An Honest Review of Tummy Tuck Belt

A Seen On TV Product Review

This is a review by someone who actually tried the Tummy Tuck Belt.

I am not usually prone to As Seen On TV products, but I was reeled in by the promise of the Tummy Tuck Belt. I stumbled on the TV infomercial while I was breastfeeding my 4 months old baby, and the postpartum hormones messes with you. I was pondering the possibility of getting a tummy tuck for my post-pregnancy belly when the commercial came on.

It seemed so incredible and yet it was a seductive pitch: wear this belt and rub on some lotion while you do two minutes of abdominal exercise everyday and see that belly shrink down. Heck, I can do this! Even a busy mom with an infant can fit in two minutes. They say that you only have to wear this belt for 10 minutes a day for fabulous results in a month. No lifestyle or diet change required. If not satisfied in 30 days, then they will refund you. No risk, right?

Well, I can tell you that this product did not work for me. I didn't like that lotion, or so call thermal accelerator cream, it was kind of nasty and flaked on your skin after a few minute. I had some on my arm and it looked like I was peeling (good thing I didn't go out!). I didn't get to return the product because I was busy, like most people are. On top of that, they automatically start sending you more tubes of that lotion which they charge you $19.95 plus $6.99 shipping and handling fee. It wasn't until I received the new lotion that I had to call back and cancel. When you call you speak with someone in India. I can tell because she had an Indian name, the accent, plus she told me good evening when I was calling at 7am in the morning.

I end up having to ship back the thermal accelerator cream that they sent me at my own cost, and I am still waiting for the refund, which can take up to 60 days.

UPDATE: Luckily, I paid to track my shipment back to them because they did not refund me after the 60 days. On top of that, they charged me twice, and they said that it was somehow standard operation for them to do that. I had very little success talking to the customer service there so I had to dispute this with my credit card company and I gave my credit card company the USPS tracking confirmation stating that they actually received it within 7 days of me shipping the cream back to them. It was like pulling teeth to get any refund out of them, and in the end, I only got a partial refund due to shipping and handling fees. I have learned my lesson and will not be fooled again by the promise of easy transformation without diet and exercise!

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5 years ago

I have an email saying they wouldn't charge me anymore & no more shipments. They charged me! I was going to keep the belt & buy cellulite cream instead.But they made me so angry I returned everything. I should have blocked them from my credit card.

hb 4 years ago

thanks. this was most helpful .

Meo 4 years ago

Thank you this was helpful

marilyn 4 years ago

I was planning to order this product, but after reading the reviews i changed my mind. Thank you guys for being honest about the product. Im glad i didn't waste my money...

Lily 4 years ago

I also got sucked into this. First of all the belt that is supposed to help actually rolls up. I'm 5'5" and a size 6. I gained a little pouch over the holidays and figured I would accelerate my toning up. It stated that if you wore it and worked out it would help you achieve results faster. All of that information is erroneous. As I stated the Tummy belt rolls up, the thermal cream is flaky, almost as if it were decomposing. The only beneficial piece of information was the daily meals. Actually I really believe that the nutritional part is what makes up lose to pouch and not the tummy belt. I guess they were very saavy in their marketing as they know people would buy the belt and cream much faster than changing their eating habits. They know people look for the easy way. This was also canceled still awaiting refund.

Nilsa 4 years ago

Thank you for opinion on this product, I will not be purchasing this product.

Gregory 4 years ago

She said good evening because India is around 12 hours ahead, dummy.

Pat 4 years ago

Thanks for your comments they saved me a lot of potential AGITA!

Misty 4 years ago

@Gregory....that was her point, moron! That's one clue she knew they were in India!

vcurrent 4 years ago

Thank you for the input. No purchase from me. Misty, no need to be nasty.

metter 4 years ago

Thanks for the review! @Misty thanks for sticking up for the author after all he did call the author a dummy! Takes one to know one....He obviously can't read in between the lines. Anyway, thanks for the helpful review you saved me money, time, and a huge headache.

kent 4 years ago

thank you author. was stupid enough to believe this might actually work (not usually prone to buy any as seen on tv products as they are crap and this like all the other ones, seems to be crap too). You saved me a lot of headaches.

Good job Misty. I hate it when people call others names like "dummy" when it's obvious that the insulter either can't read or can't comprehend what he has read. Way to call him out.

Alyssa 4 years ago

My mother, sister, and aunt got one of those. The cream did flake but my mom lost 24 pounds, my aunt lost 37 pounds, and my sister lost 54 pounds within 6 months. at First it didn't work but over time with diet and excirse they lost the weight. My cousin tried it and and didn't work that well for her. I guess for some people it works and others it doesn't.

Kimberly 4 years ago

Thank you for posting. I exercise regularly an I thought the extra sweating under the belt may produce the outline of my ab muscles better. But if it rolls what a nightmare. I won't buy one now.

Rachel 4 years ago

I am about to buy one in a smaller size than my original one. I used this along with keeping track of what I ate on a website, and I've lost over 8 inches since August 2011. I have no doubt that this was not all because of the Tummy Tuck, but I do believe it helped some.

Kami 4 years ago

@ Gregory:

Yes, the CSR is in another time zone; however, when working customer service you should appropriately greet the customer in their time zone. That's a basic call center 101 lesson. So the writer is by no means the "dummy" here.

Sean 4 years ago

I have also purchased this item and it does not work. Plain and simple. Sorry for those who were hopeful as I was when I bought it.

I'm not responding to this review because of the results though. I want those to know that the company (if you deal with them) is very unethical. You will get placed onto an automatic membership list, meaning somewhere in the very small print you're agreeing to pay them $19.99 every month for more stupid cream. Had to call them and the bank so they'd never charge me again.

I also suspect that they also sell your contact info to cold calling companies, since I keep pretty good track of who I give my info to and literally 1 week after purchasing the product I got bombed with calls day and night.

In conclusion stay away, or live and learn.

Lulu 4 years ago

Thank you all for the comments, this should open our eye, for the croock out there.

Jolene Hubert 4 years ago

Just a tip - I used preperation H cream and saran wrap.

I rubbed the cream into my abdomen, wrap the saran wrap around me agout 3 times and covered it with one of those body wrapper belts you get at Walmart. I would leave it on while I did my Zumba DVD. I did drink plenty of water before, during and after each application. I lost over 3 inches in 3 weeks.

Kathy 4 years ago

Thank everybody for reviews. I was considering ordering the comment about having to talk to someone in India to cancel changed my mind. I got stuck with another weight loss product and part of the problem was having to cancel with people from outside the USA. Thanks again

Mo 4 years ago

These reviews were helpful. Thanks for you honest opinions. I will not be supporting this product.

Latrise 4 years ago

@Jolene Hurbert

That actually does work. When I was in the army the Sgt. or recuriters would tells us to the saran wrap, for those who did not pass testing. And after a week of doing it,those who you could never see passing always pass on the taping especially if they slept in it.

SAM 4 years ago


Jan 4 years ago

So will someone explain in depth what the army does with saran wrap? Is there something that must be put on stomach before wrapping?

Donna 4 years ago

Thank you for review and added comments.

First excitement is over water loss(Saran wrap)

Diet helps but the fat cells are still there and

the little puppies will refill ASAP if you don't

do a complete life style change.

It didn't happen overnight. No quick fixes.

Oh,Lord, I keep hope!

Sad in DC 4 years ago

I have contacted my Attorney General and the Better Business Bureau (BB), I too was charged yet again for cream I did not request. Their CSR Linda, stated they wouldn't charge me anymore & no more shipments. They charged me yet again also. And now Joseph, just stated, I had to send the merchandise back and that it may take up to 2 or 3 months to obtain a refund from my credit card! This is CRAZY and COMPLETELY unfair! I'm offically informing everyone NOT to get involved with these SCAMMERS!!!!

Tensia 4 years ago

Thank you for ALL your comments. I too was thinking about purchasing the belt but NO more. Jolene, I going to try your tip about the saran wrap & the cream

VERY UNHAPPY 4 years ago

After reading these reviews I tried to cancel before I even received my product. I never received an email alert stating my shipment shipped, They tried to tell me it shipped and now I am going through the same BS. I notified my bank and had to pay additional to stop unauthorized deductions.

Debbee 4 years ago

I was really going to order this Tummy Tuck Belt but after all of the negative comments, I don't think I will!!! It's a sign that I was looking for - to hear from some real peoples experience - Thank you!!!! I will try the preparation H and saran wrap!!!!

Art 4 years ago

Stop wasting your money and start exercising!!!

fsted2a 4 years ago

I too have heard of the Saran Wrap trick. I might just try it.

Keren 4 years ago

did somebody ready about how it works before the deal took place? I am still trying to understand how it works...

glowS 4 years ago

Dr. OZ says 1000mg - 2000mg Raspberry Ketones daily will collapse the fat cells and Red Clover Tea helps to melt fat. Happy Shrinking...!

Amy 4 years ago

This is such a scam. Don't order unless you want them to charge your credit card monthly!!

Judy 4 years ago

Listen people, I've lost 125 lbs over a course of a year with no special products except hard work, diet and excersice. It's a proven fact that all beauty and health products offering result with little work are a fraud. No wonder it's a multi-billion dollar business. Get a grip people

haney21 4 years ago

Unfortunately I fell for it too--the people that say they were not paid and just wanted to tell people about how wonderful it was and the ultrasound is what got me. I usually don't fall for things like this and feel foolish that I did. The belt rolls up constantly really bad and I tried to wear it for 2 days but it was too uncomfortable. Also I told them on the order form that I did NOT want continual shipments of the creme and after reading this I looked at my order and it was continuing. Fortunately I saw it in time and called to cancel that and also informed my credit card company to refuse any further charges if they try to bill for any more. I am returning the belt tomorrow (after 2 days) and hopefully will get some of my money back. I should have read this first!!!!!

Paula 4 years ago

I wish I read this before purchasing. I think it was a waste of money. I feel stupid to have fallen for it

Sandra 4 years ago

Man, I sure am glad I don't watch cable tv. A friend told me about this and mentioned she ordered it... Better show her this.

sassy 4 years ago

Ikr, thx 4 all the help guys. Im gonna try a bodywrap

Jay 4 years ago

I bought this. it did not work at all. company tried to continue to send cream and they continued to charge my credit card and it took a lot of trouble to get it stopped. they want to bill you monthly for continuing cream shipments. DO NOT BUY THIS!

Roxy 4 years ago

Was gonna by it also until I read the reviews. Glad I didn't get scammed but very glad I read reviews especially bout the Saran wrap. It really works!! Thanks Jolene Hurbert! It's a bonus to my exercise program I have. Everyone also needs to try the exercise ball at walmart that helps u do sit ups. Think it was around $5.00 its purple. And let's not forget plenty of walking!! Hope this helps u like it has me. Good luck!

BOB 4 years ago


bella 4 years ago

I was SO close to ordering this product when I saw the infomercial first thing this morning. I've been dealing w/painful lower-back/hip issues, which make exercise very painful... so the idea of weight loss and slimming down w/minimal exercise was/is very appealing.

I'm so glad I read these reviews beforehand. You've all re-opened my eyes to reality, and I'm back to acknowledging that I need to work on my back issues so I can, in turn, exercise properly and regain my health the "real" way. Thank you everyone!

dana 4 years ago

Thanks for this honest review. I was getting ready to purchase this product but not now! I will be trying prep. H and saran wrap!

Wendy 4 years ago

So people we are all striving for the same thing. They sell a cream in beauty supply stores called slimming cream, made in Dominican republi, its made up of mental an causes you to sweat so get the cream, cost about 10.00 but its a good size container. Rub it on the troubled area, stomach especially. Use the saran wrap, eat healthy an top it off with the raspberry keynotes.

Lynne 4 years ago

Thanks all, I just watched this infomercial. Almost fell for it. Will try saran wrap and preparation H.

rebelangel 4 years ago

Thanks all, not going to order now. New it was a scam just looking for a easy fix. Although I know better.

wrigser 4 years ago

thank you thank you thank you

Roxy 4 years ago

For better results wear the Saran wrap with the trim belt over it all night. When u take it off in the morning and see all that sweat you'll know its gonna be worth it.

andrea 4 years ago

I too bought this crap. I am a big girl and they have different sizes. I got the biggest. It rolls up every time i TRY to put it on. It frustrates me. Oh and I was just charged $26.99 for more thermal crap too.

Amber 4 years ago

I am soooooo very glad that I found this. I was really looking at purchasing this. I am so glad that I decided to look it up on the internet and get more information. I have started exercising so I guess I am going to continue with that and just watch what I eat. Thanks again.

donnell 4 years ago

Thanks guys, if I was interested in purchasing I know better now....But the Saran wrap and prep H really sound intriguing. I am still a little curious about the red clover tea...

DB 4 years ago

Here is a way to ensure that you don't get burned by those "automatic refills". I too get sucked in by the promise of quick results and the product always seem like you cannot live without them. One way to make sure these companies don't constantly charge you for refills is to purchase a prepaid visa card for the correct amount for the first purchase.....this way when they attempt to charge you their request will get rejected as there will be no money on the card. This will limit your exposure. I know I will find something else that I just have to have soon! Hope this helps!

MRS.ROBIN 4 years ago


Cherie 4 years ago

Thanks for letting me see what a scam this belt really is. I too was thinking about buying this product NOT NOW!!!!!!! THANK YOU

M. Scott 4 years ago

I was also tempted to buy this belt, thank you all so very much. Think I'll give that pre-paid card thing a try.

Marco 4 years ago

Wow Being a business management major at college you'd think id know scams... I believed in this product SO glad i read this first.. Seran wrap and prep h... why not?

Misty 4 years ago

I am so glad I read this. Was about to purchase. A good friend of mine did the Saran wrap a long time ago (about 15 years) without prep H and had AWESOME results. So I guess either way works. Thanks everybody for all the info.

sherry 4 years ago

wow, forget the TTB,thanks for the honesty. tell me more about the PREP H and saran wrap, also the slim away belt, do they really work. anybody out there that i can call and talk to that has done these tricks and had it work ? thanks............

rg 4 years ago

This people just want to get peoples money

Ann 4 years ago

I am glad that I check for reviews thanks everyone.

travis 4 years ago

dumb dumb the cream is nothing more than protein and vasaline with camamile extract what my sister has some left over and my boyfreind works in a research lab so i had him test it and this is all the chemicals that were in it .

Heather 4 years ago

Was going to order this hoping it would reduce my flabby belly and lose skin from losing 41 lbs since Thanksgiving with hcg. Glad i didn't waste my money. Def will try the saran wrap. I know you can sweat it away because when I am doing hcg I sweat a lot in my sleep and always get up in the morning weighing less than the previous morning.

