Acne Laser Removal

Some people have severe acne problems that move them to consider acne laser removal treatments. At some point, about 100 percent of the people in the world get pimples. For some people the condition is mild but for others it is severe and will last for a longer time. Severe pimples cause scarring, which may appear permanently on the flesh. The skin may be disfigured as well.

Most people experience acne in their puberty. The condition may improve later, but sometimes it will persist into middle age. The lesions from acne form when openings of oil glands known as sebaceous glands in the skin become blocked.  The oil is trapped from build up within the glands. The reaction causes inflammation. Sometimes the inflammation that causes swelling may be intense that it may rupture and cause more swelling.

According to some people, acne during puberty will develop due to a surge of hormones. The hormonal surges trigger the pimples. Stress may cause acne and some suggest that an unhealthy diet may cause acne, but doctors do not agree. According to doctors, there is not a specific food that causes pimples to develop on the skin.

Other says that Propionbacterium, a bacterium causes acne. Mild acne conditions can be treated over-the-counter or with home remedies. Yet, severe acne problems may require immediate medical care including acne laser removal. Laser therapy may include the pulsed-dye laser, which has been randomly tested. Some say that it has been controlled blindly in some of the best types of trials possible. The laser treatment showed that it could significantly reduce acne without any side effects occurring.

Another type of laser treatment is the 1450 nm infrared laser treatment, which has not been controlled in studies, and only 83% of the people see reduced lesions. It takes three treatments to see this result. Some reported that they experienced redness, temporary pain, and swelling after the acne laser treatment was completed. Some people with darker skin color reported after the acne laser treatments that they noticed hyper pigmentation or darkening of the skin, which may suggest that the treatment was working.

Other alternatives to laser treatment are light therapy. A blue light is used to remove bacteria known as Porphyrin from the skin in which doctors suggest that a blue light will remove. The blue light is used which causes a chemical reaction and in turns destroys the bacteria.


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