many many years and was a nightmare to clear up :( Great hub :)

The Acne Treatment Kid 6 years ago

"Acne Free ... I Haven't Looked Back" I just want to say thank you. I was a long time sufferer of Acne.

I visited the doctors time after time, only to be given cream that never seem to work.

I think overall in the last 8 years I've had about 6 months without taking medication.

That was until I found your website. Ever since I started to follow your tips and advice I haven't looked back.

Within 3 weeks of following your advice, I was Acne free and have been for about 5 months now.

acne scar removal cream 6 years ago

it is not funny at all. i had suffering this hell acne for years. not confidence, not boyfriend.

But when you eat health, maintain your body health, it will gone. plus a lot of cream to remove your acne scar

Jessica 6 years ago

Great hub! There is so much false information on the web, it's good when someone takes the time to clarify. Thanks for doing so :-)

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spencerrichardson 5 years ago

Great information about myths. Really helpful when trying to understand the different acne treatments that are out there like at www.superacnetreatmentsnow.com

Greg 4 years ago

It's funny how many people still believe these myths.

This hub is informative


berbagi 4 years ago

I should have known this earlier, means a lot of people the wrong perception of the causes of acne problems, thank you for sharing.


Bimo 3 years ago

I recently came across your blog. it's good when someone takes the time to clarify. I suffered with acne for many many years and was a nightmare to clear up


Alex 3 years ago

OMG, there are many people mistakenly believe the myth. thank you hubs for explained about the myths and facts of acne.


nurman 3 years ago

The first myth, that's what I thought all this time


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pengecoranalumini 2 years ago

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Alec 2 years ago

Eating too much chocolate does not cause acne. Fried foods however I don't know!

harga mesin cuci lg terbaru 2 years ago

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Reyan 2 years ago

There is no doubt that lots of myths about acne in many people but thanks to your post it’s really informative for us and it will be helpful for acne marks treatment.

agil 2 years ago

many of myths proven by fact ..

thanks very informatif ..


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