Acne Free Products - Do They Really Work?

The Acne Free skin treatment system has been touted as the inexpensive and more effective version of Proactiv. This is a huge claim to make, due to the high success rate of people using the Proactiv system. While there are many other acne treatment systems on the market, Acne Free has made the boldest claims for its effectiveness. I am going to take a closer look at these claims, what it really does, and if it works.

To determine these results, I have scoured every user and product review available on the web and also bought the product myself for testing. The combination of both of these will provide a fairly unbiased sample of people to make an accurate judgement from. So read on to see what the hype is all about!

I have to state ahead of time that you will never see the results that are stated on the bottle unless you give it time to work.  If you buy the AcneFree system, use the entire kit before you decide if it's the right product for you.  Rome wasn't built in a day and acne won't go away overnight.

Acne Free's Claims

Acne Free received an independent study from Clinical Research Laboratories to prove that their product is "significantly better" than the Proactiv system.  This claim is backed up on their website with actual testimonials from their customers.  We all know that these "sponsored" style claims are all going to be positive, so they cannot be totally believed.  Read on to see what the real reviews are like.

Acnefree 24 Hour Acne Clearing System Kit
Acnefree 24 Hour Acne Clearing System Kit

Awesome price for the one month supply.


The Acne Free System

The Acne Free product that I used was the 3-step Clear Skin System. In the box is a cleanser, toner, and lotion. None of the products smelled very good (to me), but they were very effective. The lotion is a bit grittier than the lotions and moisturizers that you are probably used to, but it eventually becomes natural. The toner is pretty harsh, and I imagine that it might be rough on sensitive skin.

For the kit, I paid a little less than $20, on sale at my local drug store. From my research, this price seems fairly standard, but Amazon always has it at an awesome price. As of this writing it is currently less than $14 (see box to the right), at that price I would buy a few of them!

Acne Free Reviews

There are two different camps when it comes to Acne Free; it works great, and it doesn't work at all.  My own review falls into the first camp.  I used it and loved it, but there's a catch, you have to use it!  The reviews that touted its effectiveness are the people who stuck to the system and used it for more than a few days before giving up on it.  The first week gives great results, then breakouts and dryness.  In order to get the results that Acne Free claims, you must use this as a long-term treatment and overcome the initial frustrations.

As I'm sure you can expect, the negative reviews were mostly from people who did not stick to the twice a day system for more than a week.  My skin cleared up very quickly, then I had a massive breakout, then my skin cleared up for good.  Many people gave up after that first breakout.  Have faith in the system and it will work for you!

Acne Free Results

My results from using the Acne Free system were consistent with the positive reviews stated above. I didn't have terrible acne, but breakouts were common. My main motive for buying this was to see if it lives up to the hype, and it did. The key to seeing good results of your own is to strictly follow the program. If you do not, you will not see long term results.

If you get a breakout after the first week, this is common with most reviewers and myself. Stick to the system to get past that and clear your skin for good.

If you do not follow the program, do not expect great results!!

Acne Free Warnings

Although this did not happen to me, some people reported a severe allergic reaction to the Acne Free system. The product gave their face a "chemical burn" and a trip to the doctor was necessary. The cleanser burned my face a little bit when I first started the treatment, but I attributed this to the chemicals doing their job under my skin. If you experience a burning sensation that you cannot tolerate, stop using it and see the doctor.

Also, the chemicals in Acne Free can stain your linens and towels after it has been rinsed off of your face. This is clearly stated on the packaging and perfectly normal. I planned for it to happen (it didn't) by switching to old pillow cases and towels to be safe.

In Conclusion

The summary of Acne Free is simple. Follow the instructions, don't expect immediate results, and use the entire system for best results! Highly recommended!

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wolvie1881 profile image

wolvie1881 7 years ago from Canada

So would you judge this to be more effective than Proactiv?

The Empire profile image

The Empire 7 years ago from Napa, CA Author

Wolvie1881 - I would, especially if you do not have sensitive skin. Proactiv works great, and does so for those with sensitive skin, but for the money I would recommend Acne Free.

mzoghori 7 years ago

The best thing in a disease or any kind of an infection is prevention. Herewith are some of the tips that will ensure good health care at all times;

Avoid products with high concentration of isopropyl alcohol, or common alcohol. A strong astringent alcohol strips the top layer of your skin causing your sebaceous glands to produce more oils resulting to dry red skin and possibly more blemishes.

Avoid garments made exclusively of Lycra and nylon if you are prone to body acne since some synthetic fabrics can strap the heat and moisture against your skin. This creates a fertile breeding ground for the bacteria that contribute to acne.

David 7 years ago

Any acne victim must understand is that any disease-regardless of its medical judgment is a product of constipation, a clogging up of the body tissues. As a result, as the body struggles to unclog its organs, the route becomes marked in several manners.