Brandy 4 years ago

@Alyssa, your family lost weight because they were dieting and exercising, not because of some cream and a stretchy belt. It amazes me that it's even legal for these companies to put this crap out there, like the ab belt that shocks your stomach...also does not work. The only thing that really works is diet and exercise or surgery. I love when they advertise these quick fix products and they says "with diet and exercise" etc. Yeah, of course they will lose weight with diet and exercise! However, this ad keeps saying that you don't need to change your diet, BS, a tight belt and cream can't make you lose weight, what a scam.

tryn2getfit 4 years ago

All saran wrap does is make you lose water weight you will gain back as soon as you rehydrate yourself. And the chemicals used in saran wraps can be absorbed into your body with prolonged use, causing damage to your kidneys and liver. Hcg does work. I am on my second round of rx hcg and have lost over 40 lbs so far.

Ana Logan 4 years ago

Thanks saved us a lot of money and headaches...BTW..I lost 35 pounds last year just eating healthier and walking for an hour everyday...You don't have to diet, just change the way you eat...good day everyone

Lavern 4 years ago

I am so thankful I read all these comments. I was about to be sucked in by the advertisement. I think I will follow Dr. Oz's suggestion with the rasberry ketones and red clover tea. Might also try the HCG. Anybody know where to find the rasberry ketones?

CTWashington 4 years ago

Thanks for the reviews. Almost bought it. I have emphysema and can't work out like I used to so I've got a belly I want to lose. Heard about Sensa and will research and will try the belly belt from Bed Bath and Beyond and the excersize ball.

Anyway, thank you all for your input. I'm sure all of your comments have saved many people from making the mistake of believing the commercials.

OMT there is a few comments above from people saying that the product works. They are most likely the people who work for the company from India. The name of one of them is JOHNDINI lol!

So anyway going to try some of the other good advice on this thread instead.

In closing, regarding the "HCG" thing, be careful. Read this first -

God Bless all!

Hollywood 4 years ago

Glad I read this almost felk flr the okie doke something told me to research it first well its unfortunate that u guys had to go threw this but its a blessing to be able to warn others thank yoy I. Advance for your honesty

Nizzybizzy 4 years ago

I fell for it too, it totally did not work. I hope they send me my refund to. I automatically cancelled the automatic ordering of the cream...I was a bit skeptical.

Mia 4 years ago

I did the HCG diet about a year and a half ago and lost 50 lbs in 40 days but after the fact I had a lot of health problems and I blame it on the HCG because before that i didn't have any problems except being overweight!! needless to say I had a hormonal issues and regained the weight i lost and then some. So be careful if you decide to choose HCG. I know losing all this weight so fast is very tempting but i didn't think of the consequences it would bring in after doing it. BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE.... there is nothing safer then chaning the way you eat and exercising. everything else has health & emotional consequences in the long run. Glad I ran into this site.

Nadine 4 years ago

Please people remember, if it sounds too good to be true , in most cases it probably is

bobbie 4 years ago

I almost fell for this glad I read all the reviews. Wont be buying it now. I have tried so many things I just wish I could find what works for me

thx everyone

Gabby 4 years ago

Wow I was totally falling for this tummy tuck belt thing....I used to weigh 215 lbs and now am down to 147 lbs....I just wanted to lose a little more belly fat....I guess Ill try saran wrap and keep hitting the elliptical machine...thanks for all your reviews!!

Albert 4 years ago

I too almost got scammed,as I was about to order this product.Thanks to everyone for saving me some money & frustration.It's funny how just about every weight loss product out there says you must exercise & eat properly.If I did that I wouldn't need their stupid product,would I ? Stay away from companies that use third world countries & bypass American workers & maybe America will be great again. Thanks,I probably won't come back to read any negative comments ,so don't bother.

Rene 4 years ago

I just got through watching the infomercial for the tummy tuck belt and wanted to see how many bad reviews this product received. I was not surprised. I feel for the people who fell for this product. They do a wonderful job of having non actors and models try to convince you how this product changed their lives. I find it very interesting that with every weight loss pill, exercise program or slimming belt sold on television, there is always a sensible eating program that goes along with it. Hmmm, maybe it is exercise and proper diet that causes the weight loss and not their product. Furthermore, I sell commercial exercise equipment for a living. If you want to get in shape you need to exercise, both cardio and strength training. If you want to see your six pack abs, the only way you are getting there is exercise and proper diet. It's the diet part that is hardest to change and maintain. You can look on line and find excellent nutritional advice. Try to find something that is gluten free or nearly gluten free.

mechols 4 years ago

wow i saw the commerical 30min ago and was a fool and bought the product. Then after I got online and read the reviews....stupid me!!! I should've read this first....oh well I will have to see if it will give me the same problems...I will keep this site posted!

Al 4 years ago

I just saw the infomercial on TV. Glad I read the reviews. I will not be getting involved in this process.

MAx 4 years ago

if your testimony is true, the company behind tummytuck belt is NOT HONEST.

Sarah 4 years ago

WoW So Glad I read all this. So Not going to buy that.

Kacee 4 years ago

Was so close to considering to try it out. But i know that there's always some aspect to an infomercial that is being falsely advertised. So I said, "I better look this up and do some research." Lo and behold, I got the answer I had expected. I was hopeful this product would work, but "if its sounds too good to be true, it probably is." Thank you all reviewers from saving me from making another stupid decision on my part. :)

Nichole 4 years ago

Also, try using ALOE under your saran wrap instead of Prep H . . . if you go pay $100 for a body wrap, they use ALOE gel under your wrap because it is supposed to help you sweat out the toxicities from your fat cells and therefore shrink them. Good luck to us all! ;).

sportsmom4u 4 years ago

Well I found helpful just getting a waist slimmer from Walgreens or sports authority or amazon..To me these really do help make your stomach area sweat and you will drip weirdly in these but waist always seems to feel like it has shrunk.. I use my belt with the Aviator Abdominal toning cream and have seen results.If you do not like neoprene on skin this will not be for you...I do not but when I walk I put my belt on..its a little bulky but and they are easy to clean. So you do not need to really get product because you can pick up items in walgreens and try. Good Luck!

Alex 4 years ago

Everyone who plans on trying the Prep-h wrap is just falling for the same pitch again. Yes it's less expensive and easy to try but the bottom line is there's no magic cream that you can rub on your belly and lose fat. Prep-h just causes your cells to give up some of their water. I know models use it under their eyes to reduce swelling (fluid) and the same goes for it's intended use of shrinking swollen hemorrhoids. It's only temporary and has absolutely no effect on fat cells. I've noticed here and elsewhere that some people think that sweating a lot is a sign that the product is working. Think about it. It's just a sign that the product makes you sweat a lot. Sweat is comprised of water, not fat. Your body will replenish it as soon as you drink something. The original poster of the Prep-h method also said she wore it while doing the Zumba workout videos and lost 3 inches in 3 weeks. I'm pretty sure Zumba alone would produce those same results. And even the person who used it in the Army was talking about being able to pass a "tape" test a week after failing it. She wasn't talking about permanent weight loss. I feel for everyone who's been trying to lose their belly's but you've got to understand that there are no magic creams to do it for you. Unfortunately there's no shortage of scammers out there ready to take advantage of everyone's desperation and desire for a quick and easy fix.

Mike smith 4 years ago

Thank you guys ,I am not buying this belt now....

Thanks all of you to save my money...


Jan 4 years ago

OMG I should have read these comments before I purchase the tummy tuck belt. My co-worker just sent me this link. I just received my order on Saturday and looked at my receipt...they added another belt to my order for 19.99 which I did not order. I call 1st thing Monday morning for them to take it off and not charge my card again. I paid for my order in one payment. Let's see if they will charge my card again. I used the belt for the 1st time and it didn't make me sweat at all while I was working out. I have used the slimming belt with lotion and lost inches. I should have just stuck with that. I will be sending my products back in 2 weeks if it doesn't do anything for me.

Rene 4 years ago

One other thing I forgot to mention before: You can not spot lose weight in your body. You can spot shape your legs, arms, back, chest and even stomach muscles through wight training and cardio. However, you will never have that slim look or model look unless you lose body fat. Body fat is lost from the entire body, not just from one section of the body. It is impossible to lose just stomach fat when you work out. You lose your fat from your entire body. That is why a total body workout with proper diet will get better results quicker than just doing hundreds of crunches each day.

Smokey Miller 4 years ago

I was interested in the product. More interested in the reviews and insight of others. Misty & others, thank you for helping me make a better informed decision. Now I am able to say NO in a more comfortable manner. If it sounds to good to be true, it is. Trust your instincts. Bless you all for your input.

Nana 4 years ago

I was 1 step away from getting up my bed to reach my purse for the credit card, thank God I was smart enough to first grab my iPad and read about this product. I clicked into this website and found all this helpful comments, hell with it, I'm glad I did not fall for this. Nothing out there will work unless you exercise or have surgery. Trust me, I am not fat I weight 155 and 5'7, only that all the fat goes to my belly.

Watch what you eat, exercise and that's it, I'm also a member on a gym, i just find excuses not to make the time and go, I was very active at the gym for 8 weeks, I would go 3 times a week and not only it made me feel better emotionally but also finically in addition I can tell you that my belly also got smaller, then I stoped and haven't been back, lazy me. I need to find the time, the energy and the courage to go back.

Aimers 4 years ago

thank you for all the reviews, I read every single one and will not be buying that damn belt. I am however intrigued with the Raspberry Ketones, am going ot speak to my doc to find out more about it. I do work our regularly but because of 3 back to back c-sections, am having a heck of a time getting my stomach back to what it was

angela 4 years ago

I was reading all these comments about this tummy tuck well i just received my belt and cream today so i guess its a little to late now . I hope i wasn't scammed i called them to make sure they wasn't sending nothing else she promised the 50 dollars was it and if i wanted more then just order it .cross my fingers

NANCY 4 years ago

I am glad that I read your comments.

Will not be ordering.Do not need the headache.

It seems anything you buy now a days the same thing happens automatic send and charging.

Swaggnificent 4 years ago

I ordered this product thinking I will try it myself and not listen to other people I couldn't be more wrong. This don't work at ask not even to just hold it in. I'm returning it today

rmichelle 4 years ago

They sell a belt at Walmart that is by holds gym that you wear when you exercise and it works makes your tummy sweat and its only $5 bucks.

sandy 4 years ago

As of December 6, 2011, the FDA has prohibited the sale of "homeopathic" and OTC hCG diet products and declared them fraudulent and illegal. Controversy about, and shortages[24] of, injected hCG for weight loss have led to substantial Internet promotion of "homeopathic hCG" for weight control. The ingredients in these products are often obscure, but if prepared from true hCG via homeopathic dilution, they contain either no hCG at all or only trace amounts (according to the principles of homeopathy this remedy would in any case cure anorexia, not obesity).

The United States Food and Drug Administration has stated that this drug is fraudulent and ineffective for weight loss. It is also not protected as a homeopathic drug and has been deemed an illegal substance.[25][26]

The weight loss indicated by individuals on an "hCG diet" can be attributed entirely to the fact that such diets prescribe a consumption rate of 500-550 calorie per day, or approximately one quarter of what is commonly accepted as the daily recommended value for a male adult of average build and activity. Further, double-blind studies[citation needed] note no decrease in appetite by those taking hCG versus individuals on placebos and have offered no evidence that individuals taking hCG are more likely to lose fat than lean tissue. Long-term results caution that unlike individuals participating in a diet of, for example, 1100 calories per day, those on a 500 calorie per day diet are unlikely to develop more appropriate eating habits and will gain weight more quickly after the diet has completed.

genelle proctor 4 years ago


Fredreca 4 years ago

do anyone have the number that they mentioned in the process of placing the order to cancel if you need to i really feel like this is a big scam now that I have read all the reviews!

Garcia 4 years ago

So so glad I read the reviews, I almost fell for this scam...

Thanks..i will stick to playing racketball, gym, and reading healthy

mark 4 years ago

Thanks for the info! I was about to buy one before I read read these comments! And that Gregory dude is an idiot!!!

coppertop 4 years ago

Thank you all so much. Almost made the purchase!

Deelight71 4 years ago

Thanks to all that have given their honest opinions of the product. I was awake early watching tv and thought about trying it out. I am so glad I decided to look for reviews first. I really wish people would stick to the topic when we communicate on these threads. Doesn't make sense to be mean to one another for no reason. =(

Rhon 4 years ago

Thank you for posting these I almost called

Cole 4 years ago

I have had the tummy tuck miracle system for 3 days, used it for 2.5. I have already went down to the point, where my 3x shirts are loose and my 2x tshirts are fitting and my belly isn't as pronounced as before. I didn't expect to see anything inside the 1st week. To me, it's all about how clothes are fitting. I guess results by person will vary. I am getting my wife one as she's always worrying about the tummy. Take care

Ken 4 years ago

I found this after reading about the saran wrap and preperatio H.

Preparation H is designed to relieve pain and inflammation associated with hemorrhoids. It works by aggressively shrinking and tightening hemorrhoidal tissue. Though Preparation H is not intended for this purpose, it can also be used to try to temporarily shrink and tighten wrinkled and saggy skin. It is worth noting that the effects of this treatment are short-term, so while it may work to treat wrinkles and sagging skin for a special occasion, the skin will return to its previous state after some time has passed.

Marty 4 years ago

Glad I read all these comments before buying. The only infomercial product that works is the 6 week body makeover. It is strictly a lifestyle change in eating, plus exercise --- the only true way to lose weight and keep it off. We just can't make a diet of Twinkies, chips and ice cream and expect to have a six pack.

Myself-NC 4 years ago

I am glad I read most of these comments. My wife and I were considering trying this product but you know what: there is nothing like changing eating habit (vegan style) and good gym work out not only for fat burning but also for heart health and stress relief. Hey folk - get your bottoms out off your couches and chairs and move...

Becky 4 years ago

Thank heaven for Google! I was actually typing in my credit card no. on the Tummy Tuck website (just 4 digits left to enter) when something stopped me. I left the page and googled "tummy tuck scam" instead, and found this page. Thanks so much for posting and saving me lots of hard-earned $$$!!

Tiff 4 years ago

Thanks for creating this website. I was about to purchase the tummy tuck belt and I am so glad I didn't. I am not sure how I can fix my stomach since I am just under 120 lbs and 5'6. I had a baby and have a little fat on my belly. How would diet and exercise help me?

Gregg 4 years ago

Thanx, Me and my wife were about to order a set. Glad I read your review. An actual genuine, sincere review,=.

Buyer 4 years ago

I'm so glad I read all the reviews before I almost ordered the stuff. Thanks everyone for helping the others.

buyer 4 years ago

Normally i google everything, but not this time... I purchased and it sounds as though I will be disappointed...

michelle 4 years ago

I'M so glad i read the reviews before i purchased the item. All the people want is your money and that's it. Will be trying the saran wrap. Thank god i didn't order

Not buying this! 4 years ago

I am so glad that I read all of these helpful reviews before buying this product! I was almost suckered into it.

