8mm Black Titanium Wedding Bands

The black titanium wedding band and other black titanium men's jewelry has been popularized by the brand Edward Mirell. Edward Mirell is the name of the manufacturing company and actually refers to two individuals, Edward Rosenberg and Mirella Connor, the company's founders.

This company is all about contemporary metals and has been in the mens titanium wedding bands sector of the jewelry market perhaps longer than anyone else. Their patented black titanium process forms a black titanium layer that goes at least a millimeter into the titanium surface. The finished black surface is not a plating but an alteration to the titanium on a molecular level that makes the surface very tough and resistant to chipping unlike tungsten carbide and does not scratch off like it does in black plated or black enameled metals.

This company along with Scott Kay and a few other pioneers in the field of jewelry grade titanium are who put black titanium and to a large extent titanium wedding bands for men on the map. So much so that the 8mm black titanium band has now become a staple mens wedding band in many jewelers cases.

You can see the inherent manly appeal of this 8mm black titanium wedding band to the right. This extra width allows for a bit more embellishment without it becoming too overbearing for the ring

Edward Mirell The Titanium Pioneer

Of course the beauty of this black metal does not lie in making jet black titanium wedding band sets but in the fact that here is a metal that is black and durable and can be sandwiched in with other metals like sterling silver and gold to produce striking but beautiful contrasts that are quite appealing in wedding bands for both men and women as well as other types of jewelry like bracelets.

Examples of this can be seen in Edward Mirrell's Tuxedo collection and Mediterranean collections of mens jewelry polished black and gray titanium are effectively combined with sterling silver to produce a beautifully neutral but oh so good looking collection of jewelry that is a study in modern contrasts.

The 8mm width is great for these types of rings that incorporate a bit more design and workmanship with inlaid contrasting precious metals and other textures like the inlaid cable in the ring below from Edward Mirell. It Allows for a certain freedom of design without allowing the ring to be excessively wide. These rings are also great as Pinkie rings

Black Titanium Cable Ring

Why Titanium Is The New Black in Wedding Bands

As far as wedding bands go, the combination of these metal colors and textures is the perfect backdrop for diamonds. Diamonds look stunning against a polished black metal backdrop and previously this effect could only be achieved by using materials like onyx, black enamel and black rhodiumed precious metals.

The drawback was of course durability as onyx would chip at the slightest stress, enamel would also chip since it is essentially glass and black rhodium is of course a temporary stylistic application of a black surface that is not meant to withstand the daily wear that rings go through.

Although a fairly novel item a few years ago, black titanium is here to stay as the black metal of choice when it comes to durability and beauty for men and for women the 6mm titanium wedding band is a clear favorite.

Black Titanium Is One Tough Cookie

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