Karissa 7 years ago

I had a severe allegic reaction to this product. After using it for one day my skin suffered from chemical burn and my eyes swelled up to the point where I couldn't see out of them. I can not say that this product works or not but avoid it if you have sensitive skin.

Ritz 6 years ago

Does this product get rid of brown spots that were left from old acne?

The Empire profile image

The Empire 6 years ago from Napa, CA Author

@Ritz - Those are probably mild acne scars. This stuff will help prevent and get rid of acne.

Josie 6 years ago

This product did NOT work!! I got more acne than I started with! I would not recommend it

Angel 6 years ago

I've been using Acnefree Severe for a little over two weeks now. This product works very well. I was using Clean and Clear Advanced and was not happy with it. In a matter of three days I was able to see my acne going away. It does dry out your skin and can make it itchy and red. You must use a moisturizer after. I stoped using the retinol cream because it was making my skin too sensitve. That stuff is amazing!

Like all acne medications, you have to give it 6-8 weeks to see if the product will work for your skin. Not all products will work for everyone. AcneFree may give you a big breakout because it is pulling all the bacteria from your pores and bringing it to the surface. Do not give up after a week because you are breaking out and have dry skin. You can also start off using the creams everyother day to get your skin use to the product. Use moisturizer and continue to use the product for about a month before you get rid of it. They also have amoney back guarentee!

libster197 6 years ago

I got AcneFree about three weeks ago on recommendation. At first it began working after a couple days, then I got a bad breakout like Empire said. But I have stuck to the system since I got it, the breakout went away, and now I have very clear skin! I love this product! Very easy and quick.

One thing though. Maybe it is just me but it will do this thing (I think it is the lotion) where throughout the day my skin (especially around my nose) will feel sort of waxy and oily. So I just wipe my skin with a tissue or something, and I don't really have any affects from it. Overall, five stars! I would recommend this product to anyone! (but I do agree its not for people with sensitive skin):)

The Empire profile image

The Empire 6 years ago from Napa, CA Author

@libster197 - Thanks for the review of my review! It helps when someone else has the same experience!

RAHMATULLAH 6 years ago


I love it and thanks for this ..

If your friends have a problem about THIS

nightstalker 6 years ago

Nice hub. thanks for sharing.

Syan 6 years ago

I have really bad acne. I has been using a product eliminate acne and it is not that expensive and you can buy it at acne-freetreatment

Mae 6 years ago

Well, I used an acne treatment based on natural products and diet, but this doesn't mean that only they get results!

Sue 6 years ago

I used this product because I was sick of having occasional breakouts. The breakout is usually along my forhead and the side of my face. After using Acne free for about a week, my skin cleared up completely. This stuff really works. I would highly recommend this product.

mfunksta profile image

mfunksta 6 years ago from London

Hey Empire, thanks for the great hub! Thanks for the info, found it highly informative. Here's a hub I wrote not long ago.

mj947 6 years ago

I am 34 years old and I have pcos. It causes me to have very bad acne! I have deep cyst acne on my jawline and neck due to the hormone imbalance. I started using Acne Free in November of 2009 and before that I was using Murad. I liked Murad very much but the cost was killing me. We are a one-income family and I am a full time student so I had to stop using it. That is when I decided to give Acne Free a try. For me, I am so used to bad acne that I did not notice a breakout after I began the system. BUT I notice now how clear my skin is!!

I was at my cousin's wedding last month and many of my family members who had not seen me in over a year commented on how great my skin looked. For the first time in over 4 years I can leave my house without makeup on. It feels good to get back my feminity that pcos has robbed me of and I can thank Acne Free for that!

Having said all of that, don't get it near the skin around your eyes! OUCH!

JD24 6 years ago

Hey empire nice article! I wanted to ask u if u think acne can be long term? I used proactiv for 3 years without a few small breakouts but was really good enough that it never stopped working. I switched to acne free to save up on some money and so far I like it after using it a little over a month. But lately I have been getting small acne breakouts that are really no big deal they go away after a couple days but usually I never get acne in some places where recently I've been getting them at. So I was wondering if acne free will stop working after awhile ? or is a good long term acne product that can be used for years to come without it failing?

The Empire profile image

The Empire 6 years ago from Napa, CA Author

@JD24 - Getting a few breakouts when switching types of acne wash is common. Your skin is just adapting to the new mix of chemicals. Give it a few more weeks, and you should be able to figure out if it will work long term.

