20 Pretty Tattoo Designs for Girls - Ideas and Inspirations for Tattoo Designs

Tattoo as a Body Art

Tattoos are considered to be a great way to display art with the use of the body. It could range from various images, symbols and even customized designs that suit your personality. There are several elements to think about when choosing a tattoo design.

Butterfly Tattoo on Shoulder Blade


One should never rush to a tattoo parlor without thinking about the size, position and overall design that you want to be inked in the body. Some tattoos are forever and this could have an impact in your everyday life. Normally the most common people who wants to have a piece of art printed on their body are teenagers particularly girls.

Cherry Blossom Tattoo on Foot


A lot of girls want to look unique and they believe that tattoo would represent a part of their edgy personality. Another thing is that they are drawn to the body that would serve as an expression of their beliefs and interests. Most young girls choose a design that represents their cultural heritage while others opt for something they like at the moment.

Star Tattoo on Wrist


The current issue they have is not about their parent’s approval but on selecting the right design. Remember that you can make a mistake on choosing the design. If this is your first time getting one, it could be painful process.

Lotus Tattoo on Arm

This is why most girls often get the smallest design out there. Unfortunately the smallest design might not be that visible which could forfeit the whole idea of getting a tattoo. Big and bold ones might not be a good a idea especially if it is your first time. However you might opt for them later in your life

Small Rose Tattoo on Ankle


Avoid tattooing the name or initials of your boyfriend especially if the art is a permanent one. You might not be able to erase them right away. If your favorite superstar got a tattoo, avoid copying them because he or she might be getting a bold one that will not fit you.

Flower Tattoos on Arm


The common tattoo designs for girls are animals and insects. Others will opt for their zodiac sign that is a great way to represent their characteristics as a person. Words and quotes are also good ideas for design.

Star Tattoos on Foot


You can opt for quotes coming from memorable movies, speeches, songs or books. A girl can also become creative by designing an image that projects sentiments and memories. As we all know girls will often choose adorable, light color and cute designs.

Cute Bow Tattoo Behind the Ear


There are thousands of classic and unique designs for girl’s tattoo. The internet is the most common place to get ideas. After choosing the design, consider the placement of the tattoo. It could be on the nape area, shoulder, hip, and ankle. There are also some spots that are consider interesting and would certainly draw more attention to the body.

Orchid Tattoo on Belly


Finding a meaningful and unique design that is true to your personality is quite difficult. The key is taking your time as the design is something that you will see for a period of time. It should be creative and truly something that will represent you.

Small Bird Tattoo on Foot


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