Reviewed: The 3 Best Acne Products

Acne effects nearly all people at some time in their life and they need the best acne products to take care of it. It always pops up at the worst times (before prom, first dates, etc.) and can negatively effect your self esteem. With some acne prevention and a topical treatment, most mild acne can be treated. If it becomes severe, it can lead to acne scarring, which is permanent and usually requires laser surgery or chemical peels to treat. If you can stay ahead of your skin care with the best acne products, you will have an advantage that most don't to keep your skin clear.

The main cause of the most common types of acne (blackheads and whiteheads) is due to excess sebum being created in the hair follicles on your skin. This sebum gets trapped under the skin (whiteheads) or at the top of the skin with dirt and dead skin cells (blackheads). There are many acne remedies, and all work with some degree of success. A healthy diet and using one of these products listed below is the best recipe to stop acne.

Be very careful if you plan on using multiple acne treatments at once. Many treatments, even the best acne products, on their own will dry your skin, and using multiples will make your skin fall off. Okay, maybe not that bad, but it's still not a good idea to mix them unless directed by your dermatologist.

Best Acne Products #1: AcneFree

This product is AcneFree's answer to ProActive Solution. Both products are effective for treating severe acne, but AcneFree has a time release solution that prevents acne for a much longer period of time. It's the most powerful acne product currently on the market, and a reason that it's the one of the best acne products.

The treatment is a four step program that begins with using all four products twice a day, and after the first week once a day. Results are usually seen after three days and most people experienced serious dryness after the first day. This is normal, and part of the process of the treatment working.

The reviews and total effectiveness make this one of the best acne products.

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AcneFree Severe Acne Treatment System
AcneFree Severe Acne Treatment System

This acne treatment system from AcneFree is the most powerful currently on the market and guaranteed!


Best Acne Products #2: Neutrogena Advanced Solutions Complete Acne Therapy System

This acne product from Neutrogena works in a similar fashion to the AcneFree treatment, but is much gentler on your skin. It uses a three step process that both dries out and treats your acne, but the smart people at Neutrogena also added a bottle of treated lotion to help keep your skin looking good during the process.

The process starts in the morning with a thorough cleansing and lotion application, and finishes in the evening with another cleansing and an over night treatment cream. Following this treatment program will both stop current breakouts and prevent future ones from popping up.

The gentle cleansing action of this makes it one of the best acne products.

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Neutrogena Complete Acne Therapy System
Neutrogena Complete Acne Therapy System

This acne treatment program from Neutrogena is great for sensitive skin.


Best Acne Products #3: Klear Action Acne Treatment System

This acne product from Klear Action is a very affordable competitor to ProActive Solution, with similar results. The process is a lot like the Nutrogena Advanced Solution but will also work great with body acne. Klear Action has developed a system that includes a pore cleanser, an oil reducing toner, and a repair lotion, all of them are alcohol free and also work for preventing future breakouts. Many people with sensitive skin have reported that the toner was a bit too harsh on their face, but worked great for their body acne.

This is another great acne prevention program, and comes with the highest recommendation since it's what I used to get my own acne under control!  My personal recommendation makes this one of the best acne products (to me at least!).

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Klear Action Acne Treatment System - 1 System
Klear Action Acne Treatment System - 1 System

The acne treatment that comes with my own recommendation!


The Best Acne Products

These are the three best acne products that are both affordable and work on most types of skin. The AcneFree product is the best overall, Nutrogena works best for sensitive skin, and Klear Action helps out tough skin and acne (like mine!).

You CAN cure acne!

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jazzuboo profile image

jazzuboo 7 years ago from Queensland, Australia

My daughter just told me that her high school teacher came to school covering his face the other day. When the kids asked him what was wrong, he said he had broken out in pimples. A reminder that it doesn't only happen to kids. Of course, the kids paid out on him for the rest of day. Might have to point him to this hub for some ideas.

michelle p  7 years ago

I purchased the Made from Earth "ROOIBOS TEA FACE SCRUB" after watching OPRAH one day on beauty tips for people with sensitive skin who should ONLY use chemical free products.

I do worry about cleaning my skin and keeping it youthful-looking over time - and I really do want to look my best these days.

This product was recommended by Oprah's expert, and trust me: it's one of the best cleansers I've used in a long time.

It does not dry your face out, but it does clean it quite well. And, as far as price goes, its way worth it because it has cleaned my facial skin without irritating it. I would pay double not to have to walk outside with reddish acne skin like i used to have!!

C'mon! I recommend the Rooibos Tea Face Scrub (from the Made from Earth skin care line) to anyone with sensitive skin who has been searching for an excellent, non-drying cleanser for the face.

william.fischer29 profile image

william.fischer29 5 years ago

Thanks for the review, Great hub.

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