Acne Cleanser Tips

It used to be said that acne was caused by unclean skin and should there fore be cured with extensive cleansing. However in this day and age it has come to light that a dirty face is not the cause of acne and that aggressive cleansing with harsh soaps will aggravate rather than mitigate the outbreak.

The typical cause of acne has to do with sebum oil produced by the sebaceous gland which then makes its way up to the pores to lubricate the skin. Sometimes the glands produce more oil than is needed. This oil gets trapped in the follicle hair and the pores get clogged resulting in whiteheads and blackheads. This becomes an ideal breeding ground for the bacteria Propionibacterium. The area gets inflamed due to this becterium which spreads around. The result is a pimple or acne outbreak and the best way to start out is with a good acne skin cleanser.

What Kind of Acne Cleanser do I Need ?

Harsh cleansers, or cleansers with alcohol that dries out the skin are no good for acne. Gentle cleansing with a mild soap is what is needed. It is also recommended to use your fingers instead of a washcloth to rub the soap on your face so there is not irritation caused to the outbreak. By the same token soaps or cleansers that have granules or are otherwise known as exfoliants are a definite no no and will surely irritate the outbreak.

After washing with mild soap and warm water it is always best to pat dry rather than rub dry your face. A good cleanser for acne should remove any makeup, oil, and dirt accumulated during the day and thereby prepare the skin for absorption of any good acne fighting treatment. It is best not to use a regular bath soap because of the chemical additives than can clog your pores. You should always go for a medicated soap which contain benzoyl peroxide which has anti-bacterial properties and is lipid free to prevent pores from clogging up.

A few good cleansers are made by  Brevoxyl, Triaz and Zoderm that may be by prescription only or over the counter. Another benefit of using a good acne facial cleanser is that it reduces the itching feeling on your face that often prompts one to reach up and scratch his/her face. Scratching or rubbing the face when treating an outbreak is just asking for trouble.

Acne Cleanser Preferences

In addition to using an acne face cleanser it is also important to use moisturizers to replenish the skin. Choice of moisturizer is crucial because it is certainly possible to find a moisturizer that will not leave a residue that will clog the pores or follicles and jam up the bacteria even more.

There are some choices you can make when choosing a natural acne cleanser. You can use a non-foaming or foaming cleanser. This choice is largely a personal preference as it mainly depends on the list of ingredients. There is also the debate between the use of bar and liquid soaps. Many acne sufferers think that bar soaps have more additives than liquid acne soaps which just isn't the case. Neutrogena and Dove make perfectly good acne soaps that compete well with liquid acne cleansers.

Medicated Acne Cleanser or Non-Medicated

The other question is whether to use a medicated acne cleanser or non-medicated. It really depends on the type of treatment that you are undergoing. If you're on a faily aggressive prescription acne medication like Retin A (active ingredient Tretinoin) or Accutane (active ingredient Isotretinoin), then the best acne cleanser would be a non-madicated one. Medicated acne cleansers often contain salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, or sulfur. These definitely reduce pore blockages but they tend to dry out the skin. the problem is that Retin A and Accutane will also dry out the skin giving you a double whammy of overly dry skin. So the best bet is to use a pure facial cleanser like Clarins one step facial cleanser which can also be used as a toner and make up remover. Also the neutogena line of cleansers below are well known for gentle cleaning and natural ingredients.

Popular Acne Facial Cleansers

There are many all natural cleansers for acne with natural  ingredients like Aloe, Fennel, grean tea, jojoba,chamomile and yarrow that are good facial cleaner ingredients that have anti bacterial properties but do not irritate the skin. Phisoderm 4 way daily acne cleanser (an acne wash without documented ingredients but considered effective), Pronexin, Epuri purifying foaming cleanser, FACE Stockholm Foaming Facial Cleanser and many others that are available for a good price online.

Acne Discussion

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Vaiola Mills 6 years ago

I started getting acne when I was 9 and now I am 43 and still fight it. I try a lot of products and most of the time I wind up wasting my money, but the Made from Earth Green Tea Cleanser really works well. It’s the only thing that works for me but make sure to moisturize because it can also make your skin worse by drying it out. I love how my skin looks in the morning when I use the Cleanser before bed. My skin looks normal and normal skin is something I have never had.

Kevin 5 years ago

Great Hub.Nice tips provided.It is very useful as far as I was concerned.Thanks a lot for sharing such an informative hub guys.:)


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