All Skull Tattoos Are Evil And Bad

Selecting A Skull Tattoo

You must know what you are getting into with a tattoo, especially something as bold as a skull tattoo. Because a tattoo is for life, you must ensure that you are not being pressurized by friends, to get a design simply because everyone else is getting it even though it does not suit your personality. A tattoo tells the world a little more about you. Hence, do not choose your tattoo at the last minute or make a hasty decision. Understand what a tattoo symbolizes and find out if it means anything cryptic. You could check out the internet or tattoo websites to know what a tattoo means. You could even ask your tattoo artist about the origin of a design.

A skull tattoo is generally sported by men as it denotes masculinity. Though it is now related to danger, fear, and even death, the design was originally meant to signify change. Some people say that since death is the most prominent change in our lives, the tattoo tells us about the ability of a person to cope with change. This tattoo is associated with morbid thoughts. But for some individuals, it is a way to remind us that we must live to the fullest, while we are alive. Many cultures also believe that death is either rebirth or liberation. Skulls are a show of power and are used as trophies among some tribes. For some tat enthusiasts, it symbolizes the strength to get past a tough time.

Skull Tattoos

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There are different genres of a skull tattoo--old school, new school, bio-mechanical, and pirate designs. The skull and crossbones design, mostly seen on pirate flags has seen a resurgence of sorts over the past few years. You could have blades crossed over the skull or a pirate hat. Bikers sport a skull with a bike. A snake could be seen coming out of one eye socket and coiled in the other. Snakes also denote knowledge and hence a skull with a serpent is seen as a way of embracing death with courage. A skull could even be made with flowers, stars, hearts, and even wings. Each of these has a unique meaning and could make the otherwise serious skull tattoo a lot lighter.

Even women are beginning to sport these tattoos. For a feminine touch, the skulls are made in pink. They could even have a bow. Couples get matching tattoos as a display of their love for each other. Most old school skulls are minimal designs while the modern day patterns are more colorful and experimental. If you are unsure of the skull tattoo, you can always go to the library to find out more about the design. Big tattoo studios have catalogs exclusively on these patterns. There is a lot of choice out there and you could even get the skull tattoo personalized. Some even get inscriptions along with the design. This tattoo could be seen positively or negatively depending on the circumstances under which it is being sported and also the individual’s outlook towards skulls. These designs are seen as daring and yet symbolic of accepting all that life has to offer, including death, with equanimity.

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