Ancient Egyptian Make up.

Think Egypt, What comes to your mind? Pharaohs, mummies, goatees, pyramids, bob hairstyles, elaborate make up specially eye make up. Be it a male or a female not one picture of an egyptian is without make up! When I think of Egypt, I am transformed to another time and place where I am standing in front of a pyramid, marvelling at the beauty of it!

Egyptians were big on cleanliness and considered facial or body hair a sign of neglect and uncleanliness. Tweezer with blunt or sharp edges were used to remove hair. Various oils and perfumes were used to protect their skin from the hot climate and counter body odor.They were fond of strong scents and made perfume by extracting scents from flower, fruits and seeds.

They made pomades by soaking layers of flowers in fat. A popular form of pomade was cone shaped and worn on top of the head, which would melt slowly and run down the face and neck of the wearer. These cones were filled as soon as they got empty throughout the evening!

Egyptians were very particular about their eye make up , popular shades of eye make up were black and green. The green color was made of malachite, an oxide of copper. Black kohl was called galena. Both malachite or galena were ground on a pallette with gum or water to make a paste. it was applied with sticks which were round ended and were made up of wood, glass or bronze.

Henna was used to color hair, lips and nails. Tattooing was also practised, some mummies have tattoos on their chest, shoulder and arms.

Human hair wigs were also popular. Ancient egyptians shaved their hair, replacing their natural hair with wigs. These wigs were precious to them and they kept them clean by washing and beautifully scented by placing cinnamon in the box in which wigs were kept. They believed that one needs wigs even after death for the after life and the dead were buried with their wigs!

Coming back to make up, The egyptian were a beauty consious lot! They were quite keen on making themselves beautiful and attractive.There were different dress codes for people of different status. The rich wore more clothes and more make up. The egyptians were using galena, kohl or malachite powder on eyes as early as 4000 BC!

There were sevral reasons the Eygyptians used this eye make up for --:

>It had disinfectant qualities

>As a deterrant to flies

>To protect them from evil eyes

Green malachite eye make up was made by grinding malachite and mixing it with wax. They believed that there was a deep connection malachite had with Horus, the God of sky and sun, so malachite was used to evoke blessings of Horus.

Egypt eye make up--:

Saffron--:Its an expensive yellow color spice which they used as an eyeshadow

Jasper--:Its a mineral which they ground and used as a medicinal eye treatment

Burnt Almond--:They created beautiful eye color with this

For lips and face

Ceruse--: It was used to lighten their face

Fat--: They used goose or bear fat as wax base to hold the pigments

Red ochre--: This clay was used as a rouge

Wine--:The dregs from wine was used on lips as now what you can consider as a lipstick

Chalk--: This was used to whiten the face

Out of these henna and kohl are still being used today!

Kohl application

>Dampen kohl stick with a little bit of water or oil

>Dip the kohl stick in the kohl and gently twist it so that the kohl sticks to it.

>Shake off the extra kohl, we would need just a thin film on the stick

>Apply it to the inner corner of the eye and slide the stick, closing the eye

It gives your eyes a smoky, smudgy, sexy look !

Talking about make up and beauty, who can forget the beautiful and bewitching Cleopatra? She used to bathe in donkeys milk to make her skin soft and glowing!!!

The egyptians were using make up as early as 4000BC!
The egyptians were using make up as early as 4000BC!
Ancient egyptian eye make up
Ancient egyptian eye make up
Egyptian women probably looked like this!
Egyptian women probably looked like this!

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Aqua profile image

Aqua 7 years ago from California

Looks like women have been using makeup, plucking, and shaving for centuries! The Egyptians were certainly creative in the materials they used for makeup. Now days most if it is just a bunch of chemicals, but the substances they used were all so healthy. This was a very interesting read!

crayonbrains profile image

crayonbrains 7 years ago from The World Is Mine ! Author

Thank you so much Aqua! I appreciate your stopping by and commenting.

Gail Force 6 years ago

Kohl, made from Galena is toxic because of the lead it contains. Malachite, from copper, is also toxic. Sure was beautiful though. Today, charcoal replaces kohl in most make-ups...

crayonbrains profile image

crayonbrains 6 years ago from The World Is Mine ! Author

Thank you Gail Force for the info..I appreciate it and am glad you visited my hub and commented :)

enjoy 6 years ago

great picture or would you like me to say good pictures

hi allan 6 years ago

good egytpian pictures

alan 6 years ago

kohl is really dangerous because it has lead in it

aFGAHHS 6 years ago

There should really be the authors name on the homepage!!!!

eventsyoudesign profile image

eventsyoudesign 6 years ago from Nashville, Tennessee

Good article. Interesting information. Even the ancient Egyptians were vain. I will read more. Teresa

meina 5 years ago

tnx so much for the info really helped on project. here is a link to another website to put even more info on here. tnx

rose 5 years ago

clia looks nice

leii 5 years ago

i thought make up was pretty

rose 5 years ago

i love make up its fun!

Cassidee 5 years ago

Thnx! im doing a project in my history class about this..(:

crayonbrains profile image

crayonbrains 5 years ago from The World Is Mine ! Author

You are welcome Cassidee :)I hope u did well :)

crayonbrains profile image

crayonbrains 5 years ago from The World Is Mine ! Author

I second that Rose :) Thank you for commenting.

crayonbrains profile image

crayonbrains 5 years ago from The World Is Mine ! Author

Only if done right :) Thank you for commenting Leii.

crayonbrains profile image

crayonbrains 5 years ago from The World Is Mine ! Author

Thank you Rose :)

G4eleven 5 years ago

I caught a few things like you missed the h on Pharoahs and some other things, but other than that, I got good information

JessicaLove 4 years ago

This was very helpful. ThankYou! ;P

ali 4 years ago

thx I'm doing a project and i need the publishing date and more like author name for a bibliography plz!!!!!!!

mariana 4 years ago

Thank you so much that was helpful!

cassandra 4 years ago

It's good info but i need the bibliography just like ali said

ashley 4 years ago

I Thought That It Was Really Awesome And That The First Pic Was REALLY Creative I LOVED IT SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH I Fell IN LOVE With It!!!

your worst nightmare 4 years ago

this sight is very helpful

MyBum 4 years ago

hello this is bum. how are u today...good thing this....but needs more info on the face and what they did to their face and maybe how and what they used.....

your worst nightmare 4 years ago

this sight was very helpful hahahaha

Luvandi Cloete 4 years ago

It was very cool and helpful

lynn love 4 years ago

Helpful but Cleopatra was BLACK! She was of dark skin a women of color am jus saying

zeni 4 years ago

hi i am from india ,i am a cosmotoligst so i want to know where the beauty come from how they used to make up ,i am doing a project on it thaks if u help mw

Petra 4 years ago

Hi zeni, I also from India and I'm a cosmotologist and I love makeup!

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JAZ 4 years ago

thnx i have a project comming up in Feb.21 2013 and i have alot to do.

I LOVE IT!!!!!!:)

jaz 4 years ago

thnx i was doing a project. And its to hard but thnx.

Gigi 3 years ago

thnx for the help i hve a project due this ucoing monday so this helped out alot :)

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