70's women fashion makes it's comeback this Spring/Summer 2011

the new 70's hippy look.
the new 70's hippy look.

The 1970s Fashion Spirit

The newest fashion trend illustrates the very best of 1970s in it's full glory.

Floating semi-sheer and tranparent fabric dresses bring back 1970s fashions exactly. Look for fluid fantasy flares, flowing maxi dresses and frilled fiesta frocks. Be also on the look out for skinny rib striped chevron knits and beautiful floral striped cardigans.

The romantic ruffles of the 70's flow into faded hippy chic. Fringed bags, bleached denim cropped jeans, halter dresses worn with platform shoes and big straw floppy hats bring back the 70's groovy flower child memories in fashion.

It is really interesting and fascinating to know how much designers get inspired by recreating 1970s style. This awesome new retro fashion trend depicts several of the very best of the 70's in all it's groovy 70's spirit.

The 1970s retro uses Luxe fabrics to remake the drape of full wide trousers and silk chiffon which depicts the long dreamy dresses of that fashion era. In the real 70's the fabrics were probably created of Laura Ashley sprigged cottons or crinkle crepe viscose.

The Dreamy Garden Tea Dress, Blouse and Tunic Florals

The Spring and Summer 2011 designer fashion shows were full of floral based fabrics and accessories. These pieces are all vintage retro 70's inspired.


Print and Fabrics of 70's Retro Fashion

Fashion in the 70's usually used a'lot of floral patterns, from ditsy pinhead prints to massive exotic hothouse blooms.

For the Spring and Summer of 2011 washed silk, silk charmouse, viscose, organza, flowing silk chiffons and parachute silk fabrics are all used to make a light-as-air dreamy summer dress.

The lightness and transperancy, mostly in voiles and chiffons upgrade the feeling of 1970s flowing dresses. Other light draping blouses and hemline kimono tops of certain lenghts make their way on the summer trends of 2011. Be on the lookout for extra light fabrics of translucent tulle flowing silk and chiffon, tactile, knobbly cloque and shiny satin all of them which are great in surface quality.

The other hot fashion trends coming out this year include the contrasting the contrasting dress looks where edgy sharp funky dresses contrast agaisnt billowing chiffon and lace peek-a-boo. The answer is female fantasy frocks of long ago. The tiny lace pleating around the cuffs on blouse and dresses gives a touch me or touch me not vibe.

Leighton Mesteer wearing a Retro Print dress.
Leighton Mesteer wearing a Retro Print dress. | Source

The Colorful Assesories that compliment Elements of 1970s Gypsy Boho

These are Eastern inspired prints with tribal motifs, but the 2011 emphsizes on putting bright rich colors that illustrate hot bazaars and colorful nomad textiles. Some accessories include hats, Fringe, Tassels, and bright colorful scarves or border prints are all just pieces that come together to make that 70's touch.

The beaded sandals have fun and creative tassels and coins that really goes back to the whole 1970s hippy style of footwear that was brought back from vacations.

Colorful accessories compliment the 70's hippy chic look.
Colorful accessories compliment the 70's hippy chic look.
bohemian gypsy 70's style sandals.
bohemian gypsy 70's style sandals.

The 1970s Gypsy Spirit

Having pleasure in your gypsy spirit is ting that is never hard, it's always easy with volume ruffles in blouses, dresses, and peasant top bodices. It's good to combine these with free flowing flared skirts and tiered ruffle frill skirts.

the fun bright gypsy spirit.
the fun bright gypsy spirit.
Another picture of the gypsy 70's look.
Another picture of the gypsy 70's look.

Peaseant Blouses- The 1970s Gypsy Boho look

This Summer probably many women will have in handy loose peasent top blouses they will wear in the coming Summer season. These tops are a lifesaver, because of the way it relaxes you when the sun is too hot to resist. But now that these awesome and pretty blouse tops still exist you can sport it into your cool fresh gypsy look and at the same time be the eye of everyone.

Also the gypsy look has flamenco full skirts that flounce with ruffled volume skirts. the ruffled trimmed skirts increase a 70's vibe while wanting a comeback of boho.

Prairie Spirit pioneer girl is a one step move from inner gypsy look and prefers denim and indigo dyed products with a combination of Navaho styles mostly in accessories.

these peasent blouses are a must the summer season. They will not only look fashionable on you but also keep you cool all day long.
these peasent blouses are a must the summer season. They will not only look fashionable on you but also keep you cool all day long. | Source

The 70's Flared Jeans

This type of clothes piece is more laidback and carefree boho tool of the peasent style gypsy tops that trades itself to relaxed dressing and makes a perfect fit with 70's flared jeans.

The comeback of 70's inspired flare jeans.
The comeback of 70's inspired flare jeans. | Source

The 70's White Maxi Trends

White was big in fashion shows for Spring and Summer 2011. Dolce and Gabbana presented a beautiful white collection.


Tiers with Frills

This white maxi skirt is one of summer's wonders for it's tiers and frills.


The 1970's White Lace Looks

There was lace of every type of form in the fashion shows for Summer 2011. The crochet and macrame are the top trends to be on the look out and buy.


The 1970's Flared Trousers

These famous trousers have even made a stunning comeback with it's new makeover. These pants have new wider leg trouser shape. Also jeans are becoming widely flare nowadays.

Olivia Palermo wearing Flared Trousers.
Olivia Palermo wearing Flared Trousers. | Source

The Jumpsuits

model wearing a retro 70's blue  jumpsuit.
model wearing a retro 70's blue jumpsuit. | Source

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