Black Woman Thinning Hair

Janet Jackson Thinning Hair
Janet Jackson Thinning Hair

African American Women Hair Breakage Pattern Baldness

Thinning hair is a symptom which could be contributed to aging, genetics or hair damage from stress related hairstyles.

Black females usually are more prone to thinning hair from abuse of hair relaxers, chemical straighteners and hair lye treatments.

The obsession of maintaining straight processed and relaxed hair starts early in life, after many traumatic experiences with unmanageable, stubborn, dry and tangled coils.

The frustration of trying to comb, brush and style kinky, course African American hair caused many females to choose the road of least resistance by opting for texturizers, relaxers and chemical treatments to smooth the hair flat from the scalp to the ends.

The result was an addiction to the now easy to comb and shiny results of blow dried and flat ironed hair that with proper care could grow and blow in the wind.

Some areas of help can come from medical therapy, laser hair rejuvenation, transplant surgery, and non-surgical replacement.

To know what will work best for you it is a good idea to ask questions, read and get more than one medical opinion.

Not all volumizing shampoos or gels will work for everyone, hair vitamins can only do so much it may be necessary to contact a licensed dermatologists and discuss the situation to find the best solution for your androgenetic alopecia needs.

Hair Relaxers cause thinning of hairline and baldness

After years of this type of hair routine, some women started to experience breakage, bald patches and thinning of their hair due to over processed relaxers and continued stress on the fragile hairline.

Some of the new trendy styles include wearing the hair in an unnatural straight style with repeat visits to the hair salon, beauticians earned high wages every time they had a new client so they would tell each person that it was necessary to come back for a re-touch up every two weeks.

The repeat touch-ups of hair relaxers left no time for the hair to recover from the chemicals which eventually leads to breakage around the hairline and the crown of the hair.

Also African American hair becomes very thin, lifeless and fragile which will snap off at any sign of new growth.

One reason black women would keep their hair appointments is because any coiled or curly hair growth would cause the straight hair to look puffy and the thickness at the scalp would be incompatible with the straight ends.

Tight Micro Braids pulls out hair causing baldness in women

Summer months caused sweating and many relaxed hairstyles to revert easily, the cost of having ones hair styled would be expensive.

So if the decision was to go to the pool, lake or beach for swimming it was just best to put hair into individual braids or micro-braids. These protective styles are used in the summer to keep african american hair under control and free from having to go every two weeks to get a relaxer.

Most black women will let their hair grow out in a braid hairstyle which is usually braided very tightly pulling at the scalp and edges to make the braids last longer.

Getting individual braids, twists and micro-braids can take hours and cost a lot of money to have done, so most girls will want their braids to last and the hair stylist will braid the hair very tight causing the hair edges to eventually break off and lead to baldness.

Hair Extensions and Lace Front Wigs damage hair over long useage

Celebrities such as Janet Jackson has worn hair extensions and hair weaves her whole life, this type of wear and tear can cause the hair to weaken.

Many times the hair weave is sewed into the hair on top of cornrows which must be repeated over and over again. The lace front wigs require gluing of the hair piece to the hair edges. The hair glue pulls out the hair and leaves bald spots that sometimes do not grow back.

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Pattern Baldness In Women

Medical hair restoration as well as Hair loss treatments for women with alopecia increases with age and can affect all women including African American women. The best hair loss solutions usually comes from the women giving up chemical relaxers and other stress related hairstyles.

Hormonal imbalances from female menopause can require hair transplantation of the follicular unit depending on how bad the hair is shedding on a daily basis. Symptoms usually include thinness on the top or front of the head.

Pregnant women who have discontinued using birth control pills may experience some loss in hair from the scalp or overgrowth of hair in other parts of the body. Aldoctone has been administered to females experiencing hair fall rates after menopause or from increased testosterone hormone levels.

Physical and emotional stress from work or losing a family member as well as serious illnesses due to disease can cause hair loss. Radiation treatment of patients who have cancer experience a loss of hair follicles that usually grows back after treatment is over.

Treatment options for thinning hair in women, starts with analyzing the female hair loss causes. One place to start is with hormonal considerations as well as changes to a new diet, women who start a strict diet, fasting or starvation regimen could trigger rapid and significant weight loss contributing to baldness.

Treating Thinning Edges

Natural home remedies for hair loss can help in regrowing thin hair edges. Loss of hair around the hairline can happen from extensive use of hair extensions or wearing tight ponytails that cause the scalp to experience trauma from having the hair pulled too tightly.

Hair products that provide treatment include ORS Temple Balm, Saw Palmetto Extract, Aloe Vera, Minoxidil, as well as prescription products such as propecia. Studies and results will vary from person to person and it is important to consider if the hair loss treatment works best on men or women.

Doo Grow anti-thinning total care hair growth system is one that is popular among African Americans for thinning edges. They have many hair products that receive success stories. Some of the products include mega thick GRO serum, triple strength repair and shine that is said to help promote strong, healthy growing hair with its unique formula by moisturizing the hair and scalp.

The problem with most African American hair styles, such as weaves and braids is that they dry out the scalp causing flaking and itching. Over-processed hair that is breaking and damaged will continue to get worse if one does not seek help from medicated, leave-in growth treatments to help stimulate blood circulation in the scalp.

Amla oil, coconut oil, olive oil, raw honey, fenugreek seeds are just a few herbal remedies for hair loss cure solutions. Jojoba oil has anti-oxidant properties that protect the hair and scalp, removing sebum buildup that impede hair follicle growth and treats damage for stronger healthier looking hair.

Hairstyles Female Hair Loss Causes

The biggest cause of hair-loss comes from repeat use of popular hair lengthening trends such as lace front wigs, hair extensions, hair pieces and artificial hair integrations.

This is known as traction aloepecia caused from the use of synthetic and human hair strand replacement. The point of having the hair added in the first place is to provide volume and thickness or length to a hairstyle for a photoshoot, television show or print advertisement.

In the case of super models such as Tyra Banks and Naomi Cambell these types of beauty aids has resulted in damage to their hairlines or thinning of their natural hair.Clip on extensions and sew-ins or glued hair pieces has resulted in severe baldness and hair loss throughout their careers.

Removal of hair extensions and weaves can cause damage to hair strands if the unit was not installed properly, this is seen with shedding and attachment breakage. Celebrities are known for wearing these types of hair falls as part of their beauty image.

Photos of Britney Spears, Ciara, Beyonce, Brandy and other well-known famous persons have been seen with missing tracks, balding spots and where the hair extensions pulls out the natural hair at the forehead or on the sides of the scalp which is its weakest point.

It is best to consult a professional dermatologists who has a history of treating these types of symptoms before you try any home remedies or oils. Take into consideration your health history and if you are taking any medications.

In most cases the main culprit for hair loss is the water you use, the next is genetic factor, in some places pollution plays a vital role. It is always better to consult a specialist before trying home remedies.

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