5 Drag Makeup Tips That Drag Queens Can't Live Without

Great Drag Queen Makeup

This is a picture of one of my best friends. He does his drag makeup, and it's convincing! He makes a great Boy George.
This is a picture of one of my best friends. He does his drag makeup, and it's convincing! He makes a great Boy George.

Drag Makeup Tutorial

Drag Queen Makeup and the art of transformation used to not be talked about. But if you have been watching Rupaul's Drag Race (A Reality show on Logo). Then you may be curious to how the queens apply their makeup.
Some mainstream makeup applications don’t apply well to drag queens, that's because men usually have a lot of facial hair and it's harder to cover it up.
If you are a performing drag queen these steps are crucial for getting your drag makeup perfect!

Drag Queen Makeup Things You Will Need

Glue Stick or Spirit Gum
A day cream or moisturizer (this helps to keep your skin healthy after all that makeup)
Makeup Brushes for smooth and easy control.
Foundation, Concealer, Cosmetic powder.

Blush Pallet.
Eye Shadows (preferably in a color pallet that can be blended.)
Eyeliner (Pencil or Liquid)
Lipstick and Lipstick Gloss
Artificial Eyelashes
Glitter Optional!

The last thing you need is Imagination and Creativity!

Step One: Make sure your face is clean, and you have moisturized. Cover your eyebrows with the gluestick or a white panstick so that they are covered.

Step Two: Apply your foundation and make sure it is a heavy coat. Next apply a good powder to help set the foundation. This helps so that it doesn't sweat off.

Step Three: Contour and Shape your cheeks with rouge. Be sure to go in downward strokes.

Step Four: Apply your eyeliner, eyeshadow and lipstick. For the eyes make sure that everything is being blended properly. No one wants messy looking eyes! The lipstick should be done in two parts. Pencil them in, then brush on your favorite lipstick.

Step Five: Pick your favorite wig, outfit and accessories and your ready for a rockin night on the town!

My Favorite Drag Queen Makeup Guru

This video below is one of my favorite drag queen makeup gurus. Blanche Babcock has awesome makeup tips!

Drag Makeup Video


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miss dawn 4 years ago

You forgot highlighter under the eyes above the brow bone and down the nose

Sharon thorn 2 years ago

You obviously don't know how important wig shading is. You have to use concealer on your forehead as well if you're wearing a lace front.

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