15 hair care tips

Hair care tips

Not only women now a days even men are more concerned about their hair, since hair is an indicator of the body condition and your health. Here are some of the best simple tips on better hair care.
1. Hair brushes and combs should be wahsed frequently with warm soapy water and a brush.

2. Don't choose a hairstyle just because it looks good on your friend. Talk it over with your hair dresser and choose a style which suits your face.

3. Wash your hair thoroughly after swimming and if out in the sun for a long time, protect your hair by covering it.

4. Short hair should be cut every 6-8 weeks. Long hair should be trimmed regularly to pervent split ends. If left unattended the splits increase. Less nutrition goes to the damaged hair and hair growth is retarded.

5. A hair drier should not be used frequently as it makes the hair brittle, causing it to break. If you are using a hair drier, then it should be held at a distance of about 6 inches from the scalp.

6. Try to avoid using hair spray, stiff hair looks unnatural.

7. Perming, streaking and colouring of hair should be done in a good beauty parlour.

8. If dyeing hair for the forst time, don't forget to do a sensitivity test.

9. For oily hair add lemon juice or vinegar to the final rinse after you wash your hair.

10. Natural products are good for the hair. Henna acts as a conditioner for falling hair alfalfa juice along with carot juice and lettuce juice can be taken.

11. For dyeing hair at home, a mixture of egg, katha, curd, henna and coffee can be applied to the hair and left on for two hours. Remember to wash your hair with cold water after that otherwise you will have scrambled eggs in your hair.

12. A conditioning cream or hair oil can be applied to the hair depending on the type and length of the hair.

13. By lying in a slanting head down position you can increase the blood supply to your scalp. This will provide more nutrition and oxygen to your hair.

14. If you have any hair problem consult your physician to rule out any underlying disease. If there is no disease, then consult your trichologist or a good beautician who will treat you for your specific problem.

15. An egg yolk and rum conditioner adds body to the hair.

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