Cd 4 years ago

I had even called and was ready to buy when I found this site. Thank you I wont be getting it now

Carolyn 4 years ago

I too am thankful for all the comments & testimonies about this tummy tuck belt bou.they really kno how to get you l

Carolyn 4 years ago

I too am thankful for all the comments & testimonies about this tummy tuck belt bou.they really kno how to get you l

lp 4 years ago

The concept of an elastic belt of shorts to lose weight and tone is not new. For those who it worked for only means you are retaining water... not fat. You may want to discuss this with your doctor as you may have an underlying issue needing the chronic use of prescribed diuretics. I only say this because your results would not have been so fat targeted vs water weight. The question to those itwirked for, how much extra did you urinate?

syl 4 years ago

WOW...really! this is just a get rich quick scheme, sound like to me. Thanks for you all reviews. Now i know to turn the channel when i see it.

durk 4 years ago

I used this thing on my junk and it only made it bigger. The cream kinda stung my pee hole too

Elle 4 years ago

Wow!! It has worked for me!! And Im so excited. Three inches in three days. I put in on first thing in the morning when I first get up. Warm the cream up in my hands. Put it on and let it dry for 2mins. Put the belt on and do the 2min work out. Then I leave it on for 3 hours. Go to work, as soon as I get home from work at 6 repeat and leave belt on for dinner and until I go to bed. But great news it works!!!! One inche my upper abs and 2 on my lower abs. Best of luck to everyone.

Janice 4 years ago

I'm glad I read this. I was also very close to ordering this product. I was wondering about how to reorder the cream. No wonder the website doesn't say anything about getting more cream. Don't need anymore aggravation in my life.

me too 4 years ago

I was just about to be sucked in and purchase this product, after seeing the informercial this morning. Thanks for posting your position on this product. Saved me money and a headache.

Alma 4 years ago

Thank you, much for the post. Me and my son were interested in getting this tummy tuck belt. It's like seven in the morning here in salt lake city, ut and we were watching the commercial on t.v. I decided to look up their website and then google up for reviews on such item and found this one. Thank you, for your info. It makes sense. We will not be buying it after all.

Gladys 4 years ago

I am very glad I Google before I purchased. Thank you all for the valuable information. I will continue with my exercise routine and will add the saran wrap with either the aloe gel or the Prep H.

Sherry 4 years ago

I am one of those skeptics who believes that if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. I saw the commercial for this belt and all the happy "cuctomers" and like many of you, was ready to reach for the credit card. Glad I didn't. This is just another way of some company making an attempt to take hardworking individuals money. Thanks to all of you who have actually purchased the product and was truly honest. I am sorry you are having a difficult time retreving your money. My lesson learned is always review a product before grabbing the credit card. Thanks again for your honesty!!!!!

navy wife 4 years ago

Thanks for the input! Not buying it.

The Sran wrap & prepH works well for a quick fix. When my husband has a weigh in & doesn't pass he gets taped measured & this is a quick fix to get rid of water weight.

bev 4 years ago

They sell it in Walgreens and it..

Try it...if it doesn't work take it back...I don't believe it works.

Dawn 4 years ago

Thanks for the review..if anyone still wants to try for their own opinion, I have found it at my local Academy

Sports for about $13. If I do decided to give it a try, that is the way I will go, as I have been taken in by infomercials charging my wrong.

Cheryl 4 years ago

Thanks for the comments, I figured it was a scam, wanted to see the review first.

Bob 4 years ago

Thank you all for saving me 40+ bucks,If its to good to be true!!

Judy 4 years ago

I am so glad I reviewed these comments. Was just on the brink of mailing a money-order in for the product. Thought it alittle strange that when you call in for the mailing address, most of the info. is audiable except the name of the city. Since it's a recording and cannot be understood, you have the alternative which is to use a credit card. So glad i tuned in and read comments! Those actors probably got free samples and only the ones if any, that worked were on T.V. That's a foreign product for ya lol- Buy american and talk to a person. I think we need to band together and contact BBB about the scam. Only my opiniion.

Moelle3635 4 years ago

Wait, you're telling me a mystery cream rubbed on your stomach and wrapped in a girdle didn't work??????? Shock, pure shock!!!

candi07 4 years ago

Im glad i read this first. I had thought about trying to get it to see if it would help get rid of the extra skin i have from my first pregnancy but im not going waste my money now. I do diet and excersize just have that one issue. As for the prep h and seran wrap as others said that will jus help get rid of water weight which will come back when you drink. Jockeys do that a lot the night before a race so they are even lighter.

not gonna purchase 4 years ago

Thanks for all feed back. I will not buy

Valerie 4 years ago

Thank you all for your comments. I am very frugle with my money but my vanity had me just about to try this after a week of agonizing over spending the money. You have cleared my head and saved me half a days pay.

marbe 4 years ago


I'm a so frustrated and mad right now as I was actually stupid enough to buy this "miracle belt" I don't know what I was thinking of.

It doesn't work at all!!!!

I did lose weight but because I started exercising as well as eating better. But not thanks to the tummy tuck belt.

I was planning on returning it but I never had time to do it and well 30 days went by and I lost that money, but not only that! those SOB charged my credit card for an additional $60 because they sent a 2 months supply of the stupid "accelerator lotion" and their "free super boos pills" I can't believe I was this stupid. Now I have to return that $h!T anyway!

Please don't buy this product! it's a scam, the belt makes you look even heavier, it rolls up and down, the lotion it's a scam, there's nothing good about this product.

But if you were dumb like I was cancel the "membership" right away as they'd charge you 60$ more after one month.

They advertise the product as 2 payments of $19, but I paid $56 the first time with the S&h and the extra S&

H of their "free magical pills" and now $60 more.

$120 out of something that should have been less than $50. And that it doesn't work at all!!!!!!!!

entertained 4 years ago

Not gonna buy it but I love reading the back and forth. My doc says DASH diet is the best. Basically diet and exercise again. Always a winner

lauren 4 years ago

thank you for you comments and save my money.

Angel 4 years ago

I was so close to buying this product thinking it would help along with the RevAbs DVD set I purchased from the makers of P90X; I called around 5am and got an automated service instead of a real person so I called by around 7am and still got an automated service that ask me to enter my name, address and my credit card number to order my Tummy Tuck Belt, that is what gave me the feeling that I should do some reasearch and reviews before I purchased this thing.

This was very helpful and I am so appreciative of review websites.

Along with the RevAbs Workouts the saran wrap & Prep. H works great! 33 years old, had a muffin top after my child was born 13 years ago but after the workouts & saran wrap trick I finally can put a two piece on again! THANK YOU PREP. H SARAN WRAP, AND RevAbs.

Penny 4 years ago

I am so glad I read these reviews, I also was about to purchase, I will be trying the saran wrap with the preparation H cream (less expensive I'm sure). Thanks for the tip

Moon 4 years ago

If you want to buy this product, buy it from Amazon or Ebay. They sell the original product as seen on tv. Don't buy it from the product's website.

These people enroll you automatically in a membership and when you cancel the membership they charge you a fee for cancelling it.

It's a rip off operation.

Kimberlyk15 4 years ago

I know this has been said a few times!I was actaully upset that I fell asleep last night before I put the order through. I was looking forward to using it asap. I was sure it would work due to the fact that last winter I gained weight just in my stomach. I did not have a problem with my stomach after I had my kids. I guess it is due from getting older and having Fibromyalgia does not help the situation. I got one of the things that wrap around and I would put it on 3 to 4 times a week. It worked quick I went from a 3 to a 1 in no time at all.

After reading everyones post there is no way I am ordering it now. I do not want to go through that kind of aggravation. There should be a law that keeps companies from taking customers money out of their accounts they way they do.

I thank everyone for posting about their experience with this belt. You know what they say? If you hear the same thing from one or two people you might be able to shrug it off; however if you keep hearing the same story from multiple sources it is worth the effort to pay attention

Norma 4 years ago

So glad I read this. Thanks for ur honesty. U can buy the raspberry ketones at Swanson vitamins online.

The Trqainer 4 years ago

I really appreciate the honest comments.So many times we look for a quick fix, when we didn't get into this situation quickly.Iam a former fitness and watch myself slowly get into situation "BELLY-UP now after reading the reviews and zi know what it will take to get BELLY-Down! and it aint no quick fix!!!

Tia 4 years ago

Glad i read these comments i was soooo close to buying the tummy tuck belt. Sounds like a get rich quick scam to me. To good to be true they almost had me fooled. Lucky i thought to look on line at people's comments who have really used it.

Theresa09 4 years ago

I am soooooo glad I didn't order this:) I think ima just stick to eating less n excersing :) but I think the saran wrap n prep h method sound good so I might try dat:)

savie 4 years ago

an ordering tip: buy a disposable credit card at the bank, drugstore, wherever, only have enough on it to buy the original item. Then they can't charge you later for more stuff.

Heather 4 years ago

If you really want to try this tummytuckbelt go look on wal-mart website they have it for 17.

Heather 4 years ago

17.88 and by the way people the slim down belt does work either I order the right size smoothies bet it won't work either but we will see when I get them and if you do beside to order the smoothies make sure you stop the auto pay before the thirty days are up good luck to all

kesha 4 years ago

the belt works for me I measure myself every week.

JanetE 4 years ago

I saw this infomercial in the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep. That is their "Target Audience", people who are up that late at night most likely are not going to get up and go to the gym at 7am before work. So those people are most likely going to want an easy weight loss program.

I saw they had a web site so I wanted to check the product out on line before I would order. GLAD I FOUND THIS!!

The posts about buying a pre-paid credit card is good advice and

also another few tips to protect you and your information : get a Post Office box, yes you have to drive there to get the ordered products, but if you change your mind you can write CANCEL on the package right there and give it to the post master. This way they don't have your home address, or a bank account to charge you for it.

Don't forget: NEVER give them your real full name!

Another tip : Buy a cheap pay for the minute cell phone to buy said products, they usually come with minutes and the company you order from will not have your daily cell phone nor home phone number.

In these tips what info can these companies "SELL"?? A po box number? A disposable cell phone number? or A pre-paid credit card?? And a made up name or just initials??

I use all these when I sign up for those "points cards" that every store you walk into now days want you to sign up for in order to SAVE money while shopping with them. The truth is they use this info to see how much you purchase in their store and for product ordering purposes.

Tia 4 years ago

There belt don't work worth a sh##t rip off they can take it stick it up there a#ses fu##. There peace of sh#t belt I hope they read this

Kelly Ray. 4 years ago

The belt and lotion part is just a selling tool. I don't care who you are' or how much or what you eat, if you eat anything you want and never active your going to be over weight!! Get on a good diet that is realistick- don't eat past seven in the evening unless it's fruit or non fat snacks, drink so much water during the day that you can't stand the sound of the word water, go to your local fitness store and buy a belly wrap' put it on' get off the couch for thirty every other evening' do some setups, jumping jacks, and go for a fast walk at least three times a week. STOP falling for these stupid scams that do nothing but take your money!!! Wanna lose weight?? Three magic words--- STOP BEING LAZY!!!

Queen 4 years ago

I saw the same program and knew it might not work and told myself i was not going online to read poor reviews i was going to go by my own results besides the slimming belt look like it would serve better than a girdle and cost just as much. As far as the them charging my card, previous experience made me cautious and i used my credit card instead of a debit card and kept in mind they will charge my card if i didn't cancel but kept in mind i can report my card lost so they can't charge me unless i want them. It was made clear when you order that you would need to cancel i listen carefully to the automated system. I said no to everything but i did get the boost pills. Now, i measured myself before i started and 6 days later i was 3 inches smaller. I refused to look at the reviews until i tried it first. I would have been like most of you saying thank you for stopping me from ordering. The belt doesn't roll up on me i guess if you got the wrong size that would happen with any garment. On the commercial it shows the cream is thick with solid pieces it all rubbed in fine. It worked for me and i didn't diet or exercise. I did do the 2 min exercise 2x twice a day. I also wear the belt all day at work. I would of been basing my results on anothers without even trying it myself.There are more people on this post saying thankyou for stopping me then people who have actually tried it. I say try it yourself you don't know these people they can very well be pass help and their bodies so out of whack there is no help. The person who was the size 6 and said it rolled up the belt was not made for your little pouch its made to help people with a large stomach area if you had one the bottom of the belt would snug under your stomach. its not made to go pass your waist. I have it on now it makes you conscious of I doint woirk for the company and is a true tester. but i would say what i hated was how they try to sell you everything and when you say no they are persistent the automated system and the live reps.

susan 4 years ago

Everybody gets desperate for a miracle. You didn't put it on in a week and won't take it off in a week. I almost was sucked in to this scam too; however, there was a Power 90 infomercial right after...You want an exercise regimen that works...Beachbody has an awesome plan and many different programs to fit lifestyles. It also comes with a lot of helpful tools. I lost 30 lbs in 12 weeks following the program. Good luck to all.

I understand

vivian lyall 4 years ago

I lost 40lbs eating diet frozen dinners and running on the cheapest elliptical runner which I have used for over 10yrs and its still in great condition. I put a fan on me and a Rocky III tape and run. It's healthy -you lose weight and it helps with depression.

d38 4 years ago

I ordered this product and have used it for 9 days and i have lost 3 inches on my waist. I did have an extra belt for $19.99 that I did not order called them immediately and they told me to keep the belt and refunded my shipping fee with no additional automatic shipping. I have not had the issue of the belt rolling up and find most times don't know it is there until time to take off. I have very sensitive skin and pray when its done I don't have any issues but so far so good. I guess everybody has a different experience!

the 4 years ago

Just got mine about a week ago. Belt very uncomfortable and rolls constantly! Don't anticipate seeing any results BC of the dreadful time I'm having with the belt alone. This product is not for me and will be returned..

Shanita 4 years ago

Thanks soo much I was just on the phone ready to order then I thought like let me see some reviews on the product smh glad I did

4 years ago

If you get customer service from another country Ask to speak to a USA repersentive. They will reroute your call back to the USA. Credit card, and other companies use overseas call centers. If we all ask for a USA repersentive maybe we will open some jobs up here at home. Thanks Misty for your report.

L ... 4 years ago

I called & canceled when i find out this stuff doesn't work at all... they told me that all further charges to my card would stop, but it didn't, its been 4 months since i've ordered & returned the product but they still keep charging me. i swear if they don't return what they took, im going to flip out !!.. to all you people looking to buy the Tummy Tuck Belt... DO NOT !!! ITS NOTHING BUT A SCAM

Notme 4 years ago

The commercials are certainly enticing. Go ahead and try the belt if you want. But , for me, I've learned that the only way to lose weight and inches is thru behavior modification. I used to be a logger. I could run up and down steep mountains all day. It was the only time in my life that I had a true six-pack. But then I went to school and became an attorney for the last 20+ years. I tried to stay active and, until recently, I walked a few miles a day. Then I was diagnosed with MS and pretty much any activity at all makes me want to go to bed for the rest of the day. So exercise is mostly out for me. But one thing that I've always been able to do is lose weight once I set my mind to it. I've lost 30-35 pounds about ten different times in my life. (yeah, I know yo-yo dieting is not good but neither is just staying fat.). My problem is keeping it off. This last time , a year ago, I lost 40 pounds in about 6 months and have only put about 15 back on. Getting ready to try for more soon. Then need to work on behavior modification on a long term basis. Anyway, long story even longer, I have developed my own "diet" that works for me. It's kind of a modified low-carb Atkins diet except I don't go completely crazy with the meat. However, I do eat as many vegetables as I want (except sweet ones like corn and beets). I fill up on the veggies with a fair portion of meat. No sugar. No bread or potatoes. (ouch!).. No beer. (double ouch!). I can have liquor and diet soda (b/c they have no carbs). I snack on nuts and a few fruits. Also cheese in moderation. I don't worry about fat content in anything. I use regular dressings on my salads and don't measure it at all. I use as much as I want. I do make sure to eat three meals and drink LOTS of water. Hard and fast rule = nothing to eat after 7:30 p.m. I can honestly say that I don't get hungry even tho I get cravings. And the weight drops off at a sensible rate. BTW my cholesterol and triglycerides drop out the bottom of the scale when I am on this regimen. Weird! I can't explain that. This works for me but I think everyone sort of has to listen to their own body and tailor their eating habits for themselves. Now if I could only think of this "diet" as a lifestyle rather than a "diet" . .

