Essential Oils For Anti Aging Facial Massage

If only wrinkles were this cute on me.
If only wrinkles were this cute on me.
Three cheers that I don't have to look at this sad state of affairs when I awaken every morning! And look at those wrinkles!
Three cheers that I don't have to look at this sad state of affairs when I awaken every morning! And look at those wrinkles!

Wrinkle Prevention Tips

  • Quit smoking and limit alcoholic beverages as this increases dehydration and invites free radicals to party in your body and on your skin!
  • Drink at least 64-ounces of pure H20 every day!!
  • Get at least 8 hours of rest each night.
  • Take a multi-vitamin and/or eat a well-balanced diet
  • DO NOT touch your face, especially do not rub your eyes!!!
  • Try not to hold extreme expressions, especially frowning!
  • Always use protection when exposed to the sun for any length of time!
  • Massage your face for increased skin tone, relaxed facial muscles and increased cell turnover!

where do free radicals come from?
where do free radicals come from?

Unrecognizable Face Of Aging

I wake up. Start the morning coffee. Step into the bathroom, grab my toothbrush and look up. “How long was I asleep for?!” I ask myself mockingly as I try to iron out the wrinkles my pillow left. At least that’s what I tell myself. But as I fumble through my day I die a little more each time I glance in the mirror and those “pillow wrinkles” are asserting themselves as the first “signs of aging” that I heard so much about before I had turned 25. maybe I should have taken my youth a little easier. Maybe I should have smiled less or kept a more serious, monotone expression. But, as it often happens I did not know the value of preservation until decay began setting in; let’s face it, that’s what wrinkles mean. Right? We are dying. Is that what is so scary? Which is scarier—being closer to death or losing youth and beauty by the millisecond? I've heard both are inevitable, but I'm only now beginning to gain a fuller understanding of these 'evils.'

So, the bookworm I am, the first thing I want to do before I begin treating my wrinkles is discover exactly the mechanics behind what causes wrinkles so I could tackle each cause one-by-one.

Sun UV exposure: This is an obvious one in this day and age; we all know the dangers associated with sun exposure. The answer, of course, is not to avoid sun exposure but to enjoy basking responsibly. Its best to wear a hat, but not being a hat person I’ve decided the next best thing must be sunscreen. However, I’m a natural kind of gal and the ingredients in sunscreen are numerous and unpronounceable so look below to find the all-natural alternative for sunscreen that I make at home!

Dehydration: Superficial wrinkles can occur *hope hope* from dehydration, so if you are looking to hang on to your youth for as long as possible then those 8 recommended glasses of water a day are now actually required, and more is encouraged. Of course one of the reasons for wrinkles is that aging skin becomes chronically dehydrated at the deeper layers of skin, which is where the wrinkles form. So drinking water is great for preventing or treating superficial wrinkles, but deeper hydration would be needed for the crevices my later years promise me. And as I’ve learned, preparation is key.

Free Radicals: Our skin’s worst enemies. These are the pollutants and other impurities that come into contact with our skin everyday that contribute to your skin losing elasticity and plumpness and hence appearing aged and wrinkled. Vitamin E is a great anti-oxidant. Coconut oil is full of Vitamin E! There are many products that tout anti-oxidant qualities and they may indeed have these ingredients, as well as many other harmful ingredients that are counterproductive to your efforts of preserving your youthful skin Lucky for my I already know all about the natural benefits common oils can bestow on hair and skin, just a little more digging produced a lot of information on these same oils being used in the expensive anti-aging products!

The direction of the facial massage should follow the arrows in this diagram.
The direction of the facial massage should follow the arrows in this diagram.

Natural Life Facial Massage Technique

Natural Anti-Aging Treatment

Facial massage is a great way to increase vital blood flow to the skin in your face, release toxins that break down tissue, and relax muscles while rejuvenating the top layers of skin holistically bringing health and youth back into the face. While it would be nice to get down to the local spa once a month, that’s not really in my time or finance budget, and why pay some stranger to rub their stranger fingers all over your face when you can fake the experience at home for a fraction of the price and even less hassle.

The Best, Easy To Find Carrier Oils For Facial Massage

Hemp seed oil: This oil has been brought to my attention and after careful research I have concluded this is, along with coconut and grape seed oil, one of the most healthy oils to put on your skin and in your body! Full of anti-oxidants this oil fights free radicals while pumping your skin full of moisture attacking the signs of aging on two fronts!

Coconut oil: A great moisturizing oil for all over the body this oil is full of anti-oxidants and nutrients that will nourish your skin after sun exposure and fight dehydration from the outside in. it smells wonderful and absorbs readily and its anti-bacterial qualities knock out germs that cause acne, too.

Grape Seed oil: Full of anti-oxidants, vitamins and nutrients to moisturize your skin and prevent and fight visible signs of aging. Beyond the nutritive benefits this is a good choice for those with oily skin as it absorbs quickly and easily without clogging pores.

Looking To Add A Boost?

Rosehip Seed Oil has been proven to improve skin elasticity, slow down premature aging, regenerate skin cells and reduce the formation of wrinkles. Just add a couple drops to your tablespoon of carrier oil set aside for your facial massage.

Vitamin E is a notorious anti-oxidant and has been shown to counteract sun damage, including burns and wrinkles! I just add a vitamin E capsule to a tablespoon of carrier oil for an extra boost in my facial massage oil.

Ylang Ylang Oil will balance sebum production so it is helpful to add a couple drops to a tablespoon of carrier oil for those suffering from oily skin. It is also known for its anti-depressant, relaxing qualities that will increase the relaxation and ease tension in your facial muscles.

All-Natural Recipes

Basic Facial Massage Oil

1 Tbsp. carrier oil

2-3 drops therapeutic grade essential oil

1 vitamin E capsule

DIY Natural Sunscreen Recipe!

1 cup virgin coconut oil

1 ounce of beeswax

2 tablespoons pure zinc oxide or titanium dioxide


1. Heat in double boiler or very low being careful not to burn 2. slowly stir in beeswax until completely melted 3. While still stirring, add the zinc oxide or titanium dioxide very slowly. 4. Pour into glass container that can be covered. 5. As soon as your new sunscreen is cooled its ready to apply!

Shiseido Facial Massage Technique

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revitawellness 7 years ago from Mecklenburg

That's a nice article. I liked it. The information about the different oils is really helpful. People will be benefited with this.

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thank you for your comment!

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Another great hub ... looks like I need to get me some coconut oil! You've got me convinced, I'll give it a try.

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Excellent hub with lots of detailed instructions for using natural approaches. Your recommendations are far better than using the expensive, chemical-laden anti-aging products in drug and department stores.

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double_frick 6 years ago Author

I'm thrilled you both found useful information in my hub! :D

and i'll add that Frankincense Essential oil is the best anti-aging essential oil i've found so far!!!

double_frick profile image

double_frick 6 years ago Author

I'm thrilled you both found useful information in my hub! :D

and i'll add that Frankincense Essential oil is the best anti-aging essential oil i've found so far!!!

massage business 6 years ago

Love the DIY suncream... where did you find that?

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Thank-you for the info, you mentioned a lot of my favorite oils to use. I think I am going to give facial massage a try.

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Premature aging is a big problem for most women.

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I av learnt a lot from the cheap and affordable oils,e.g coconut oil,for anti ageing.i will like2 know if shebutter is also good for anti ageing.

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Great hub with a lot of good information

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