8 Top Acne Tips

Acne is the result of a blockage in the hair follicle caused by dead skin or excess oil. The causes are numerous and include hormone changes, inflammation, bacteria and stress. Here are eight acne tips you can use in conjunction with natural home remedies for acne to help you get rid of pimples starting today.

1. Hands off! This refers, of course, to picking and squeezing pimples - always a no-no - but also to simply touching your face. Your fingers transfer bacteria, oil and dirt to your skin, which contributes to break outs. It's a hard habit to stop because you're likely not even aware you're doing it, so this is another good reason to wash your hands frequently.

2. Can we talk? Along the same lines as acne treatment tip no. 1, here's something you might not think about: regularly wipe down the telephone receiver at the office, especially if you share it with others. Yes, this is why the right side of your chin breaks out so often.

3. Case in point. Pillowcase, that is. Change it often. Oil from your face and hair end up on your pillowcase and then back on your face, along with any dust and dirt the oil slick attracted during the day. This is another breeding ground for bacteria.

4. Makeup! On the one hand, you want to cover up the embarrassing red blemishes, but on the other hand makeup can aggravate the condition. So give your skin a break and go bare-faced whenever you can.

5. Hair's the thing. Facial hair can contribute to acne, so you may need to cleanse more often if you have facial hair. And make sure you keep your tresses clean if you wear bangs or any style in which your hair is forward and touching your face.

6. Keep it clean. Bathe after working up a sweat to keep oil and bacteria from collecting in your pores. If you can't, at least wash your face, if that's your acne-prone zone. And always wash your face before bed. Seriously, just get up and do it.

7. Soak it up. Carry oil-absorbing blotter sheets with you and use throughout the day.

8. Don't stress out. Literally. When your stress levels rise, cortisol levels rise and increased cortisol is known to aggravate acne. Reducing stress is easier said than done, so if you're going through a stressful time, take extra measures and step up your acne routine.

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ConradM profile image

ConradM 6 years ago from San Francisco, CA

Glad I don't have to mess with this stuff anymore, but I'm sure it will come back around when my youngsters turn into teens.

Darren Haynes profile image

Darren Haynes 6 years ago from Maryland USA

Avoiding stress is real important. Ask anyone with acne and they will tell you that getting stressed out will cause a flare up!

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