Sorry for the long post. Bottom line: Miracle easy solutions don't work. Diet (and exercise if you are able) is the only way to reallly lose the weight. Whatever you decide to do, I wish good luck and good health to all of you.

momfriend 4 years ago

WOW I sure wish I had checked this out before ordering. I have had for over 3 weeks and have not lost an inch. I have worn this for hours during the days and sometimes at night too. I do the standing crunch exercise on the DVD. That is supposed to be all that is needed to lose inches in just a few weeks, right?. WHAT A CROCK! Now, I too have been hit by another charge to my card for more cream. Those who have lost inches over the last year plus probably lost more through just the exercise they did. CONGRATS! Guess I need to get in touch with my bank and tell them to disallow further charges and then get in contact with TT to cancel further shipments. I do wish that these companies would hire AMERICANS to work with Americans and speak with us instead of having to speak with someone in another part of the world who does not really have a full understanding of our language.

Emac73 4 years ago

Thanks for shareing how it worked for you, you really saved me from ordering this! Thank again

SFC 4 years ago

This consept is what the army has been doing for years. Save yourself some money, buy prep-h and saran wrap. Its only a temp fix though...

The only way to lose the weight and keep it off is exercise and a proper diet / eating right.

TamiSu 4 years ago

Heather, is you need to lose loose skin from rapid weight loss, sprinkle chia seeds(yes like chia pet) on your will take care of that and quick...

On A Mission.. 4 years ago

Thanks for all of the honest feed back.... I almost purchased this item! I'm glad I did my research.

shannon 4 years ago

Something I do to order online is get a prepaid visa or mastercard from bank and load what is needed to make purchase. Makes it impossible for additional charges to be posted to the card. Some banks do not have activation fees for their cards.

To protect self from selling my information I will also use a mis-spelling of name....allows me to precisely pinpoint who sold my information. Paranoia does pay off on occasion.

Kelly Leshoure 4 years ago

Thank you aal for the reviews on this product, I had ordered it yesterday and then remembered that I should look for reviews before buying. After reading your reviews last night I was determined to contact the company and cancel. I called them this morning and was told that the order had not updated in the system, and that I should call back within 2 business days to cancel. They took down my information. In addition to this I sent them 2 emails telling them that I wanted to cancel. From all the reports here, I thought it best to contact my credit card company and explain the situation because somehow I don't believe that they would cancel before they accidentally sent it out. I cancelled that card, and if the package is sent to me, it will be returned to them immediately. I might still decide to buy a belt, but if I do it will be through Amazon where I sure I will not be billed over and over again while being sent more products I do not want. I won't buy anything else before I read the reviews.

monakay 4 years ago

LOL, I just had to try the preperation H and the saran wrap! I had gotten to big for my size 12 jeans so I was going to purchase the tummy tuck belt. But after reading the reviews decided to try the saran wrap and prep H cream. and to my surprise after 7 days of being greasy and saran wrapped my jeans fit!Ty for the heads up ppl!

Crystal 4 years ago

Thanks soo much for sharing. I have a hernia and its difficult to do crunches so I was tempted to order but not anymore. I'll stick with diet and exercise.

MARLENE 4 years ago


mjt 4 years ago

All of the negative comments on here are amazing...

My sister is in the infomercial! It clearly worked for her and all of the other people as I have met them. If you are still eating like a cow you are not going to see the results.

Cita 4 years ago

I'm reading this after placing my order (2 days ago), it's already in the mail! I'm only 129 lbs @ 5'7'' IWAS 116 and been trying to gain all my life. Now that I'm gaining, it's mostly falling to my stomach. Now that it's on it's way, I'm gonna try it, I'll keep u guys informed as I am stuffing all the calories I can consume without being a glutten, lol. Thx 4 the insight though, rather informative. Will stay in touch.

Michirican 4 years ago

Thank you for your comments. I was very tempted to order the product after the infommercial. Actually, i remember i got up to get my credit card but decided to google "tummy tuck belt testimonials" and came across hub pages. So instead of making and order i'm leaving a comment here. ;)

Tosha 4 years ago

Thanks for being honest. That so wrong how people would sell crap to get your money. I will not get it.

Saasam 4 years ago

Thank you ..for posting these honest comments. Was almost falling for the quick fix. whew!

Jim 4 years ago

Bought the belt then checked the comment's called to cancelled they offered to take $10 off I said no want my Money back they said I had to Pay for shipping.told them I woudn't pay for anything and was going to Dispute It with my credit card co.they then said he would refund my Credit Card. which they did,and told me not to send the belt back.

cat 4 years ago

Thanks, for the comments glad i didn't waste my money will just have to do it the old fashionway.

Janeice 4 years ago

Yes, I fell for the hype also. I just got off the phone with customer service. I wish I had read Jim's comment before I called. They also told me that I would be charged for shipping. Please, do not buy this junk. There is no need for anyone else to lose money.

tom 4 years ago

Don't ever buy this Tummy belt because it don't work and even you cancel now, they still charge you for next month like me. I tried two bottle of creams but i haven't lose a quarter of pounds.

melissa17 4 years ago

i literally just saw the product on t.v and must admit i was so tempted andi was almost ready to but the product... Thank god i always look at product reviews before i buy anything online or on t.v. Thanks everyone for the reviews i will not be wasting my time and money

Marisela 4 years ago

Has anybody tied the aloe and the saran wrap?

Cyn 4 years ago

Thank you for posting your reviews.

Once again I almost got pulled in, just started working out at a gym after 15 years and 2 c-sections and have a long way to go to slim my stomach and while on the treadmill today at the gym I saw the ad for this belt and cream, I wanted to jump off the machine, grab my credit card and call.

So glad I waited and researched it first and saw all the reviews.

guess just hard work will show the results..good luck to all of us!

Beca 4 years ago

I've ordered this belt. My .son and I have tried this together and it has definitely worked for us. I LOST 4 inches in 2 1/2 weeks using this belt. Didn't change any of my eating habbits. Don't knock it until you try it

Pj 4 years ago

I was watching the informercial and decided to google reviews first. For some here, if the diet prompted you to start eating right and exercising, all was not lost. Perhaps you would not have even moved in that direction, so look at the positive. As with any products, for some it will work and for some it will not. Sometimes the inch loss can be just water weight. I have used thermal creams with saran wrap and lost 3 inches immediately. Is that fat? Hightly doubt it! Just water weight. When you use this for six months and inches keep coming off and the belly is toning up, then we are looking at true fat loss. Likely just doing the exercise will achieve similar results if done faithfully twice daily. Because one person had no results does not mean the product is no good. It is when we read many people not having any results we can get a clear picture. I agree with Beca...don't knock it until you try it, and maybe you will gain some awesome insight to eating better. I have bought weight loss books for far more money. Not one of us is a "one size" fits all people. Immediately cancel the autoship and use a credit card so you can dispute the charges if need be.

Dee 4 years ago

I was 1 week away from ordering the Tummy Tuck Belt and stumbled across this website. Thank God for a woman's intuition of common sense. I didn't order it. Thanks everybody.

Brenda Finch 4 years ago

I've used the tummy tuck belt for 2 weeks. The worst thing for me is putting the belt on. It's tighter than tight, and I'm almost ready to give up. Although I get it on each time, I dread when I have to do it next. I'll hang in there for the full 30 days. I think it's worth a try, but I have my doubts.

mr 4 years ago

Try the Prep H or just the Saran Wrap when you work out or walk. When I removed the saran it was wet and it also felt greasy, which to me means it is melting something and it is coming through my pores. Everyone's body reacts differently. I weigh 115 and am athletic, but I have never had a 6-pack, and that is because I never tried very hard. Now at 62, my stomach is somewhat flabby, but I am determined to have a flat stomach by May...

I had the sense to google tummy tuck belt reviews and thank you all for posting! Ask your bank and credit card companies to block these charges - they should be able to reverse it.

My heart goes to all of us that wake up to these commercials and are sucked into it.

Aquilla 4 years ago

Thanks everyone for the comments. I almost bought it until I read these.

Kd 4 years ago

I bought the belt and I am going to give it a try. I appreciate the reviews but I am going to give it a try.

sammy 4 years ago

worked for me! actually worked pretty great too. 6 inches in 41 days... I stuck with my own life style for the first 1 1/2 weeks then i worked out every other day.. i did 2 minutes of crunches instead of the video 2 minute exersize.. i love it and I've had 3 friends try who it worked wonders on... maybe it works for some, not for others..

Dannielle 4 years ago

Hey everyone, I haven't used this product, came on this site to read the reviews as all of the above people did, and saw the MANY posts regarding billing issues.

Like many others, I've purchased things off infomercials, and had billing problems (i.e., automatic charges, slow processing of refunds, etc.) and just wanted to share a tip:

Go to your local mall or grocery store, and buy a VISA gift card, or some other major credit card brand of gift card, and put the amount you want on the card. Then, after you make your purchase, you don't have to worry about continuous charges, because there's no more money on the card! If YOU decide to order again, you can simply put some more $$ on the card.

Pass the info on to your friends, because this has been a super helpful tip in my life. I use 2 cards, for purchases by phone or online with companies that are new to me or when buying something like the items from an infomercial.

With all the credit card fraud out there, why take a chance that the person on the other end of the phone is writing down your info?

Happy Shopping!

Suzy 4 years ago

I have to chuckle at the posts from those who swear it worked for them. Of course you'll get some short term 'shrinkage' accredited to water loss, or benefits from better diet and doing exercise. I always check on reviews to see how the scam works on all these new advertised products. This one is similar to others where you will be charged for monthly shipments regardless of you declining further product. Thanks for the tip on prepaid credit cards, post office box, cheap extra cell #, etc. I guess in this day and age we need to protect ourselves as no one is really looking out for the consumers' best interests. And lastly, I'm all for American jobs but the comments about call centers in India are racist. Call center workers are reading from scripts and many have a better command of the English language than native US speakers. Let's stick to the facts. The call centers are not ripping us off, it's the masterminds of these bogus product firms, wherever they may reside !

staffyp 4 years ago

WOW, thanks for your honest review, I was seconds away from purchasing two belts, one for me and one for my wife but I always like to read other people review before I buy any of these As-Seen-On-TV items and I appreciate you informing us about this product and this company.

Again thanks for saving me the headaches.

ccm 4 years ago

I thank you as well~! Had a feeling it was another scam

Elena 4 years ago

I only needed to lose 10 pounds and its all from my midsection. Well, it worked! By the way, it won't roll, if it does, you are probably too fat or too big for it. Stop eating! and exercise as well!!!

Maria 4 years ago

Wow! Boy am i glad i decided to research the tummy tuck belt before buying it. 've learned so much from everyone else's comments that i definitely won't buy it now. I should know better anyway. Rule of thumb to follow "if sounds too good to be true than it probably is". Want to learn more about the raspberry keytones and red clover tea. Has anyone tried it and had any success? Nothing beats diet and exercise. Thanks for all the feedbacks.

janis 4 years ago

I was about to purchased the belt last night and after reviewing all this reviews I am not going to get sucker on this belt. i need to get to work....

jayhg 4 years ago

Same here........after seeing these comments, it's preparation H and saran wrap for me!!

Krissy101 4 years ago

Im just looking into this and reading about this miracle belt because I was interesting in buying one and although there are more bad reviews than good im still interested. What people fell to realize is because although it didn't work for you dosent mean its not going to work for me. Everybody is different. another thing I realize is that a lot of people haver too much time on their hands. lol

Carol 4 years ago

Thanks everyone I was soooo close into calling but looked up and ran into this site:). I'm just gonna stick with my exercising and MY BODY BY VI!!!!! Been doing my 2 shakes a day and I'm down 5 pant sizes... Just can't get rid of my lil pouch...

call-me-bill 4 years ago

great info, OP, et al!

thank you, all...

... lesson i learned a while back. when buying from these vendors that are known for continuosly sending products and charging the customers: after the first purchase i usually cancel my card and get another... it only takes a couple of days to get a new card.

as for me buying this belt, after these helpful comments, i wont!

time to go and buy prep-H and Saran wrap *wink*


Shelly 4 years ago

Had just talked my husband into letting me put this on his credit card..was even going to pay extra for quick shipping because I am ready to get going on this well, so glad I took a second to look at reviews. Had a gut (no pun intended) better see what everybody said about this. SO GLAD I DID!!!! Going to try the Saran wrap idea....

Bea 4 years ago

Saved by the "doesn't work belt". Just when I was about to place my order, I found these reviews. I may not have lost fat, but I surely saved my self grief and money. thanks to all of you for your honesty

jen 4 years ago

I was just about to call lol glad I read this

divahenley 4 years ago

Thanks yall!! i sure was going to buy this. im so glad i seen this. i knew it was to good to be true.

skevans125 profile image

skevans125 4 years ago

Thanks for the review...I too was almost going to call. I would like to offer words of encouragement. I have been trying for the past 5 weeks to lose weight, I have lost almost 10lbs so far. I was ready to go back to my old eating habits which include no exercise and lots of carbs, I think I will continue to exercise and cut back on my carbs. I am 20+ lbs. away from where I would like to be. Best of luck to each of you as you find what works best for you. I give all the glory to God b/c He is where I get my strength from each new day.

Missy 4 years ago

I have also heard that cocunut oil helps you lose weight, put it in anything Hot like 1 tsp, it burns fat..:)

tasha 4 years ago

So glad I read this! Gonna have to lose my 40lbs the old fashioned way!

Beca 4 years ago

Water weight or not., it worked

Kate 4 years ago

Thanks to all who posted the information, this appeared to be way too easy for weight loss. Saved me a lot of money. Honesty - where has it gone? And, people, there isn't any need to sound nasty.... We are all facing some sort of battle in life.

Lucy 4 years ago

I bought the product and cancelled it. Well they still took money from my checking account when I had cancelled. I can deal with the $30 cost just fine, however a month after paying the $30, they took more money even though I had cancelled! I called and chewed them out and I got my money back plus the other $30 I had been charged before. Don't buy this product, it doesn't work anyway!

