3 tested and trusted simple steps to get rid of suntan

You are beautiful!

Sunny days are here again and so is the suntan. Tanning is natural. This is how our skin protects itself against the harmful Ultra Violet rays of sun. This protection damages our skin and makes us prone to premature aging, darkened skin, skin diseases etc. Inner skin damage can easily be rectified by eating healthy, taking plenty of water, fruits and green vegetables. For outer damage, we all spend a lot of money on sunscreens, face masks and spas. I don’t say that they are not worth this money but I want to say why to spend a lot when you can achieve something in little.

Honestly, I have tried and tested these tips which I am going to share with you all. I swear by these tips and so do my friends who have seen a difference. So, here I disclose my tested and trusted formula-

Unboiled Milk


Unboiled milk is the best cleanser any skin type can ever have. You just need 5 minutes to apply this.

1- Take 1-2 spoons of unboiled milk.

2- Apply it on face with cotton.

3- Leave it on face for at least 5 minutes and maximum 15 minutes.

4- Wash with warm or cold water. (Water type depends on you)

5- Apply moisturizer if you have dry skin (and if you want).

6- You would not feel need of moisturizer if you have oily skin.

You can clean your face with unboiled milk as many times as you want.

Yoghurt and Gram Flour

Yoghurt and gram flour are two key ingredients for my suntan removal program. I have seen a dark layer when I am out in sun. Of course this is suntan. Earlier I used to come home and simply wash my face, neck, hands and feet with soap. I realized that it never helped in removing the tan. (I have tried different brands of soap for this). One day I applied gram flour and yoghurt as I ran out of soap. It was incredible to see that dark layer had disappeared. Now, it’s my primary cleanser when I am back from long day in sun.

It certainly has an odour and that is not very good. So, I would suggest applying fragrant moisturizer right after you wash it off.

Yoghurt and Rice Flour/Powder


I know one of my relatives; she was getting married in 15 days and had never taken care of her skin. Her skin was dark and unhealthy. Her mother gave her paste of curd and rice powder every day until the D-day arrived. I am telling you all, she had kind of fair complexion from so-called-dark. Not because it made her fair or something but it was her actual complexion besides the fact that she never took care of it. So, I would request you all to apply this paste while you are going to take a shower. See the difference yourself.

P.S. I know one thing that no product can make you fair if your complexion is dark / dusky. What every one should focus on is making the skin healthy. I am not fair, I am dusky and I know this fact. So don’t go out buying whitening creams or stuff to make your complexion fair. Your complexion should look healthy and glowing. You all lovely ladies out their deserve the best because YOU ARE THE BEST.

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Tanya 4 years ago

Thank you so much!!!It really helped me ^.^



shoppingaholic profile image

shoppingaholic 3 years ago from India Author

@Tanya and Visalakshi, thanks for your comments. Glad that it worked for you.


jagrati 3 years ago

i have tried all tips and i am tired really...lets see this will work or not..

Rachel 2 years ago

Thank you so much.

It has worked for me really well.

harshi 23 months ago

My face and neck dark because of sun tan plzz give me tips how to remove sun tan with potato slice

harshi 21 months ago

I am harshi n i m 13 yrs old i have tanned on my face ,neck and aother areas if i use besan ,curd and haldi it remove sun tan or not in summer?

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