5 Bad Tattoo Ideas

Before I get into this article let me first say that I do like tattoos and yes I do have one. I happen to love heavily tattooed men a great deal (love full sleeve tatts) so these 5 bad tattoo ideas having nothing to do with being anti-tattoo in any way. I am simply anti-bad-tattoo. Obviously there are exceptions to every rule and you may actually have managed to get a fabulous version of something I've listed below -- but if you've not yet gone and done it, I recommend having another think before you opt for one of these tattoo options.

1. Tattoos on the girls.

Or anywhere in the general vicinity of your girls. Yes, they may look absolutely brilliant and stunning when you're 25 and your breasts are buoyant. Come 40 they're going to look at lot less more so, and that cute little rose tattoo is going to start drooping. Getting old is hard enough to deal with without making it impossible to do so with any measure of grace. Think twice, ladies.

2. Name tattoos.

I don't care how much in love you think you are -- do not tattoo someone's name across your bicep, back or chest. Not unless you're prepared to live with a constant reminder even if they dump you at some point, or are prepared for laser surgery removal. And that's a big ouch either way.

3. Tattoo anklets

Nothing says white trash quite like a tattoo anklet. In fact, the only time I've ever seen these on anyone was whilst visiting a mate of mine who lived in a trailer park. These were popular back in the 90s and I can only hope the generation after mine had enough sense to stop doing this. Same goes for tattoo wristlets! If you want a bracelet or anklet, a cheap silver bit of jewelry from Walmart would look better than one of these!

4. Tattoos on your lip

I know someone who had SUCKER tattooed across the inside of his lower lip. I still shake my head every time I think about it. He had a lot of fabulous tattoos, but that really just wasn't one of them. Points for creativity, not many for common sense.

5. Tattoos on your forehead

If you're a psycho, or would like everyone to think something about you isn't quite right, this is your tattoo, especially if your patron saint is Charlie Manson. Even if you stick Strawberry Shortcake up there, you're going to look very creepy, indeed.

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