Shay 4 years ago

Thanks very much for the comments- I was getting ready to order this product & I don't have money to Waste- I am on disability well I think I was get focused & do it old fashion-Natural way to lose weight-God Bless!!!!! All of You

C. Williams 4 years ago

My girlfriend and I thank you so very much. We were just on the phone about five minutes ago trying to order a few belts. When we couldn't talk to a live person because we had questions we wanted answered before ordering, we turned to the net. I am so grateful, Thanks!!!

Tia 4 years ago

Thank you for your information on this product I changed my mind to order it .

Mary808 4 years ago

I am Really grateful for this Review! I ws seriously desperate to lose weight after the day that I've had and when this commercial came on I thought wow what if it really worked. The last thing I want or need is to be overwhelmed with calls and charged for a product that doesn't work. And PS an American company should have american customer service so the Time zone and language are appropriate for the customer!

Youngcurves19 profile image

Youngcurves19 4 years ago from Hawaii

You all should file a complaint with the Better business Bureau

jerry h 4 years ago

Thank you.....

Jack Johnson 4 years ago

I have never used this product but know this much that a belt WILL make you lose weight BUT you are most likely losing water weight. Water weight is what you loose first and results can be seen immediately but once you have lost most of the water weight, you will very little result in terms of waste shrinkage.

sam 4 years ago

Go to wal-mart buy the sweat belt for $9.99 that's it.

Janet 4 years ago

What's wrong with speaking to someone from India? They are not the ones to blame if it doesn't work.

Jonathan2111 4 years ago

Try a pill called lipozine witch 78% of all the weight u loose is pure body fat.... Also take it with another pill called Rasberry keynotes diet...... Go to the gym as much as possible..... And change your eating habits to a healthy one ..... Good luck and dedicate urself to changing ... I'm being honest..

Muesun 4 years ago

I was just about to order my boyfriend said nooooo... Seems too good to be true.. I checked the reviews glad I didn't order it.. Thank y'all for your comments

Katie 4 years ago

I have been using this for almost a week and I want to believe it will work!!

jkkopfman profile image

jkkopfman 4 years ago from Cheraw, SC

Here I am, the day after the Easter Dinner, lots of desserts and gobs of candy - yep, even a giant Chocolate Bunny. When I got home last night, I saw the Tummy Tuck Belt commercial for the first time and thought I should have one of those. I decided to check it out first and came across this site. This did me in completely! I have put my Credit Card away where it belongs, decided to take long walks ever morning and remember the problems that some people have encountered.

Mel 4 years ago

I almost ordered. Thanks for the review-

Nashville True Blue 4 years ago

I purchased it and was not satisfied. I'm returning and expect to receive a refund withing 10 days after they receive it. The belt does roll up and the cream is only cream. No benefits.

Waste of time and money.

Terrence 4 years ago

Americans,get your butts in the gym,exercise and make better food choices.

4 years ago

Are the people who are having problems with the belt rolling at the bottom or the top of the sizing. Could the sizing be off are the ranges too wide since there is a big difference between a size 16 and a 12 I have been both and when I am a 16 I definitely can not fit into my size 12 cloth's. Does this product make your waist look slimmer. I am still undecided on whether to buy.

Kenny 4 years ago

Thank you for your coments, I was clsoe to make a mistake.

jkkopfman profile image

jkkopfman 4 years ago from Cheraw, SC

As previously reported the day after Easter and gobbling down all of the candy and food, your honest comments kept me from blowing off money that I don't have and doing something really stupid.

Now the good thing is that I have taken Dr. Oz's recommendation on TV and started taking a Raspberry Ketone with Green Tea capsule with my meals. I'm sure health food stores have the Raspberry Ketone capsules, but I purchased mine from a major drug store in my small town. Guess a lot of people around here must watch Dr. Oz and have been buying it too. This product allegedly burns the fat you are eating. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Jack 4 years ago

This is great feedback everyone. Thanks for the comments. I have to say I tried placing an order 4 times with no completed order status yet since their "systems" have been down. I was going to try again but after reading these comments I'm taking this as a sign not to. It was the worst customer experience of my life too. I placed my initial order over the phone since their website order placement didn't work. It was an automated system that took 40 minutes then all of a sudden I got transferred to someone telling me I won a free cruise. I called back two more times on different days and the customer service "specialists" were very rude. I would say don't order this without even trying the product just from the horrible customer service I've experienced. I even asked to speak to a supervisor to voice my concerns and the lady argued with me on what good that would do, so I just hung up on her. I'm just concerned now they're going to charge my card multiple times.

Ella 4 years ago

I've used the belt for four days, wore it one full day in an Alzheimers Walk, and I'm amazed at already having less belly bulge. In fact, I'm ordering it for my daughter--we're both the same size and often wear each others' clothes. All the best for everyone--

Barbara 4 years ago

Thank you so much for the iformation on the Tummy Tuck Belt. I was just at my computer looking it up and this site popped up. I am so grateful for all the information that she put on there. I instantly stopped where I was and decided I could do without a non working belt. Thank you so much.

tweety 4 years ago

Thanks everyone. This site has helped me decide not to purchase the so called "tummy tuck belt".

Jackie 4 years ago

Thanks for the info I will not be ordering

jenn 4 years ago

i have a similar belt i purchased from a cvs store. a velcro ab belt that is almost thermal (nerf like) lined to induce sweating to help burn fat. my problem: belt does not cover a large enough area but i wore this belt every day to the gym 6 days a week for a few months. i saw a drastic difference. much like working out with the solor outfits (garbage bag outfits only for you abs) i lost fat but when i had to move & quit that gym :( winter came now.... i haven't regained that weight totally but 5lbs to me is totally in my belly! i saw this infomerical & thought wow! it covers entire area like a halter! :) how sweet would that be?! some of those before pictures look like mine after having kids! :( drs keep telling me mine wont go away without a tummy tuck i keep trying to prove them wrong. so i keep thinking this would be cheaper than surgery & worth a try?! if used properly?! maybe?! but i surely appreciate every input worded here :) i will consider that as i decide my choice. not sure what to do here? :\

dk 4 years ago

This was one of the most helpful reviews and forum for a product review. I watched this on t.v. late night of course, and it seemed too good to be true. And alas, so it seems. Thank you everyone for your honest reviews.. and alternative fixes. It's always about diet and exercise, however, sometimes, those trouble spots, always looking for a helping hand. Will not be purchasing this product, but will look into the saran and nighttime belt thing.. cheaper and less of a scam potential!

beth 4 years ago

ACE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

deb 4 years ago

do 6 week body make over by micheal thurman you get to eat the right things and you work out and walk 1 hour a day if you stick to it it works and you are never really very hungery and people its ok to be hungery

Adele -- Not the singer 4 years ago

I was ready, I got my credit card, my computer and was ready to order. Then I thought I better read the reviews, always best to do that, can save you tons of money. It may work for some people, but according to the reviews, it doesn't work for most and the problems you have to go through to get them to stop shipment of cream or retuning the product, just isn't worth it. I am glad I read the reviews and glad I did not order this product.

lolita 4 years ago

Thanks for be honest I almost make the mistake and buy it ..

Im glad that I read first your comments.. I will change my eating habits and do more exercise.

mommyof3 4 years ago

A little known fact is that you can call your credit card company and ask for a "charge back". I had to do it once for a vacation rental deposit that wasn't returned to me. As soon as I did that, I magically got my refund check in the mail the next week. So, I heighly suggest asking for the same if you are sent something that you didn't sign-up for or canceled. Don't wait months to receive your refund, ask for a charge back and block all future charges from this company. This will remove the charge from your card, or charge it back to the company.

As for the tummy pooch. I exercise three times a week at our local club. I absolutely love body combat. I recommend findhing a class for those of you who are like me and need a "trainer" to motivate you. If you really want to get rid of tummy fat, cut the sugar, eat healthy, exercise, and drink plenty of water.

Good luck to everyone.

Gemini 4 years ago

Thanks but no thanks . Reviews very helpful

AnnMarie 4 years ago

Stop giving jobs to people in India!! Americans need jobs too!! Even if it doesn't pay a lot.

Susan 4 years ago

I came to the internet to order, saw these reviews, and will NOT order, no matter how enticing it sounds. "Anything that sounds too good to be true, probably is." I've heard this often, and will continue to remember it. Thanks for your honesty.

Janice 4 years ago

I too came to this site with intentions of ordering this merchandise. So glad that I decided to read the comments. Thanks everyone...good looking out!

greg 4 years ago

Another approach would be to smear preparation H all over your face and then wrap your entire head with saran wrap three times. In 3 to 5 minutes you will never again worry about tummy bumps.

shorty 4 years ago

Thanks for the info. I think i rather pay the money and get a real tummy tuck.

Dee 4 years ago

I am laughing at all these reviews. I can't even believe I considered for a nano second to purchase this thing even with the thermal whatever LOL...only seconds left to order LOL...Cannot STAND the fact you would have to deal with India to get a refund or much else, that's enough to make you lose your stomach out of frustration! You go Misty way to call Gregory out or whatever his name was. UGH. Best way to lose your stomach or anything else is sensible eating, less fat and calorie intake and moderate exercise.....ok we are onto the next info commercial....foodlovers fat loss system...OMG LOL where is my remote!

WOW 4 years ago

THis was very helpful. It seems if this many people turned it down they lost a lot of money. This company should rethink the product. Probably won't must be somene with a lot 0f time and money to waste on commericals........

liz36 4 years ago

ok i too was about to order but will not now. i use the tummy belt from walmart and sleep with it on everynight along with some skin firming facial moisturizer from kohls. the more moisturized your stomach is the smoother the wrinkles seem to be. i am a mother of 4 and have lost my baby weight but now have a wrinkly stomach so i am looking for whatever will help. i am trying the saran wrap for sure!

Mary 4 years ago

Thanks for all the great infomration. I too almost bought into this scam. After reading all the comments, I shall not waste my money. Instead, I'll keep walking and watching my diet.

Brenda 4 years ago

Can anyone provide the phone no. to cancle? I through all my paper work away.Thank u

mary 4 years ago

Customers who have enrolled in our Essential Boost or Thermal Accelerator Cream automatic ongoing shipments programs may cancel all future shipments at any time by calling Savvier’s customer service center at 1-800-305-8988. To receive a refund on a shipment made prior to cancellation, just return the merchandise, as mentioned earlier in this Satisfaction Guarantee

Mike 4 years ago

Product name was misspelled. Should be Dummy Tuck

Lynn 4 years ago

Thanks everyone. Turnig off the tv and headed for the gym.

ralph 4 years ago

me too, thank you all for your input. the sad thing of all this, is that their are so many of us out their. i,m 69 yrs. young. trying to get back my good looks, just have to get off of my ass, and work out. and eat and drink the right things. god bless you all, and keep trying. april 29th 2012

microprocessor 4 years ago

Thanks I wont waste me money - no topical creams can melt fat. The response from notme is very good: No easy solutions - diet and exercise and no food after 7:30PM.

LJ 4 years ago

As usual I am check the reviews, & I am grateful because it changed my mind about purchasing one, due to an auto accident november of 2010 & abdominal surgery, I have extra__ belly fat I can't get rid of & thought this would help since I am limited to exercise. Thank you

4 years ago

Spot reduction for fat loss has never been founded by any studies. Only through proper exercise and diet (including supplementation) will one make any gains and sustain long term fat reduction...unless one opts for liposuction. There is never a quick fix. You have to put in the time and effort. Try P90X

4 years ago

YIKES! I ordered over the weekend...I knew I should have checked for real customer feedback first! My order was shipped yesterday, but I did call the 800 number to be sure that I was not enrolled in the auto-ship for the cream. Turns out, I was and I requested the immediate cancellation. The Rep tried to sell me a lifetime of FREE SHIPPING, I declined. Then, he offered a $10 refund monthly...I declinded that, too! I'm contacting my CC company now to be sure to block them in the future. Lesson Learned :(

Leila 4 years ago

I tried and i lost 2 inchs, but I only need to lose 2 inchs,

marzipansmom 4 years ago

Thanks for the warnings. I did watch the commercial. A few years ago there was a product similar in which you bought 2 heavy elastic bands to wrap around your thighs and wear while active(yes, I tried it - how gullible was I) and the theory was that you would sweat off the fat. Later on people were warned that you could suffer heat stroke if you did heavy exercise wearing these. Of course, all this sweating only caused water loss == the fat cells were still there, waiting to reinflate as soon as you replaced the water. Too bad; it would be great if it worked!

hoosiermaddog 4 years ago

I use Abolene makeup remover cream from local drug store and saran wrap all the time when I exercise and it will LITERALLY make you loose inches! Don't get scammed there are easier ways to drop inches!

Sarah 4 years ago

Thanks your testimony sounds just like the others I have read. Another gimmick with terrible customer service and return policies.

C.C 4 years ago

sooooo very thankful I read all the reviews and had just decided I would do purchase tomorrow...THANK YOU FOR THIS!! I'll pass on this product and just keep walkin and reducing my calorie intake

tonya24ga 4 years ago

I thought It would work because slender wraps do work, but are expensive, however there are some videos on YOUTUBE where you can do them at home for about $17.

the key active ingrediens are simple

green beauty clay (amazon)

sea salt

(add anything you would like good for antioxidents and healthy skin, like olive oil, green tea, mineral oil, etc.)

the clay draws out toxins that build up and add volume, then the salt shrinks the cells, and tightens your skin. both leave the skin looking beautiful

just bring ingredients and water to a boil, cool a lil, add bandages, wrap tight, move around (1-2 hours, not minutes) to work ingredients into cells, add more liquid every 15 minutes. Take it off 2 hours later, don't shower, it will continue to work all night.

jezebel23 4 years ago

I too was lured in by the promise of a flatter stomach with no work. The wrap would not stay up and continued to just roll down! The lotion just flaked off after a few minutes. I never felt any "heat" sensation with the product when rubbed on my belly. I now just use the wrap to wrap my two golden retrievers together and watch them fight. The lotion I found is better used for masturbating. cheers.

Sherry 4 years ago

Fell for the stupid gimmick and bought this....















Bonnie 4 years ago

Thanks.. was just about to purshase, then i saw this !! I should have know better

Kimmie 4 years ago

After seeing the before and after pics i was like, no frkn way this product does that! But reading the comments it did work for some people..

I for one, am not purchasing it...use coffee grinds or prep h with saran wrap, u will be surprised! But if u still do want to purchase it, buy it on ebay or another site, do not buy it from cause u will get screwed!!!

NH 4 years ago

thanks I can see from the top page to the end no body write a good review that can tell me how bad the product is and the company as well. thanks

ellen 4 years ago

i knew it was too good to be true:-).thnx 4 rews.

Beth 4 years ago

Thanks all!!! I definitely will NOT be purchasing the Tummy Tuck Belt.

