15 Unique Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos are becoming so popular that finding an untried concept is hard. This is why the first concern of many tattoo enthusiasts is uniqueness. They want something that no one else has tried before, therefore allowing them to stand out from the rest. If you’re currently thinking the same thing, then following are 15 unique tattoo ideas that not many people have.

1. A Loved One

Having a loved one tattooed on your arm is the most unique ink you can possibly get. It can be your wife, your husband or a parent.

Love tattoo with name


2. Turtle

Not many people choose turtle because of its connotation with slowness. What most don’t realize is that turtles are a representation of wisdom. They’re also seen as patience – the ability to wait for something you really want.

Cute Turtle on the foot


3. Song Notes

Instead of picking out the lyrics to a song, why not show the song in musical notes? This offers a complexity to the tattoo that only few can understand.


4. Latin Quotes

Japanese and Chinese characters have become all too common. Instead, use Latin or any other language that is not often used.


5. Blacklight Tattoo

You also have the option of having a black light tattoo. This is perfect if you want the ink placed on a visible patch of skin. With a black light tattoo, the image would look invisible in normal light but visible under the UV.


6. Anatomy Tattoo

Although growing in popularity, not many people attempt to do an anatomy tattoo because it is very elaborate.


7. Favorite Food

Why not use sweets as an inspiration? A favorite dessert or fruit can sometimes be ideal choices. For example, cakes can symbolize a birthday, a wedding or an anniversary. It could be a remembrance of something important that happened.


9. Favorite Cartoon Character

Cartoon characters are always a good choice because everyone can relate to them. Choose the character that you identify with the most and run with it.


10. Pop Culture

From Star Wars to Harry Potter, you have the option of using any pop culture reference as an inspiration for your tattoo.

11. Signature

It doesn’t have to be your signature. Perhaps it could be the signature of a favorite musician, celebrity or writer.


12. Vulture

Vultures are often seen negatively due to their association with death. However, vultures are also known for their patience and in some cultures, interpreted as a symbol of resourcefulness and loyalty.


13. Quote from a Loved One

Instead of having your mom’s face tattooed, why not have one of her favorite quotes inked? Some people do this as a remembrance and as a way to feel as though their parent is always there.

14. Connect the Dots

Feeling lazy and mysterious at the same time? Have the tattoo artist create a connect the dots tattoo. Just have the dots and numbers inked and you can use a temporary pen to play with it and bring out the image within!


15. Make your Own

Of course, you can always design your own tattoo. Many tattoo artists will give you the chance to make your own ink design, combining different symbols to achieve a highly specific meaning.

Use the internet as inspiration – there are dozens of possibilities out there but only if you work on being creative!

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Patricia 20 months ago

Mothersvea : I've made all of them with the same artist execpt for the first one and the mermaid which was made with a bamboo stick in Thailand. 'My' artist is SailorAndy, he works at LegacyTattoo here in Helsinki.

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