Adult Acne Treatments - A Grown Up Solution

Adult acne is very similar to teenage acne in its appearance and irritation, but its cause is different and adult acne treatments are as well. Teenage acne is due to the increased hormone production of puberty. Acne in adults is mostly due to environmental causes. Luckily, the topical treatments are the same for both.

Acne in adults usually doesn't manifest as severely as it does in teens, which means that the treatment programs such as AcneFree usually aren't necessary. They will certainly help, but it may be overkill. Controlling the environmental causes of acne are the best adult acne treatments.

The main contributors to adult acne are stress, diet, and makeup. One or all of these may apply to you, but controlling all of them is key to make sure that your acne stays away for good.

Finding a basic topical acne cream will certainly help in a pinch, because we all know that acne likes to present itself at the worst times! The stress of a job interview or a blind date likes to put acne in the worst places (like the tip of your nose, from experience!). Having a pimple cream on hand will help you get out this easily.

Adult acne treatments are similar to other treatments, but can usually be cleared up at the source.

Let's take a look at the three main environmental causes of adult acne so you can start your treatment program.  After you determine the cause you can begin adult acne treatments.

I hope she gets this under control before she grows up! heh! Image courtesy of gemsling via Flickr.
I hope she gets this under control before she grows up! heh! Image courtesy of gemsling via Flickr.

Adult Acne Treatments - Stress

Stress does lots of wacky things to our bodies. It causes weight gain, hormone imbalances, sleep loss, and dozens of other things. Hormone imbalance is one of the leading causes of acne in teens and adults.

The hormone cortisol is in increased production during periods of increased stress. This helps your body prepare for increased demand during these times. Unfortunately, cortisol increases sebum production in the follicles - leading directly to pimples. So the thing that gets you ready to run away from a bear (or your boss) also makes those irritating things pop up on your face.

Put into simple terms, control your stress and your acne will be under control.  On the surface this seems easy, but it is one of the most difficult adult acne treatments.

Adult Acne Treatment - Makeup

It may seem counterintuitive to not put makeup on pimples when one of their best uses is to cover acne, but the makeup is making your breakouts worse. Makeup does a number on the pores of your skin, clogging them up and causing more blemishes.

If you find yourself getting more pimples, you can either stop using makeup for a while or switch brands. A different brand of makeup may not be better for your skin, but your face will react differently to each one. Spend your weekends without makeup to allow your skin to breathe and heal for the week to come.  This is one of the easiest adult acne treatments.

Image courtesy of Darwin Bell via Flickr.
Image courtesy of Darwin Bell via Flickr.

Adult Acne Treatment- Diet

I'm not saying to go on a diet, but pay attention to the things that you are eating. It would be healthier and cheaper to bring your lunch with you to work than it would to run through the drive through again. Focus your diet of fruits and vegetables rather than meat and bread, you don't have to be vegan but it wouldn't hurt. The added nutrients will have a huge impact on your complexion and you will feel tons better overall.

Start drinking water! Put the Diet Coke down and drink something that will actually help your adult acne. Water flushes the crap out of your body that contributes to breakouts. Drink at least a half gallon a day for the best adult acne treatments.


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