Anna 4 years ago

Well NUTS....I was so hoping that maybe this time something that sounded too good to be true was!! Thank heavens for the internet and THANK YOU for taking the time to post this review. You've saved me a ton of aggravation and money!! Back to making good lifestyle choices....always the best in the long run anyhow.

I used to say in my skinny days I wish I had to be more careful with diet and exercise....I hit 40 and voila, my wish was granted. I'm in my 60's now but managed to keep the weight longer skinny but not too fat either ;o) and definitely much healthier for having to eat well and exercise.

Kevin 4 years ago

Preperation H + a heavy wrap with exercise works like a charm on that stingy layer of fat just above the abdominal muscles every time!!

Heidi 4 years ago

I'm on my first week and it's been fine. No flaking. Some rolling of the belt, but that's because I'm wearing it all day. If you do it for 10 min twice a day, it would not be rolling. I got turned onto it because my nail lady has a co-worker who has lost 72 pounds using it already. She wasn't even telling me about it, I just overheard her clients asking her how she was losing so much weight. If it ends up not working after I give it a fair try, I'll post that too.

FT 4 years ago

Very good post. Thanks for saving me some $$$

kross47 4 years ago

I was almost sucked in! Thanks for the post! Scamming crooks! :(

arbame 4 years ago

Impulse buying is the easiest way to lose money ,and get aggravated. Thanks for the sharing experiences. Saved me money.

belt too tight 4 years ago

I bought this product, the belt was too too too tight. I called and told the female indian lady i wanted a refund, then told her the belt was too too tight that it hurt my thighs pulling it up. She offered me a ten dollar refund and i keep everything, i told her hell naw, then she offered me another free belt just pay shipping. I got the second belt and it feels even tighter and still hurt my thighs. I will be sending everything back tomorrow with a signature receipt. I wish i had read this post before i ordered it.

as seen on tv scam 4 years ago

I just wanna say as seen on tv is a scam. I got a few things and they did not work in fact the product is different once you get it. The boiled eggs do not boil the eggs on top, the slicer does not cut and the tuck is a tight belt that cuts off your circulation. They are making money off our shipping and handling and not the product since most of it is sent back.

guess who 4 years ago

This ALL sounds like some bullshit to me!!! Idiots!!!

Elaine Bloom 4 years ago

Buyer beware!!! I can't say the product doesn't work ,because I couldn't wear it---it rolls up whenever I move. I didn't want to return it, but certainly didn't want any additional product. I never signed up for a membership, but was sent additionaly cream anyway. Make a long story short, I'm still waiting for my refund. They lie and are impossible to deal with. I would stay FAR away from this.

bodylevive profile image

bodylevive 4 years ago from Loachapoka, Alabama

May God bless you! As I was researching information I came across your hub about this belt. I don't know why but I knew it was to good to be true. That's why I always research before even thinking about buying because if it's advertised, somebody has bought it and you will know if it does not live up to expectations.

Diane 4 years ago

Why did I buy then read the reviews? I'm worried more about the auto charging of my card/canceling membership than anything else. Crud.

Jmon7 4 years ago

I lost weight with it but I also did my workout with it and I ate right. U can't lose weight without healthy eating and exercise, fools

Shatha 4 years ago

Thank you so much, I was planning to order this product. But not anymore.

NotMe Either 4 years ago

Thanks you! Will not be ordering. Scam.

Uhhuh 4 years ago

Well I'm sure glad I read reviews before purchasing.....I hate the revolving payment thing. And I suppose like another person did,its all about eating right and exercising....and whatever else it takes to get this tummy off...

Nancy 4 years ago

Thank you all for the comments. I will not purchase this after all.

Toni 4 years ago

Thanks for the honesty I too will not waste my time or money!

dmski98 4 years ago

gregory is a jerk get a lie 'DUMMY'

Bonnie 4 years ago

.I too fell for another fat reducer scam.How much do you pay those people to lie for your tummy tuck scam?I have used it for 1 month and am the same as before I started even after exercising and dieting.

Marquita 4 years ago

I purchased the tummy tuck belt its day one and i've lost two inches but of course I walk five miles every other day but I didn't walk today I just did the workout and that was it!!!!

saladsRgood 4 years ago

A very good rule, don't ever watch as seen on tv networks. Block them out. You won't miss them. All they sell is junk made 'who knows where'. If you really want to lose weight and inches, eat right. No junk food. Exercise is usually necessary. You don't really need a gym. Cut expenses by walking, doing jumping jacks, etc. These companies spend hundreds of thousands of $$ advertising this junk and they need to make their profits so they're going to make it sound very believable. Block out the channels and don't go back.

Laurie Graham 4 years ago

I am beyond furious! I followed every single procedure for returning, well within the timeline, with a receipt and proof of delivery and signature, and it was completely ignored! GOOD LUCK to all who buy into this crap. It does NOT work, it doesn't do squat. Trying to return is like pulling teeth.....CRAP!

vern 4 years ago

I'm gonna try for refund and cancellation of the automatic monthly charge that I just received . . . i'm in over $100 now and not caring for any part of the process with no results ! . . . thanx for all your remarks ! !

nina 4 years ago

I got it before reading all the reviews. I will try it first then make my comment. I am one that can't do a lot of stuff but I can try this. I will be careful not to sit for ten minutes and hope it does not role.

Toni 4 years ago

Wow I am so glad I read these. My brother in law bought the tummy tuck belt and he swore that it works. He is a pretty big guy though and a carpenter who just fell into a big job so the inch he lost is probably from the extra work. Plus it has been in the 90's recently so I'm sure he was just sweating lol. Ahhh I have been eating healthy and exercising everyday and have seen results but I just wanted a little extra help for my belly. I guess I'll just keep working at it the old fashioned way. Thanks everyone!

T puck 4 years ago

Well glad for the info

Jess 4 years ago

The only way to lose weight is to back up from the table and exercise! If there was a miracle pill or belt or anything else out there that really worked then there wouldn't be fat ppl! Don't get me wrong I'm big myself and I have taken diet pills but in order to loose the weight and keep it off u have to diet and exercise!!!

Laura 4 years ago

Thanks to all of you for your reviews! I'm listening to the infomercial on tv as I'm writing this. Sounds so promising! I wonder how much money these people are being paid for their testimonials to promote this BS! Glad I found this website before I fell into that scam. Eating less, eating the right foods, along with exercising is really the only way.

STEELER NATION 4 years ago


NB 4 years ago

Thanks so much for such great comments. I will not purchase this POS

Mallory 4 years ago

I thought people might find this comments associated with this blog useful:

nancy m 4 years ago

Wow! I got online to order, but I'm glad I read this negative comments before ordering. Thank you. Saran wrap and prep H. HMMMMM!

Ivy 4 years ago

I'm glad I read this first. Thank you, I knew it was too good to be true and I HATE having to speak to a foreign CSR.

SarahTX 4 years ago

There is a logical explanation why products are sold on TV - NO STORE WANTS THEM BECAUSE THEY DON'T WORK! Be skeptical of every product you see sold on an infomercial. I've repeatedly found sites like this written by real people who were unfortunately scammed. Save your money - lose weight the only way that works. Eat less / move more / don't be in a hurry. If you stick to this "formula" you will lose weight.

Jen 4 years ago

I like what DB suggested. i have a neighbor who ONLY buys prepaid Visa cards to order products, for that very reason.

What I don't understand is how these "As Seen on TV" type products get by with it. I've goten burned on similar products.

Joanie stewart 4 years ago

I've been actually thinking of buying the Tummy Tuck Belt "As seen on TV" and just came to my senses. Thanks for all your reviews and I'm lMAO and recall Barnum or Baily once saying "There's a sucker born everyday". I'm referring to myself, btw. Even though I know taking the easy way out usually never works, the commerical convinced me so much - and yes great marketing strategy! I would have been throwing out $$ on another gadget that doesn't work! Its about what your put in your mouth that counts; eat more raw fruits and vegies!

karen 4 years ago

I was taken in by the TV ad and decided this sounded to easy so I googled it. Thanks for your coments. Right, to good to be true.

brandon 4 years ago

i totally agree, the customer service sucked so much, i got sent to a place for a free dinner and all this shit they tried selling me, once i got the belt, i started using it, to be honest the whole not changing your life style is a bunch of bullshit. i had to change a lot of what i was doing, i started using it during my boxing training, to be honest i have lost 17 pounds in 3 weeks and ive dropped 3 pant sizes, don't say it doesn't work, you just have to make it work, its more like a think sweat belt, i love itm but the customer service suuuucks

Am 4 years ago

I bought this product and I have tried it it does not really help, but to my surprise they are also billing you when or after the item have been cancelled. It is good when you watch your finances really well. I also make sure I call every month to make I don't get .............

Kel4heartd 4 years ago

I am watching the info commercial now and it's unbelievable how they make his seem so doable. What caught my attention was one of the comparison photos. The stomachs all look similar, and the postures looks like they are holding in their stomachs and lifting their chest. Check out the arms and shoulders and the neck area looks tense. Unbelievable. I am so glad I didn't order. I too believe in diet and exercising is the key. I watch a lot of dr oz since losing my job and with 3 teens I use a lot of his recommended natural remedies and smart ways to incorporate health alternatives. Thanks to everyone for posting their issues and I wish everyone the best of luck on there endeavors.

davenstan profile image

davenstan 4 years ago

I almost fell for this scam. I am working on regaining my flat yummy through dance training and Pilates. It is working. I though this would accelerate my results. Thanks for this review. 4 years ago

Thanks Very Much For all the testomonies. I was going to order it, after this, no way, you think I would learn my lesson, because I was burned before with something I saw on tv. Everyone wants a quick fix, and there is none. You have to exercise, and watch what you eat.

Maureen 4 years ago

I've been thinking about ordering this so called belt and decided to order it now. My intuition told me to read real people's review b/4 i place the order and i came across this site, now I put my card back where it belongs. Thanks guys for the ur honest info that saved me a headache. I'm considering doing preparation H and saran wrap. Will post back to share how it works.

Rip 4 years ago

This was very helpful I should know that after buying all these BS from on TV to make you loss weight ETC was to pass this commercial straight but I decided to call I still have that belt that shocks you to tense your ab muscles I need to return it! As everyone said do not buy these things off of the TV and just go to the gym or even work out at home the Key to losing weight no matter where it is, would be to workout and have a steady diet. Using some B12 would help also, the preparation H and warp do work I am in the army and for far to long many people been using this and it been working for them so there you go you don't have to commit to anything from any company you can do it yourself at home. All these reviews helped and I learnt today I am don't with any quick fix I continue to keep doing my workout and diet!

Carol 4 years ago

I am glad I looked up this review. Not even tempted to buy it. I'll just turn the chanel.

Diane 4 years ago

So happy I check out reviews before I buy from TV. Was very tempted to pick up the phone - well I actually did dial the number. Guess what - it said the mobile user I dialed was NOT available! what reputable company uses a mobile 800 number???

capt.Fontaine 4 years ago

Same thing everyone else said... So glad I looked here first! The 6 week body makeover is very good, but I only lost 10 lbs in 6 weeks ( supposed to lose 30). Got mad at the diet, gained back the 10 (by being bad) went back on it all of this year -except I didn't leave out the booze). Now I'm on the HCG Diet and have lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks. When I've lost all I want I will go back on the 6 week body makeover plan cause for me it's good for maintenance (not loss- obviously) definitely gonna try the raspberry ketones and the red clover tea and the prep H or more likely aloe and Saran wrap- no matter that it's just water! Oh and PS I had a gastric bypass in 2006 and gained 30 lbs since I got to my lowest point because I thought I was invincible and could ear anything. My point: there is NO easy way out!!

Myhunterbb 4 years ago

Is there a phone number to reach these people, I too was sucked into this and ended up with an allergic reaction to this product. I am still waiting for my refund after two months! Never again will I fall into a scam such as this!

letty 4 years ago

I also purchased the tummy tuck and since the I've started to get phone calls from different companies.

veronica 4 years ago

Thank you!

David 4 years ago

I purchased this product in April, and after a few weeks (no weight loss with adding walking to my daily routine) this products pressure caused muscle tension and hurt my lower back … needing 3 chiropractic adjustments to recover.

The original purchase was $ 57.33

Automatic cream refill was $ 30.86

I paid $5.95 sending the cream back, and was only refunded $ 23.39

Definitely a rip-off, spend that cash on a monthly fitness center membership.

Ann 4 years ago

I totally agree it is a rip off. they keep charging you even months after you tell them they are a rip off. Don't i repeat don't buy

Jonathan 4 years ago

Thanks for the reviews. Almost got it.

Aaron 4 years ago

For people who did the Saran wrap you lost water weight not really any fat which in a couple of days you'll gain it back but it does work to lose a few quick Pounds and inches for tapings and weigh ins. When you work out a particular part of the body it does not mean you'll lose fat there that's not how your body works. You will gain muscle in that area but your body will lose fat were ever it wants to take the fat from depending on your body. The best way to burn fat is buy diet and exercise alone. And the bigger the muscle group you work out like legs, chest, back the more colories you will burn and the more fat that will melt off. You'll be surprised about how much fat you'll burn if you throw in some lunges and push ups into a daily jog or walk. And eat more fruit and veggies your body can not break these down into engergy as fast as simple carbs and then is forced to use fat instead as a source of fuel for your body.

April 4 years ago


Maria 4 years ago

What number do i have to call so i can have my refund back and so i can cancle every lotion there going to send me. Please o need your help!

drew 4 years ago

if you lost weight it is because you exercised, in psychology we call it displacement, in other words because you bought the product you think the product is what helped you lose weight, when really it was the work out...

drew 4 years ago

actually if you want you can pay me 20 dollars and I will send you a good work out program via email, then I will ask you to give me 10 dollars every month, and you will be more likely to do the workout because your constantly investing in it...

KatieAnne 4 years ago

I bought Insanity after my first pregnancy but wanted to drop inches fast so I could go back to work faster after this pregnancy. I'll just use the suran wrap method thanks for the advise I won't waste any money on that. I lost all of my pregnancy weight with Insanity in two weeks and by the end of the 60 day program I went from a size 12 to a size 6. I didn't even use the nutrition guide they give you just ate more smaller meals in the day. I recommend the work out method. Short cuts never really work anyway. Glad I didn't buy the hype.

Lisa 4 years ago

Thank you all for sharing your experiences, and for offering alternative solutions. I am truly grateful! I have not had any problems with belly fat until about 3 years ago. I have five children. my youngest is 12 years old. After each pregnancy I did nothing and was back to my normal weight in about 4 weeks. My belly was flat and my body WAS in shape. I started noticing a bulge about three years ago, and blamed on something That I had eaten (gas etc.). I continued this denial until I laid down one day on my side and my stomach laid on its side!! I saw the TummyTuck segment while vacationing with my family at a water park. I was watching it because I was ashamed to leave the hotel room in my swimsuit. I could not wait to get home to order it. Then I read several testimonials (mostly negative) and changed my mind. I have my time of eating whatever, whenever I wanted with no consequence. I guess its just time to change my lifestyle and work for the body that I took for granted all these years. Thanks again everyone. I wish you all success!!!

