9 Biggest Makeup Mistakes And How to Avoid Them

The invention of makeup must be the single, most important invention in the history of beauty and skincare. It is the ultimate go-to solution for almost any skin emergency, and not only that, makeup is truly a beauty enhancer. The advantage is that you can tweak it and apply it whichever way you want, and change your look again whenever you feel like it.

So, please, if you want to be a certified makeup guru, you can start by unlearning the following common makeup mistakes and know how you can avoid each:

1. Putting on makeup on totally un prepped skin.

Yuck! This must be the most disgusting of 9 mistakes on this list. The objective of applying makeup is to pretty up your assets, and the biggest mistake you can ever make is by putting on makeup on un exfoliated skin! Exfoliate on a regular basis — once or twice a week or, every other day depending on your skin type and the exfoliation method you’re using. Get those dead skin cells floating on your skin out of the way because the best part of your makeup is a great skin to begin with.

2. Going out made up but with unprotected skin.

Never leave your skin to be at the mercy of the sun’s harmful UV rays. If you’re expecting to get some sun soaking, wear sunscreen and topical antioxidants like Vitamin C under your makeup. If you’re expecting to be out at night, the antioxidants should be fine.

3. Uneven skin tone.

Yish! Wasn’t it because you wanted an even skin tone complexion why you’re spending so much time perfecting your skin with foundation and concealer? So, don’t conceal before you’ve applied your foundation!

4. Stop using the wrong shade of foundation.

Whenever you buy your foundation, make sure you’re buying from a store where there’s white light, and really test it on your face, not on your hands — those two sections of your skin simply have very different tones. Also, if you’ve been using the same foundation pigment for a while, your skin complexion may have changed somehow so go see what else is out there that matches your skin.

5. Settling down with a dalmatian complexion.

Foundations and concealers may seem one and the same but they’re not! Do not ever use one in place of the other. Your foundation is not meant for spot correcting. Your concealer is.

6. Poorly incorporated products.

Your brushes and sponges serve very specific purposes. All of which have a common objective though, that is, to better adhere the product to your skin. Some things are simply better applied with these tools, not your fingers. Knowing which brush or sponge to use can make tons of difference to your makeup, so make sure you can tell apart your blush brush from your concealer brush and your eyeliner brush.

7. Wearing false eyelashes that look, well, fake.

Unless you’re headed to Mardi Grass or some Halloween party, keep your falsies realistic please, nothing too dramatic. If you’re not sure which falsies to use, getting a semi-permanent eyelash extension might work better. Mascaras are simply too messy so it’s best to settle for these two options when you can.

8. Blindly following a look book.

Getting the flattering look you want is just not as simple as following a process step-by-step. Find the look that flatters you the most.

9. Eye shadows and lipsticks that are out of place.

Prep these areas with a concealer so that the colors stick better and stay in place.

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