Aloe Vera - My Beauty Secret

My Beauty Secret

Aloe Vera.

That has been my well kept secret for years now.

I have personally used Aloe Vera every single day, twice, for 2-3 years now. It is planted in pots all over my house. There are 10 large plants in 8 large pots and another 40 smaller plants in various containers. And growing every day. Whenever there are little ‘baby aloe’ growing, I will usually transplant it into another container.

This is some useful tips on how to grow and maintain your Aloe Vera plants:

  1. It can be grown on the ground or containers. I have done both successfully.
  2. If you have a plant in container, especially if it is indoor, do not over-water. It will rot and die. Water it every 3-4 days once.
  3. Since your Aloe Vera plant is to be consumed, do put some fertilizer on it to encourage growth. It does not wilt without fertilizer but it will not grow as fast and large as it could.
  4. Try to transplant the ‘baby aloe’ to another spot or container when it grows beside the mother plant. Having too many of the small little ‘baby aloe’ will stunt the growth of the larger plant.
  5. Try not to allow the soil to touch the Aloe leaves because it will cause it to rot.
  6. The growth process takes some time. If you use the plant everyday, like me, make sure you plant as many ‘baby aloe’ as possible, rather than throwing it away. Some times, there are just too many!

What can you do with the Aloe Vera gel? I am sharing my personal experience on how I have used the Aloe Vera gel effectively for my family and I:

  1. Face Moisturizer – I used to have very oily skin. In fact immediately after application of face foundation, I usually have a layer of oil. Since I started using Aloe vera as a face moisturizer, I have noticed significant difference in my T-zone. There are less black heads and I don’t have to dab oil off my face every hour. I apply it straight from the leave, fresh. Its not washed off till I have to shower or wash away my make-up. Then, I re-apply it.
  2. Hair tonic – I apply on my hair and its kept there till my next wash. Which is daily. The Aloe Vera has stopped oil secretion from my scalp and my hair does not look as limp and oily as it used to.
  3. Anti-wrinkle and scar cream – I apply the fresh Aloe Vera on my hands front and back of my neck whenever I apply it to my face and hair. In fact, the other day, I had a scar caused by a few small splashes of hot oil while cooking. Even though it was not visible to others, I was totally devastated because it was dark brown spots. Like freckles. I began applying Aloe Vera on the spot and it disappeared after less than 1 month. I am so happy!
  4. Apply on wounds – After ticks are taken from the dog, some Aloe Vera is applied for the anti-bacterial effect. There were times when it was not applied, the wound became infected. After application with Aloe Vera, the large wounds dries and heals in a matter of days.
  5. Burn - My younger son was seriously scalded by hot water and when Aloe Vera was applied, the wound healed so much faster than it would have been if I applied the cream given by the Doctor. In fact, the cream given by the Doctor only made the wound worst.
  6. Pimples – My Teenage Son is going through puberty. By applying Aloe Vera on his face, the small little pimples just dries up and his skin is much better.

How do I use the Aloe Vera leave?

I cut a leave of the Aloe Vera and keep it in the bathroom. Whenever I require it, I just cut a small piece and de-skin one side and apply the gel on. I find that it is much easier than pre-storing in the fridge. It also ease application.

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wwolfs 5 years ago

Great article and I totally agree with you. I have been using Aloe Vera gel for a long time and find many uses for it, too. Voted up and useful!!

PrettySunflower profile image

PrettySunflower 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Thanks Wwolfs for the Vote Up! Nice to find others who uses it as much as I do :-)

LivingFood profile image

LivingFood 5 years ago

Thanks for these great tips! I have been using aloe in my hair and I really love it. But I didn't know that you could leave it in, so I will try that.

PrettySunflower profile image

PrettySunflower 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Living food: I first started leaving it on and realising its even better. Just like when you get a burn. Enjoy!

Injured lamb profile image

Injured lamb 4 years ago

Really appreciate for such an informative hub PrettySunflower, you have gathered so many useful tips here on how to grow and maintain the Aloe plants, now only I know why my plants rot...and the useful tips for personal use, yes, I got you...would cherish the plants from now on...

vasmenon profile image

vasmenon 4 years ago from India

Prettysunflower: Really useful hub indeed. Been growing aloes at home for some time now since I heard of its benefits,but never really seriously tried it out.Yes I now have quite a few pots of it, and also many "babies". Will start taking better care of it, and also start using it. Thanks a ton

manish 4 years ago

use baba ram dev alovira gell this is very inective

Elma 3 years ago

Do you put on Aloe Vera oil on your face INSTEAD of moisturizer? Or do you add the moisturizer after?

When you smile, does winkles look stronger? I use firming oil and whenever I smile, my wrinkles are worst! My face is smooth when I do NOT smile.

kashish dhamija 2 years ago

For how much time should we use Aloe Vera for digestive purposes

Blond Logic profile image

Blond Logic 2 years ago from Brazil

This was just what I was looking for. I have aloe growing in my garden and have wanted to start using. I will start with it as a moisturizer tonight. Sharing and voted up.

CWanamaker profile image

CWanamaker 2 years ago from Arizona

Aloe Vera ie indeed an amazing plant. I found out how awesome it was when i needed to treat a bad sun burn.

juliet 2 years ago

How long should you keep it on your face?

ammu 2 years ago

10 or 15 min enough.....

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