Affordable Gemstone Engagement Rings

If you're looking for an engagement ring but just can't justify, or can't afford spending thousands on diamonds why not consider a beautiful gemstone, like the amethyst for example instead.

After all who says that you have to spend three months pay on a diamond? My guess is that story was probably started by the diamond industry itself.

Really when you think about it a diamond doesn't prove your love, it's the things that you do each and every day that shows your love.

So instead of going into debt ,why not buy a gorgeous low cost gemstone ring and save the money that you would have spent for a diamond for your future.

Amethyst Engagement Rings

What is more beautiful than an amethyst? I think that you will agree that the following selection of amethyst engagement rings are truly gorgeous, Your hardest choice is going to be just settling on one ring.

* Helpful hint - if a ring doesn't come in your size you can quite easily have it altered by a jeweler for very little cost.

Topaz Engagement Rings

If you have your heart set on the traditional diamond engagement ring why not consider the white topaz? It's every bit as beautiful and sparkly as the diamond. But you won't go broke buying one, in fact you can by a fairly nice size white topaz for under $500.00.

And if you would like a little color in your engagement ring be sure to check out the beautiful blue topaz as well as the gorgeous aquamarine and pink tourmaline rings listed below.

History Of The Engagement Ring

The engagement or betrothal ring was used during the Roman times but fell out of practice until the 13th century.

Engagement rings didn't become the standard in the west until the end of the 19th century and diamonds didn't become common until the 1930's. In the past the groom would select and purchase an engagement ring on his own. But today most engagement rings are selected by both the bride and the groom.

The story that a man should spend 2 months wages on an engagement ring was actually a marketing campaign by De Beers in order to increase the sale of their diamonds. Isn't it funny how something like that can take on a life of it's own?


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