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Most Expensive Tattoo Artists

Tattooing has been practiced for many centuries all over the world. The first written record dates back to the Neolithic times in 10,200 BC where a mummy was discovered in the Alps covered in more than 50 tattoos on various parts of his body. The stigma attached to having tattoos has always carried a negative perception in society as being rebellious, deviant, and even criminal. Today, the stigma still exist but with less opposition and have become more mainstream as actors, musicians and athletes can be seen sporting a few tattoo themselves. Reality shows like Miami Ink, LA Ink, and Ink Masters even created celebrities out of tattoo artists themselves. The tattoo industry has grown increasingly over the years as well as laser tattoo removal services with over 200 tattoo parlors and Dermatologists in NYC alone that provide tattoo removal services. Here we look at the top 6 most expensive tattoo artists in the nation.

6. Paul Booth

Tattoo Artist: Paul Booth

Parlor: Dark Images

Location: New York, NY

Style/Specialty: realistic horror and gothic designs done in grayscale and demon-laden pieces

Famous Clients: Band members of Sepultura, Pantera and Slipknot

Rate per Hour: $300 per hour.

5. Anil Gupta

Parlor: Ink Line Studio

Location: Manhattan, NY

Style/Specialty: Realistic portraits, accurate copy of fine artworks, Celtic knotwork, tribal designs & abstract pieces.

High Profile Clients: John McEnroe, Christian Slater, Rosie O'Donnell

Rate per Hour: $450 per hour.

4. Brandon Bond

Parlor: All or Nothing Tattoo & Anti Art Elite

Location: Atlanta, GA

Style/Specialty: Gothic, nature and demon designs

High Profile Clients: NAS, Kelis, Peter Moyland & Jordan Schafer.

Rate per Hour: $500 dollar deposit is required with a five-hour minimum.

3. Ami James

Parlor: Love Hate Social Club

Location: London, UK & Miami, FL

Style/Specialty: Japanese style designs

Famous Clients: Corey Taylor, Ami James & Bai Ling

Rate per Hour: $500 per hour.

2. Kat von D

Parlor: High Voltage Tattoo

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Style/Specialty: Realistic portraits designs

Famous Clients: Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, The Game, Eve & Jared Leto

Rate per Hour: $700 per hour.

1. Scott Campbell

Parlor: Saved Tattoo

Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Style/Specialty: Typography and antique ornamentation designs

Famous Clients: Marc Jacobs, Health Ledger, Josh Harnett, Orlando Bloom & Penelope Cruz

Rate per Hour: $1000 for initial hour. $200 for every succeeding hours.

Thriving Tattoo Industry

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