Jyoti! 6 years ago

Hey! I ordered "Acne Free" from Texas cos its not available where i live. Anyway, i tried it & it doesn't work at all in fact the benzoyl peroxide in the small "terminator" tube burns a lot and sticks to the pimple & when u wash your face it just sticks but when u try removing it the pimple pops & there you are, scarred with a big blotch. Damn this product is useless, its better not to waste your money. I dont recommend it for anyone.

ibeleevenme profile image

ibeleevenme 6 years ago from Upstate NY

I've gotta say, I'm one of those people who has NEVER had nice skin. (Okay, maybe when I was about 4, 5... once I turned 10 and 11 it's been horrible. I turned 32 this year and had probably my worst break out in my adult life. Its hard to say rather this product works better than proactive b/c I think it depends on a person's own chemistry. We all know what works for one person will NOT work for another. Proactive did not work for me, so I wasn't about to go through all the trouble of getting it. I want to be able to walk into a drugstore and pick up something and go about my business. I have tried EVERYTHING from the clean and clears, to the nutragenas, oxys, oil of olay, noxema, cetophil, oatmeal,lemon juice, witch hazel, clay masks, you name it, I've tried it. So when I tried this a few days ago (The Clear Skin System - not sensitive skin and not sever because I think that this might OVERdo it, but the regular Clear Skin) I wasn't expecting anything special, but I kid you not, I've only been using this for 4 days now and my skin did a 180. My face was getting so bad that my makeup was looking horrible... I looked in the mirror for the first time today and felt good about myself for the first time in a long time... but that's just my claim. Like the author says, if you don't follow it, you can't expect the right results and I follow it to a tee (it isn't hard) Wash, tone, lotion - move on! What one should be doing anyway :)

steph 5 years ago

if I am using the acnefree 3 step one, should I use this twice a day if it does not irritate my skin? I am only using it every night and it is working pretty slow, so should i use it twice a day instead?

hood 5 years ago

can some one tell me how to use it pls?

Kelly 5 years ago

My facial lady advised me to apply a thin layer of jojoba oil before putting on the lotion (step 3) to help keep the skin moist.

Inez 5 years ago

Acne Free Products can heal depending on the type of acne.

Material that is in the kitchen we could use to cure acne as long as we know the type of acne. Even toothpaste can to heal.

Even fruit and vegetables are the ingredients that can help prevent acne and some of them very useful for mild acne cure.

But certainly clean your face twice a day is the best way to avoid acne

Kara 5 years ago

I tried the Severe treatment and I'm having a reaction to it around my eyes in particular - I do not use any of the product around my eyes, but it has made them kind of puffy and itchy. I imagine it is an allergic reaction to the high concentration of benzoyl peroxide (proactiv has 2.5% while acnefree contains a "time released" 10%) or perhaps a reaction to other inactive ingredients. Anyway, don't use the severe treatment unless you have severe acne. I probably wouldn't even stay with it if you do have severe acne, just because benzoyl peroxide, while not a known carcinogen, is a fairly potent chemical. I don't know if I am experiencing a mild chemical burn, but I am going to stop using this particular product. I'm going to try their sensitive skin stuff, but if it causes the same reaction, I'll have to go back to proactiv. The results so far, however, have been fairly good on my most recent breakout. It has dried out my face somewhat, which has gotten rid of a lot of the surface pimples and it seems to be pulling impurities out of the skin (causing further breakouts) but while on my face, the product calms acne inflammation moderately. However, the side effects are just not worth the burning and itching, puffy eyelids, etc.

gabbi 5 years ago

well ive been usinq this for 2 to 3 weeks and my faace semmed to be clearinq up but one day i didn't use it and , my face qot more pimples is this suppose to happen ?

darriage 5 years ago


i have been using it for almost a month now. when I was unable to use it cause of this volunteer thing i was doing, where I was working like 17 hours a day, and slept any moment I could, my skin definitely flared up. I would have to assume this is normal. This is because there is no cure for acne, only treatments. Your skin cleared up cause it was treating the acne, not curing it. But if you don't use the treatment, the acne will more than likely come back, unless you have switched to another treatment, your skin will probably flare up again.

Sierra 5 years ago

I have been using this product for 2 year and when I first got it, it worked very well on my skin. It did burn a little bit but it doesn't anymore. It doesn't seem like its working anymore though so I think I'm going to switch to another product. My skin is not very sensitive, so any suggestions?

acnefreecustomer 5 years ago

how do i use it? my brother has been using it and when he was about my age he had a lot of acne. he was the one who recommended to me, and im really despret to see the results i burly bought it today at walmart it was about $14:99. how long will it take for me to noyice results?

young pup 4 years ago

how long does the breakouts last ive been using it for 3 days i haven't had a breakout but when i do how long willl it take to go bye bye

D d'ior 4 years ago

I brought the 3 step acne back in February cause my face broken out really bad at first I didn't see any results but I used it twice a day,after 3weeks I start seeing Big results! Now its the end

Of March & Is still have some left from when I got it February! Just use a dime size 4 all 3steps

Mary 4 years ago

Once apoun atime there was girl who had really ugly acne and she tried everything even proactiv and then she decided to try this random product called Acne Free and after 3 days she saw the best results of her life!!!! Trust me im that girl and u could b to if u try this product!!!!!!!

Michelle 3 years ago

There is not a product out there that is good for everyone. I found for myself that I make my own products from the items that I have in my kitchen. is where I found the recipes.

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