Wendy 4 years ago

I too have had a nightmare experience with this company! Satisfaction guarantee? Nope. They don't care, won't refund your money when they say they will. The product does not work. I had to shut down my credit card account to get them to quit taking my money. I am furious with them! Beware, don't order this waste of a product!

Cathy 4 years ago

I purchased the belt. Was supposed to be billed in 2 installments. The crooks took the whole amount the first time and also charged me 19.95 for shipping which I did not autherize them to do. I didn't find out until my statement came the same day they aent me auto shipment, which I didn't sign up for, I sent the package back with a RA number for both of them on July 2,2012 still no money refund. I am very upset the belt doesn't even work. I put it on and walked for 2 miles with no benefit at all. They are a bunch of scammers. I will be contacting the BBB and Attorney General as well. DON'T FALL FOR THEIR LIES, KEEP YOUR MONEY.YOU MAY NOT GET A REFUND. STILL WAITING FOR MINE.

An American 4 years ago

No disrespect to any of you, but if it sounds too good to be true IT IS. Look at their ads on TV the people are holding their breath and sucking their gut in.

Army Vet 4 years ago

I am on vacation in Vegas and saw this commercial. After retiring two years ago, I have put on pounds and gained a pouch. Seemed like a good deal but I am a skeptic and always research products. Thanks for all the post. Think I will return to the basics / exercise and healthy diet.

Gloria 4 years ago

In all of my 80 years, this is the worst gimmick that I have fallen for. It is a total waste of time and money.

Cinny 4 years ago

Saran wrap will give you temporary :) and the old prep H with shark oil that the US won't allow to be sold works best :) Canada still sells online :) happy shrinking

donna 4 years ago

Thank you. I am no longer tempted. That saran wrap sounds like a good bet and I didn't know that about the shark oil. P.S.--Dr. Oz is a scammer too.

andrew 4 years ago

it is a bunch of nonsense and deception it is imposible to lose weight and slim down without eating nutritosly and excercising yea its funny and suspicious that the only "success" stories outside of the informecial used the belt in cohesion and along with a regiment of exercise and eating right that's because that's the key and the most crucial important part to losing and getting rid of excess weight

Zanmarie 4 years ago

Just some information about " sweating " . This idea has been used on expensive race and show horses for a century! Horses would have a heat- creating cream rubbed on. ( mostly neck area) then a tight wrap was applied. Was called a sweating. Horses would lose water weight and temporarily, some fat cells would shrink.

So, buyer beware. Concept does work but at what cost? The horses could not complain of the pain and heat they were experiencing, or if it hurt their coat. Trainers did not care, as long as horse looked slimmer. And they did...not used as much today, but still out there.

When I saw the ad on am tv, my first thought was, why did it take them so long for some company to begin to market this product to people?

Remember Barielle cream for nails? Mane and Tail hair care? Products used on horses, adopted by female groomers, riders, and moved into human cosmetics category.

Use common sense but know that multi- million dollar horses get really good health care and treatments. Sometimes products or supplements tried on them do help Glucosamines and Chondroitins for arthritis and inflammation.

Chaz 4 years ago

Thanks for the review- its helpful to see real people that have tried it. Another Scam-

crystal 4 years ago

I bought this crap and it didn't do anything for me.Will never purchase again.

Lexy 4 years ago

Okay so the best thing you can do to lose belly fat and lose weight is to clean yourself from the inside out. This will make it easier to lose belly fat. On ebay I ordered Dr. Oz raspberry ketone and coffee bean I paid 20.00 for both, plus I got a free trial colon cleanse for 6.99 (I’m always looking for bargains). Take the colon cleanse pills with the raspberry ketone and the coffee beans and you will feel a difference (trust me). While your taking these pills try to diet and exercise at least 3-4 days a week. Now I did this and the way I lost my belly fat really quick was taking the pills and also wearing my Belly Burner Belt everyday to burn fat, I bought this belt on ebay for less than 20.00 or you can get it at Boscov’s and I gotta tell you the results I got in just 30 days is amazing. I lost almost a pound a day but everyone’s body is different. But this worked for me and I hope that this will help someone who is trying to look great and feel great for a good price I got this all for under $50.00. Remember hard work always pays off so no matter what any infomercials say you must be active no cream or belt is gonna just take your weight off without you putting in some work yourself. I bought sooooo many products that promised that I would lose weight without doing anything just using there product and for all the money I spent and lost I found my own way to lose weight and it worked. The key is DIET AND EXERCISE the belly burner belt I bought helped me burn way more fat off my belly while I was exercising and I wore it daily so it actually helped me burn fat while I was just running errands and going about my normal day, so everything doesn't work for everybody as we are all different in every way, our daily lives, our bodies and so on. So just find what works for you, I did.

joanne 4 years ago

OMG...I fell for this and ordered it on the phone, never got a live person, was continually asked to listen to one more product, then after 26 mins, I got a live person who wanted to give me a free I should have know this was not kosher. Then I waited 4 hours and got online and found this and cancelled my order via the company website. Then I decided to call my credit card company and cancel my card. What a nightmare! BEWARE PEOPLE, when it sounds too good to be true, it probably is...I should follow my own advice. If you are ready this, I suggest you cancel your credit card asap, get a new number, like I did, and you can avoid the stress this experience is bound to provide if you don't cancel your card.

KB 4 years ago

Just got through reading almost everyone 's comments on the tummy tuck belt. WoW!!!!! I also was about to buy. I have been exercising and eating six small meals daily. Lost 10lbs but this trying to lose my belly slow and easy the turtle wins the race. Good luck to everyone; my heart felt thanks to thoes of you who tried the belt and your comments. You lost but, you are winners because you help save millions of us. God Bless!

kick 4 years ago

thanks 2 the author who wrote this and everyones tips i almost fell 4 mad that some guy would insult the woman who wrote this that was a cheap shot on the time in india but jpkes on u she was just trying 2 say that because they said good night when it ws am here ans few other things that's how she could tell why from india

ging40 4 years ago

i used tummy tuck belt for two weeks now, and i was so amazed with the result, it really works out for me, my tummy decreased the size without diet, i think the results will vary

Dani 4 years ago

I don't have the belt but went on BBB web site to see what they have on the company. They gave the company a F. Don't buy

rob 4 years ago

I was pretty sure this was a scam and after reading all the reviews, my first hunch is correct. I never use my credit card to order anything over the internet. If I see an item I may want to try, I purchase a money order and send just that amount. If they want accept it or will not provide a PO Box or address to mail to, then that is a red flag that they are bogus. Also, I always check the BBB website to see any business rating and if it is not listed A or even B, I go no further. Also, I call the customer service line first and if I get a foreign representative with little english, that is another red flag for me. So, I will continue to eat better, exercise more and accept who I am and avoid the stress and hassle of these scams. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!!

Mel 4 years ago

I had the exact same experience. Just called today to check on my refund (which the india person said was processed yesterday...we'll see) after I told the customer service rep when I initially placed the order that I did not want to be signed up to get any additional creams. What a scam! I'm so disappointed because I really want to lose this stomach. How can they do that to people.

Deborah 4 years ago

You think your famous now? Let me tell the world that for two payments of $19.95, I have so far paid over $75.00. They keep taking money from my account.

Are you proud of how you make your money?

Too all the people I would advise you to contact your bank or credit card company and have them removed and banned from extracting any money from them.

I for one am tired of being scammed from them and others like them!!!

Cathy 4 years ago

It does not work waste of money....

mandy 4 years ago

oh my goodness guys thank you so much, I needed a quick fix for a photo shoot I'm already a small lady but the nasty little pooch was getting on my nerves, but forget that now an old fashioned clean diet and exercise is the only thing that really works why do I continuously get slapped back into reality with my dum arse.

Owen 4 years ago

thank you so much for your honesty I had three kids. Me two so the program when I was breasting feeding my 4 month baby girl today I was going to call but I wanted more reviews on this it sounded to good to be true oh well I will just keep on doing what I'm doing drink plenty of water eat proper and plenty of walks and sit ups :)

sherry 4 years ago

I think this commercial should be stopped and stop scamming people I feel bad cause they shouldn't do that I'm 15 and bigger I had my hopes up for this because I have a health issue due to my heart why can't people understand there is more to life then money

Miss Destiny 4 years ago

There are no miracle products out there, only good ol' diet and exercise, people! Stop looking for a quick-fix- it DOES NOT exist! You will only be wasting your money and contributing to the multi-million business who strives to suck money out of desperate souls.

Also, work on your spelling and grammar people! It's horrible and confusing to read!

Slimming down 4 years ago

I bought this product at Bed Bath and Beyond for $31.00 -- I have been using it faithfully for one week and lost 1 1/2 inches. I am happy with that - those of you expecting a miracle need to have your head examined!!

Ariet 4 years ago

sooo i brought this product like 2 weeks ago..i'm supposed to get it sometime next week. after reading some of the reviews i'm not gonna lie, i'm a little nervous...i'm happy with my size now but i only want to lose inches off the stomach..i'm going to try it out:) if it doesn't work i'll b posting my disappointment. thanks though!!

Johnny 4 years ago

Every weight loss Ad on TV usually ends with "if you diet and exercise, you'll get greater results"...DDDDUUUUUHHHHH...That's all I'm gonna say...SCAMS.

bobo 4 years ago

thank you. iwas desperate enough to consider this

cwee 4 years ago

I am EMBARRASSED and ANGRY that I bought this rip off item. Do not buy it. They say it is $40.00, but they have now charged me $104.00 for that disgusting worthless cream. I have called them twice, (two months in a row because they charged me in October and November) and told them NOT to charge me anything more, and I have called my credit card company and flagged them as a fraudulent company. Be wary of a company which continues to charge you! DO NOT buy this worthless item. You are better off buying a tight pair of underwear, or a girdle that is two sizes too small and rub Preparation H or Icy Hot on your belly...I am kicking myself for being stupid on this one.

Liz 4 years ago

I wanted this for me and MIL but after reading these, I change my mind as well. Thank you so much for the review.

Rachel Ross profile image

Rachel Ross 4 years ago

I'm not looking to lose weight. I'm 5'1' at 104lbs. I had a child 5 years ago and gained 70lbs. I lost every pound that I gained, but naturally, the skin on my stomach is just loose, stretched out skin. I'm 23 years old and I would love to have a "23" year olds stomach. I eat extremely healthy and I consistently work out. I was going to purchase this because, well, I fell for it. Thanks to these reviews, that won't be happening.

Any suggestions on how to simply tighten up loose skin without surgery?

Jay 4 years ago

My husband believed in this, so he got it for us. Were not small people, so it was a workout, just to get it over my butt to get it to my stomach. lol, it was so tight and uncomfortable. Just the thought of putting it on, was worse of the thought of going to the gym! The skinny girl on the commercial, makes it seem sooooo easy to put on! Yea, I guess if your a size 1.

I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. Specially if they really don't have your size. I'm a size 18, and it might have fit someone that was a size 10-12.

melody 4 years ago

hey yall, the pastic wrap works. i lost 20 pounds in one month but guess what? i was out of plastic wrap so i used a garbage bag! i made it into a poncho with arm holes . put it on first then a long sleeve shirt and tucked it into my work out pants. i rode my bike over the heater vent (lol! it was winter) when i was done i was pouring sweat. i rode the bike for 15-30 minutes right before bedtime. drink lots of water . i literally felt my body shrinking when i went to bed. gluck!!!

tummytuckreviews 3 years ago

Hello all,

I have been using this product for over a month and have been quite satisfied with the results so far. The belt has helped me lose tummy and get back into shape.

What a Shame! 3 years ago

What a shame! The power of advertising. My mum fell for this crappy product. I just hate it when people take advantage of the innocent.

Lady B 3 years ago

Word of Advice to ALL WHEN SHOPPING ON LINE,, I have a

PRE-PAY CARD I use just for shopping online that way they can't get what not there

julsofparadisedotetsydotcom 3 years ago

Well, I almost fell for this, so I am glad I ran across all these comments to read.

I guess the truth of it all is to eat less and move more.

Cage 3 years ago

Ive had the ten minute tummy tuck belt for over 7 months and i gotta say i was sorta a non believer when it came to rubbing on cream then putting on the belt that looked like a over sized bra, lol, but i must say tho the process is going slow its working for me as well, but during the wintertime theres not much as far as exercise can acomplish, I wear the belt every day, i even wear it to bed, but i think with the belt on i at least have a little bit of hope during the winter, I honestly think starting the tummy tuck belt methead would work better during the summer that way you got more then one way to exercise you got walking, jogging, running, climbing and also riding bikes, were in winter time you just stay in doors and to the ten minute tummy tuck tightners .

samy 3 years ago

i got one, it rolls, man, is not what i thought, it , will, be, to small, to.

skipper 3 years ago

don't get this you may as well get a girdle it's better and you don't need to have any cream crap... not worth it they need to take these kind of comm off TV right??? this is a scam watch out and keep your money

bill 3 years ago

do not buy this belt it is a scam it does not work

sally 3 years ago

Thanks! I just saw this on TV and am always suspicious, of the too good to be true stuff. But oh how I wanted to believe it!

Erica 3 years ago

One of the ingredients, phenoxyethanol, is a REPRODUCTIVE HAZARD according to its Material Safety Data Sheet.

Mary 3 years ago

I am so glad I read these reviews!!! I, too, almost ordered it and I so very glad I didn't! It's a shame they can get on TV and hawk this kind of crap. But there are so many people out there, desperate to lose weight, that they would probably try anything. Think I'll stick to doing it the old fashioned way!!

Valerie 3 years ago

Thanks, for heads up on that! I too not much for all that "as seen on TV". Sure glad I read this on it again "Thanks for the information"!

Sorry for what happen to you... hope you get your money!

Steasse 3 years ago

I like what you guys are up too. This kind of clever work and reporting! Keep up the good works guys I've included you guys to blogroll. learn how

mario 3 years ago

the problem with the charging a credit card again, can be solved easier without calling them back and asking not to charge or calling Bureau. U just call ur bank and tell them that u have lost ur card, they will block it and send u the new one. If they will try to charge you again, it will not go through. Easy one step procedure. In the mean time while u r waiting for ur replacement card to arrive, just use another one

good luck

Edith Lake 3 years ago

Can someone tell what do do so they could stpo sending this tube every month

jessicaw 3 years ago

For Future readers- try getting spandex- like spanx- from any retailer that covers your problem areas and wear it with Icy Hot or any type of product that heats up your skin and you will achieve the same results as this belt claims. My hubby is a state champ weight lifter and body builder and he does this- it works and is cheaper.

Rina 3 years ago

To Edith Lake. The best credit card to use is AmEx. They are great to stop all charches that u don't want. Cancel your credit card .

