A Practical Overview of Cosmetic Surgery - Would You Trade Health For A Cosmetic Surgery?

Do I really need a Cosmetic Surgery ?

Often we come across hearing about celebrities who have undergone a cosmetic surgery. But those are the yester years’ stories. These days, even the ordinary people are taking on this medical practice; the young, teens and old alike. After all, it is all a glory of glamour these days, and people are ready to keep up to the modern tradition at any cost of penny.

Cosmetic surgery goes much beyond the ‘looking beautiful’ factor. There are various types of surgery that cater to specific needs and requirements. It not only is a luxurious option for the affluent, but also an inevitable one under circumstances where the patient has a deformed appearance. What an interested prospect needs to understand however, are the implications on the health, which is often an overlooked aspect. You may then decide upon asking – do I really need a cosmetic surgery?

Searching for Perfection

Searching for Perfection
Searching for Perfection | Source

Common Types of Cosmetic Surgery

Some are keen on getting face lifts done or buffing up the inward cheeks. Any procedure involved in rectifying such problem involving the cheek bones poses high degree of risk due to probable damage to the eye socket. While it is very rare that such a surgery might be exercised due to the risk involvement, it is imperative on the side of the patient to be informed and be wise in taking decisions.

The most villainous substance used in the most common cosmetic surgery involving the face, is botox which is highly fatal when ingested. This toxin may result in paralyzing the muscles when injected on the face. Does this need further elaboration on the repercussions it could bring along?

Yet another popular form of cosmetic surgery is the liposuction. Haven’t you seen in magazines and newspapers, pictures of obese people exposing their tummies ‘before’ and ‘after’ a cosmetic surgery to find you in total astonishment? People from all ages are often enticed to this method of fat removal as they seem to have gone away without any hard efforts. But one has to know that there is a risk element involved in this surgery from the knives that may commit an accident, or the anesthesia that may react adversely upon the patient. As with any medical solution, there could be side effects emerging on the patient which will vary depending upon the individual.

Cosmetic Surgery Documentary - Breast Augmentation with Silicone Implants

Side effects of Cosmetic Surgery

The most common and obvious side effect from a cosmetic surgery is the scars. At times this may cause to be a reason for larger frustration than the original problem you’ve had. Surgeries like a tummy tuck may also be associated with immense pain post surgery. It is mandatory of the patient to discuss all possible side effects and risks involved in the type of surgery to be undertaken with the cosmetic surgeon. You may want to rule away the possibilities of having to live with a side effect that outweigh your specific problem. Make your choice wisely.

Last but not the least, while any cosmetic surgery is expected to bring you a positive look you’ve wanted, it may sometimes result in dismay. The newly found appearance if not found satisfactory to your specific needs may upset you and cause psychological distress. Of course, choosing the best surgeon in the industry will minimize the possibilities of such occurrence but cannot negate it completely. The patient must be determined to meet any adversities he might have to face in such cases. In most cases, a surgery is irreversible. So weigh your risks and priorities.

To all people, and especially those to whom a cosmetic surgery is only a means of optional enhancement, it is good to consider the trade off between the risks involved

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