JS 3 years ago

Reading all the positive reviews I was so ready to order the belt...until I read the list of ingredients on the "Miracle Thermal Accelerator”. Wow-I DO NOT want all those unpronounceable ingredients seeping into my pores and invading my biology. Too bad, because it sounded promising. Good luck to you brave souls who don’t worry about such things.

Tyrone from DC 3 years ago

Thxs! I was thinking about ordering the Tummy Tuck...U save me a disappointment. Sound 2 good 2 B true.

DK 3 years ago

After reading these I decided to return everything I just received and even tho it says you don't have to call, CALL! Glad I did. I had to cancel my membership for the cream (that I didn't even know I had) and get a verification # to put on the outside and inside of package. I will also get insurance and a tracking #. I hope I get a refund now. I am not allowing myself to watch anymore infomercials!

Sweets 3 years ago

I've used Tummy Tuck and ended up with a flat stomach and my curves back. In 1 month lost 3 inches off my stomach. I really love the product and I do not even work out. I also eat whatever I want.

Gwen 3 years ago

Thanks for this post, I was just getting ready to order this product, but decided to research it before I did. I'm glad I did, my stomach already gives me a headache, I don't need all this to go along with it. THANKS

Shannon 3 years ago

I purchaced it, and it has been working for me. My friend also bought one, she has lost 15lbs in 2 mos. Where i have lost only 9 lbs. My friend eats well, and walks 3 days a week where i do not. But going to start! So, so far i do not have any bad reviews. Oh and it tells you they will automaticaly be sending the next lotion supplies, YOU MUST READ EVERYTHING before buying ANYTHING! Im sorry to those of you it is not working foir:(

MoneySaver 3 years ago

Thanks for saving me time and effort I could put into exercising!

tigercj 3 years ago

Thanks, after what I heard, I would NEVER order your crappy product! Now wonder you don't see it on infomercials anymore!!!!!!!!

Irene Inangelo Merola 3 years ago

Thank for your honest opinion, I almost made a big mistake by ordering this product!

Gullible 3 years ago

Like so many on here, I had my credit card out and went to the web site to order. Among the listings was this site. So, I looked at the reviews. I've just stuck my debit card back in my wallet, and I'm going to bed. I'll check Wal-Mart when I go shopping tomorrow. Thanks to all of you that convinced me not to buy.

whitneysher 3 years ago

OMG. {Read on for info on what I found that works]. Thanks for whoever shared these honest comments. I've had the nightmare of trying to stop payments on everything from computer equip. from Tiger Direct (took 1 yr and keeping a tracking journal) to Melaleuca (loved the product, just didn't like the membership point system that required you to spend over $100 a mth on vitamins, lipstick etc). I spoke with my sister's neurologist about the belly issue. He said read up on "Topiramate." This is apparently a drug used for Alzheimer's patients. But he says it works to reduce belly fat. Dang! I'm still researching for something safe. Yes diet and exercise help. But anybody with a pooch knows that bellyfat is stubborn and we need some help with it. And who in the hot summer time wants to be sweating like trapped hog in some girdle. LOL. Keep me posted on your findings. Putting my credit card back in my purse on the tummy tuck belt proposition.

Raja 3 years ago

I bought the 10 minute tummy tuck belt. I used for 15 days and after that I Had severe pain one day and got admitted to the hospital. While verifying it was diagnosed that I had Gall stone. I don't know is it because of the Gel I used or because of something else. Doctor recommended not to use the Tummy tuck belt.

The pathetic condition is I have been flooded with the Gel again and again in spite of cancelation. When I spoke to customer service they were very rude and disconnected the line abruptly. After repeated call the CS gave me RMA for only the product which was within 30 days less shipping cost. Even after returning I haven't got the money refunded. Please be aware of these kind of suckers of your hard earned money.

JFR 3 years ago


3 years ago

it works very well for me, believe t or not. It's been a week and a half. I was waist 36 today I AM 34

brunette 3 years ago

I just was watching the commercial for this product on the TV and I was like hmmm why not lets google it and see what going on with it and after couple youtubes that I watched and did not show that a good or bad product I was doubting my thought but after I read your article I was like OMG .. hell no.. it's not working and a lot of hassle for the cancellation and returning this one and the worst things THE COSTUMER SERVICE IN INDIA AND THEY HAVE ASCENT... I would not do it not for the bad product only but for the Indian Ascent too.. thanks for saving our time and money too

ALINE 3 years ago


I did research and came across your posting. Thank you for saving me the money. Here a trick, call your credit card company and say you never purchase this. they will remove the charge and invest what going on.

Or you can tell them what happen and tell them that charge is not allow.

Call your credit card companies. I did that to some stupid pill and I got my money back.

Deceived 3 years ago

This product doesn't work, don't waste your money

Missie 3 years ago

I have had this recorded on my DVR for months now, and decided to watch it tonight, and omg seriously! At the beginning I was like ok this is some kind of spa treatment. Then the little pitiful little man looked like he wanted to cry, so I kind of thought about getting this stuff. I got out my lap top, looked up some reviews and stumbled on this one and geese. I'm reading your reviews wile this crap is on, and as soon as the lady said "I'm not an actress" RED FLAG!!!! I'm so glad I came on her and saw all of your views on this I would have fell into the night time TV trap also.

Thanks guys I am so sorry this has happened to you, but they will get theirs.

Denise 3 years ago

Wowww....I saw the infomercial a few weeks back & it has stayed on my mind to purchase because I really believed it worked & that the people were real people who actually got results. Thank, God I've been too busy to make the order & just today I was finally going to stop putting it off & make this purchase. This page came to me out of nowhere, it seems like, because I wasn't even thinking of researching any reviews....I was conveinced already!!! Huh, not anymore!!!!!

Joyce 3 years ago

Forget the 1000mg - 2000mg Raspberry Ketones daily, they DO NOT WORK.

Royalty 3 years ago

Thank you all so much for your comments!

Klunk11 3 years ago

Well, if you are stuck with that Belt, you might be able to use it for another purpose. Put it in the trunk of your car in case you have a tire about to blow, it should get you to the nearest tire store. And never mind the cream.

Klunk11 3 years ago

Oh yeah, never buy any 'health' product unless it is recommended by a legitimate group such as the FDA or AMA.

aline proulx 3 years ago

I would like to buy this belt after my surgery 20 years it left me with envelope I cant loose I lose weight but can loose that I need some advise

judy_moore 29 2 years ago

Thank you all, you have saved myself and countless others our hard earned money and lots of heartache, I've been taken before by another company and I know the problems it creates. I now research before I buy and believe what others have to say.

info4lynne 2 years ago

@whitneysher thanks I checked out Topiramate (Topamax) my doctor says i might be able use it instead of a the seizure Med I'm on now. May even help w/ migraines+ fat loss? SIGN ME UP! I'll post an update.

@JOLENE Hurbert &Latrise RE: Saran Wrap& PREPARATION H

Congrats on success, it sounds like you were smart about your water intake, as long as people remember to stay hydrated wrapping tummy or thighs with plastic wrap is really a big help in breaking up fat deposits, losing inches & improving& tightening the skin while working out. Before I read your post I used bandages the plastic wrap works MUCH better, thanks. But, please save your money, no more preparation H. The active ingredient in Prep H constricts blood vessels it works great for under eye puffiness, and other inflammation where vessels may be the culprit, but i suspect it's the moisturizers in Prep H, like aloe & cocoa butter that are helping you shrink your tummy. Since you are covering a large area it would be more economical to just use cocoa butter, a cream with aloe or even cold pressed coconut oil(found in cooking oil aisle). You can amp up these moisturizers& make them specifically target cellulite deposits by mixing in finely ground coffee, the cheap stuff works fine but NO DECAF. If you really think Prep H is a good combo of ingredients for you & worth the price, then I just caution you to BE SURE YOU DO NOT buy the Prep H that lists hydro-cortisone as an ingredient, it is a steroid hormone that can be absorbed threw the skin. It may help with puffiness and it is safe for occasional use on small areas of the body for rashes, hemorrhoids etc. But extended use of steroids will suppress the immune system, decrease bone formation & worse. Creams with steroids should never be used on large skin area and never for extended periods of time. Now not all Prep H formulas contain Cortisone so you are probably okay to continue using it. I just wanted to caution you or any reader trying it to check the label. NOW, back to the tummy tuck belt! Anybody still wanting to try the TT belt with it's cream or their own formula, can buy it at Bed Bath& Beyond. Bed Bath & Beyond WONT mail & charge you for cream you don't want (i have a hair product that keeps showing up@ 3 times the cost of my 1st infomercial purchase uhg!) & if you don't have positive results with the tummy tuck belt you can just return it to t any BB&B store. I got mine at Bed Bath and Beyond. I had a coupon so saved $ over the infomercial price. I put up with the flaky cream till I ran out, then I switched to coconut oil with coffee. I lost just over 2 inches, not bad since I am disabled and only do a few minutes of the ab exercises, then I just leave it on & watch TV. I use plastic wrap(formerly bandages) on my thighs sometimes & I'm sure it works almost as well as the belt, but the belt stays on better so I did not return it. I also used a laser thermometer and checked my skin temp after wearing the Tummy Tuck belt for 10 minutes compared to wearing a spanks type girdle for 10 minutes. The TT belt raised my skin temp & the girdle did not. Not sure that matters, but I had the thermometer so figured what the heck LOL. Thanks for your suggestions & for reminding everyone to stay hydrated when doing any body wraps. I may even try a little Prep H on some small problem areas.- Dr. Rev. Lisa, PHD

phillipjohnson 2 years ago

FightingFat 2 years ago

So glad I came across this. Was almost stupid enough to get roped in. The crap that people will do for a lousy buck. Those "non-actors" should be ashamed of themselves, but they are not and never will be. I doubt they have enough within themselves to believe in it; however I hope they burn in HELL!!!!

doctorjulie3 2 years ago

I would never imagine a tummy tuck belt would work. But I do know diet and exercise do work! If you have extra skin even after that, then maybe you'd consider a real surgery.

skepticaloneonone 2 years ago

@info4lynne, BB&B sells this same product & cheaper??

BeckyJo 2 years ago

What is the "hcg" that is mentioned in earlier messages ??

So glad that I decided to check reviews of this product/scam b4 trying /ordering it. Thanks for all the wonderful reviews.

s. ringwald 2 years ago

Glad I read the comments. Changed my mind about ordering.These companies should be outlawed to be able to keep charging for future product. They should have to get and ok from the consumr!

DeerPrudence 2 years ago

It's 3:45 a.m. and I just saw this product's ridiculous infomercial. I can see why they air these products in the middle of the night. Being tired but unable to sleep makes just about anyone, especially those of us who have just eaten ice cream with stale cookies interested in a nonpainful pretty easy way to get back our 21 year old abs. So I continue to watch all the user testimonials and their before and after photos...I'm sure I'm not the only one who pauses and enlarges the TV picture to compare the photos to see if the before and afters match up. To me a lot of the testimonials do match so I'm curious enough to look up the website for more information but I'm lucky enough to find a review like the one above. I'm sorry the woman who wrote the above had to go through all that trouble but it did and still is helping all of us who were on the fence about trying this "snake oil" product now know not to bother. I should learn there's nothing worth watching this late and I always feel awful eating junk so late at night.

.yolanda 2 years ago

Was bout to purchase but on think so thanks everyone...

Erin 2 years ago

Thanks for a very honest and helpful review. It's terrible how these companies take advantage and really rip people off.

Natalie 2 years ago

Thanks everyone for all your comments. I too was going to order the belt and cream. After reading all your comments decided against it. Will try some of the suggestions that were offered. After 4 kids my tummy is out of shape and wanted to do something about it.

Johnc970 2 years ago

Thanks for another magnificent post. Where else may just anybody get that kind of info in such a perfect manner of writing? I have a presentation next week, and I'm at the look for such information. fggfkgfdbdkk

Marcy 2 years ago

This is definitely a rip off! I called thinking I was only ordering the tummy tuck belt, and so far this week I have had 3 different places such as budget savers, shoppers advantage & another place that charged me 29.95 on my cc that I knew nothing about! They even told me they had my electronic signature... yea right! Take it from me...don't do it!

shirley 2 years ago

you know we are all looking for the magic bullet, well I have been looking for it for a long long time and it just isn't out there, I have been overweight all of my life and have gone from one diet to another and nothing works for me, I know diet and exercise will work but when you have physical problems it is hard to get out there and workout for 3-4 hours a day, so please no mean comments. There just isn't a magic bullet.....

rose 2 years ago

stop fooling people that product is not working .i will never buy a thing like.

tiffany v. 2 years ago

I bought the tummy belt and with out exercise I have lost about 6 inches in one week. You van see it shrinking my stomache but my back and my love handles are almost gone. My scale is the same but the inches are not. I am starting a basketball league this week so the workout on too of this belt

MARY 2 years ago

Gee glad I read this. I was about to order. The last thing I would want is

to be paying for something that did'nt work, and on top of that keep recieving it. Thank you so much for info. SAVEDDDDD

Amanda 2 years ago

I received this cream from a friend for a gift we have been doing it together for over two months I've already lost an inch and she has lost 10 pounds the cream has not flaked on me but instead of wearing a belt I just wear my regular girdle so far i would recommend it

par 2 years ago

Do not waste your money. The Tummy Tuck Belt is a big hoax. It does not do anything. Tried it for several weeks and did nothing. Not even an ounce of sweat.

machan 2 years ago

A big help, thanks for sharing.

par404 24 months ago

This item is pure trash. Belt does absolutely nothing. Regardless how long you wear it.No miracle in the cream. Ben-gay better. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

Million806 20 months ago

This is very true. Save your money. I wish I had read this before I purchased it. They are SCAM ARTIST. Even if you get the product money back, you still got done in for shipping and handling which ends up being more than the $19.99. you pay $12.99 for shipping to you and another $9.00 to ship it back to them. Make sure you get a tracking number or they will swear they never got it.

KayCee 20 months ago

All that I have to say is bunt. You certainly didn't use it as directed. And if it rolled up you've fooled yourself about your real size and ordered a belt that was too small for you. I used and are still using it for two weeks now and have gone down two dress sizes. I haven't changed my diet or added any other exercise regimen. Nor am I taking any kind of dietary reduction products. It only makes sense that something would happen with the two minute exercise alone, but not such a dramatic size reduction in two weeks. If in fact it didn't work for you then you didn't follow the directions correctly. I've known other people that have used it also thus being the reason I bought it and they have had good results as well. You can't pay as much attention to what the scale says because muscle weighs more than fat. It's the way your old clothes are fitting you that tells the difference.

Shenita 18 months ago

The exercising belt with velcro @ Wal-Mart wirks great. I've used it after all three of my pregnancies... It's only 10 bucks...

Ann 5 months ago

Body wraps in salons years ago used Saran wrap to wrap the whole body. Measured each area before and after. Really works and most lost 12" to 18" on the total body the first time. It last for a couple of days. Beauty pageant contestants have used for years.

Johnb681 3 weeks ago

But a smiling visitor here to share the love , btw outstanding layout. gddgbkcfbeee

Johne864 3 weeks ago

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